Finale of Our Fantasy [Hybrid Flitt Handout]

Very similar to the old lower caverns, these ones are a little less than before as well. These Lower Caverns almost exclusively hold storage rooms and living spaces for all the Weyrfolk.
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Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:51 am

Tiredness was pulling stronger at Theran's mind as he made his way toward the dining cavern, a sand filled tin pot held in his hands. Fifteen harden oval eggs lay nestled inside. Pragme was perched on his shoulder keeping an eye on her eggs, but not showing any true agitation. The man wasn't sure if it was because Fancy Flitts tended to be easy to breed and handle their eggs or not. He wasn't complaining though because once the gold had started to show being egg heavy not long after he was allowed to pick her up, he couldn't wait to pawn them off on others.

Sure there was money to be made on selling eggs to those who were looking but that took time and effort. Effort Theran wasn't going to put forth, especially when he felt like giving back to Atricis. After all they'd given him Thest and he felt he owed them a great debt, one he would be working his whole life to repay. Speaking of the feathered wher, the gloom was resting for a bit in their room, waiting for his return. Hopefully these eggs would be gone pretty quick.

Theran picked a table toward the front where he was bound to catch more people's eyes. The night shift folk would be heading in for their dinner and dayshift would be coming in for breakfast. The pot was placed out in the open and Theran sat there and waited, hopeful eyes scanning those coming and going.

It's time for another hybrid Fancy Flitt/Firelizard giveaway!

Just pick a number and I'll respond with your new beb. The clutch size and the color in each egg has been decided by rng. The first round will be first come first served. After either everyone active has had a chance to pick an egg or ample time has passed without a post I'll open it up for round two for those interested and potentially a round three. I'll be keeping one egg for myself, randomly dice rolled in post, once everyone has had a chance to pick first!

Note: If you'd like me to include a little quirk with the beb just let me know!
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Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:35 pm

R'fael was just coming in for an early breakfast. Pavoth was still lazing around, knowing their duties didn't actually start until a bit later in the morning. The dragon was slightly offended that his rider was awake, but had decided to ignore that fact and pretend like he might sleep longer. R'fael wandered into the dining hall, his hybrid Javin swooping in and offering him a rude chitter for leaving him behind. The big hybrid wheeled overhead suddenly though, eyes whirling curiously as he headed for the gathering people near the handler with the pot. Feeling the curiosity from his flitt, R'fael turned his steps.

Once he got closer, it was clear it was a flitt handout. A fancy flitt, it looked like. The sport rider stepped forward and snatched his bulk of a flitt before the bronze-green could get too close and disturb the mother. The man knew mother's could be protective of thier eggs sometimes. At first, R'fael was just watching with interest, but the hybrid in his arms kept squirming, wanting to see, wanting to snatch an egg and take it. Seriously? R'fael sighed. He wasn't necessarily looking for more pets, but maybe a baby would help Javin not be a total jerk most of the time?

"Be good, and I'll get one, alright?" For once, the hybrid chirped, and seemed ready to behave with R'fael's surrender of choosing an egg. Stepping forward, he let Javin fly up and out of the way and nodded a greeting to the handler, "Morning! Flitter's, right? I'd be willing to give one a home. My Javin certainly seems excited to have a friend." He gestured towards the bronze-green, who chirped back with whirling eyes.

((Egg #3, please! And I would love a quirk! XD ))
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