From Kyst to Kryst (Standalone)

Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Kyrie snuggled close with her Whers, she tucked into the crook of Kyresk's front legs, with Kyst's head resting in her lap. They had jsut gotten done with their duties and training, and with the sun rising it was nearly time for them to head to bed. But they hadnt quite made it that far, or at least Kyrie hadnt. Instead she had decided that a little cuddling would be good for them.

Kyst moved, lifting her head and actually shuffling a little bit away. After a few moments of continued shuffling and the sound of things being moved, Kyrie opened an eye to look for her Wherlet, and found that the little green was gathering her shiny stones again. Kyst had made a habit of collecting them, and anytime Kyrie came across a shiny smooth rock, she had brought one back for her wherlet. Now of course the green had quite the collection, and liked laying them out, or rubbing against them, or even sucking on them. Some were just regular stones with pretty veins of color smoothed by time or water, but Kyst's favorite were the crystalline ones, clear, blue, green, even some round smooth pieces of glass. She liked to bring them to Kyrie and tell her all about each one, the stories she imagined (a new one every time due to her poor memory) about how the stones came to be, or where they were from.

Today she held one which was rough and circular on the outside, and Kyrie realized she had never seen it before.

"What do you have there love?" She asked the wherlet propping her elbows up on Kyresk's leg. The bigger Agate didnt even move, other than to open a lazy eye and flick an ear at the both of them.

Look cool rock!The little green chirped in excitement. Boring outside, sparkle inside!

She showed how it was actually cracked in half, and when pulled apart, it revealed the inside of the stone was actually crystals.

"You found a geode!" Kyrie said proudly. "That's pretty lucky."

My favorite now.
Kyst said, fiddling with it.

Kyrie left her to pile her rocks and crystals again, dozing off for a bit, before a nudge woke her all of a sudden. Kyst was nudging at her, and Kyrie could feel her emotions, an odd tang to them, like curiosity or uncertainty.

"Hey... what's wrong?" Kyrie asked gently, giving Kysts head floof a good scritch.

Why Kyresk long name? The green asked.

Kyrie was surprised, although maybe she shouldnt have been. Just because not all whers thought to ask the question, since they usually just changed their name automatically if the bond was deepened, it was an intelligent question.

"Well, when he first hatched, he was Kesk. And my older wher was Kisk --"

Who Kisk?

Kyrie's breath hitched. Remembering Kisk also led to remembering her husband, the loved ones she had lost all those turns ago.

Kyresk finally lifted his head. She friend. Lost. He said simply. But beyond the words were his emotions, his loss, his pain, even a flashback of Kisk bleeding from her wounds inflicted by the felines. The last that he and Kyrie saw as he managed to take Kyrie and escape.

That left Kyst more confused, but Kyrie got herself under control again. "Kisk was my very first Wher, the first bond. After she was... lost. Kyresk and I grew to have a closer bond, a greater trust as we supported ourselves through the pain. Thus he took on the name Kyresk instead of just Kesk." Her words were a bit confusing to little Kyst, but she used emotions and images to convey what she meant as well, and Kyst seemed to latch on to the idea of a greater connection. She nuzzled Kyrie, leaning into both her and Kyresk.

I want that. Want connect... bond. Want big bond. She tripped over the big word, but she was firm in her belief. I trust you. So... I am Kryst now.

Kyrie laughed and hugged the little wher. "I dont think thats how that works, and besides that's not really the right way--"

No. I choose. I Kryst.

Kyrie sighed but didnt debate her anymore. Who knew how she was going to explain this to the other wherhandlers. But as long as Kryst was happy, so was she.
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