Somnambulism (Standalone)

Like much of the new Weyr, this is a building built in the Weyr Yard. It is a moderately sized building capable of housing up to 48 candidates of each gender at one time. Dragon candidates, Day wher candidates, and even Watch-wher candidates all are housed in this building.
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It was late at night after a rough day of training and work and El was fast asleep. Or she had been until that moment, when an odd sense of something missing brought her to groggy wakefulness. She stared at the ceiling, this one a little different than her Candidate rooms, that of course was because she was a Weyrling now. She had never realized how much she could miss the company of a roomatem and she even missed her fire lizard. Everything was just too quite.

With a start she realized why. Sanguith was not there, was not in the room. Sanguith! Where are you? She cried through their telepathic link, leaping from her bed and pulling on shoes.

I'm looking at the moon dear, no need to get up for me. You need your beauty sleep. Sanguith said in amusement at her rider's momentary panic.

Sanguith! She said and a reproving hiss escaped her as she said it in her mind. She froze, listening to see if anyone had heard her noise.

Now now, who is the one causing problems now? At least I'm quiet. The garnet said.

El took a long deep breath, and forced herself to let it out slowly.

Sanguith, can I join you? She asked the dragon, gritting her teeth to avoid any noise from escaping. If the dragon wouldnt just tell her where she was, maybe she would at least her join her.

There you go! I'm just outside the barracks dear, Im not crazy.

El snuck her way through the hallways, hoping none of the Weyrlingmasters would be up to see what she was up to. She did know they would have to avoid any Wher patrols, since they were out and about at this hour. However she managed to make it out of the door without incident. But when she got out she couldnt see Sanguith at all.

Over here. Sanguith said, sending her an image, and El crept over to her.

"Sanguith," she whispered gently, "I know you have trouble sleeping some nights, but we arent supposed to leave the barracks."

The garnet snorted, stretching her dark body under the half moon. She was pretty hard to spot El would admit. No one will even notice. Sanguith said.

But El shook her head. "Sanguith if they do notice, they will punish us. We are breaking the rules, and while I know you arent a big fan of the rules."

Sanguith's eyes rolled in agreement to that.

"If we keep breaking them, we will have less and less freedom. Is that what you want?" El asked reasonably.

The garnet was not pleased with that, the possibility or the coercion to keep her still. But she also recognized that for now, she was too small to do anything about it. Fine.... but that starts tomorrow. For tonight.... enjoy the moon with me? She asked hopefully, pulling El close and snuggling with her.

El sighed but smiled. "Sure Sanguith, but just tonight."

Sanguith had every intention of making sure it was not only tonight, but for now she relished in her small victory, and they both looked up at the stars, naming constellations and talking about the future.

(Btw if anyone reads this, this is intended to be a one time thing that Sanguith does, but if it is deemed appropriate, I accept any IC consequences. Im mostly playing off of the personality quirk Sanguith got in the hatching for wandering at night.)
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