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In here, any an all characters, from humans the dragonkin, current and deceased, can be found inside this forum. Character creation guidelines and profile templates can also be found in here in the main section of the forum. In the main section of the forum in here is where you post your characters for approval.
Forum rules
Please Read This Before Creating a Character! Or, if adopting, please read This first!
Once your character is approved and moved to the proper forum, please make sure you add them into your signature with a link to their profile. This will make it much easier to find their profiles later on for you and others, as there is currently no way to organize forums by thread title by default (though you can use the dropdown menus at the bottom to do so). So keeping them in your signature will make it easier to find the profiles as you need them.
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Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:57 am

Username: Berry
Character Number: 6
Desired Adoptable: 18th Dragon Hatching Pyrite Pulluxeth - Dragonkin Adoptable slot and rare dragon kin token have been purchased.

-:- Impressed -:-
??? (Adoptable)
-:- Color Codes -:-
191919 and E0A82F
-:- Personality -:-
Grateful, Charitable, Frivolous, Obstinate, Frisky
-:- Final Size -:-
24 feet
Hatching Post
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Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:19 pm

Username: Ember
Character Number: I'm not even sure anymore...
Desired Adoptable: Green Daywher Larentia
Name: Larentia
Color: Green
Color Code: 1C3F29 | A1D1B7
Size: 13.5 feet
Rider/Handler: Unbonded
Status: Adult

Personality: [color=A1D1B7]Mischievous, Hopeful, Envious, Honest, Passionate[/color]

History: Hatched Autumn of turn 2033 and bonces to another packmate, a rose named Phaidra. Names herself Larentiadra. In turn 2035, Larentiadra loses her bondmate Phaidra to the rockslide that devastates their pack and becomes Larentia.. A few sevendays later, they suffer more losses by a pride of felines defending the lost human girl Lenora. Bringing the pack down to a mere three adults and three remaining.

Sometime after Lenora joins the pack, it is decided to journey to her home, Atricis, and in the autumn of turn 2036, the pack makes it to New Atricis and is accepted into the established pack there.
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Wherfolk, Dayfolk, & Pearlfolk
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Crafters, Weyrfolk, & Others
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