The Depths of Sorrow {Tag: Koda'vis/Ember}

New Atricis Weyr's westernmost border of territory lands along a coast of beaches and seaside cliffs. From the western coasts, a large island can be seen, but is off limits due to the dangers of rogues inhabiting the island. Including the Flotilla settlement, slowly, Atricis' coastal border is growing thanks to the Pearls and their riders.
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Sat Jan 25, 2020 5:52 pm

Ever since the huge discovery that resulted in the Island Whers joining the ranks at Atricis, the entire coast seemed slightly obsessed with finding more islands. The Pearlrider’s were of course doing their part in the search. Half of the time, a rider would volunteer even, to be sent out in a new direction, swim as far as they can, and see what they could find. It was dangerous, but the Pearls had ruled the seas for turns, and their rider’s seemed more than willing to take on the extra risk.

Iver’vas and Fulgervas were no different. In fact, they had gotten the opportunity to head out, and had pounced on it. When Koda’vis heard, however, the man had insisted he join them. They were planning on going farther out than they ever had before, and the pair had just gotten the news that River was expecting. The man wasn’t about to let his woman, who was carrying his child, go miles and miles off shore by herself. There were hints that there might be a storm that direction too.

So they set out, and it was hours before they stopped. It was a peaceful, quiet journey. Swimming on Pearls didn’t always lend itself to easy conversations as the creatures slid and curled their way through the waves. River’s mind was full of thoughts bouncing around. She was with child. It was Koda’s. Her family would probably be furious, and that thought entertained her to no end. She glanced towards the man. Her ex-fiance. His family probably wouldn’t be too thrilled either. It was almost ironic, in fact. She had been sent to drag him back North to get married, that had failed. Their families dissolved the betrothal. And then they got together, as rocky as it was usually. Koda and herself seemed to thrive on the conflict between them, their interactions full of soft touches and caresses just as often as it was full of yelling and seemingly almost violent passion at times.

She glanced towards the man on his massive Pearl swimming not far from where her and Fulgervas was. With a quiet touch, her own White-Blue slowed and turned to get closer to Ukamevis. When they were at a more comfortable talking distance, she sighed softly, ”No sign of anything yet...Unless you noticed something?” She knew if he had seen hint of something interesting, he would speak up, but she was debating how much farther they wanted to go.
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Fri Feb 07, 2020 2:12 pm


If he'd had his way, they wouldn't be here right now. They would be back at home, doing... other things. Oh, but work. Work and duties had to be tended to, and even he wasn't one to shirk those things - she would have reminded him of that, and he would have given in, knowing damn well it was the truth. There would be time for fun and pleasures later, after all, which is when he fully intended to show her just how happy he was that they were going to be parents - several months down the road of course. He'd been a protective goon so far, hovering and maybe even softening a touch, but the ultimate would come tonight when he did something he'd never done before: cuddling.

He glanced towards her at her question and shook his head. "Not noticing anything yet." It wasn't difficult to notice, his eyes were sharp, but so far he wasn't seeing much of anything which he thought was strange. "Don't you go straying too far away, you hear?" But he knew her too well by now - she was a wild, free, independent spirit. If she wanted to go somewhere while they were out here, she was going to.
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