Just the Beginning <Rhaissing - Stand Alone>

The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Several Sevendays had passed since Rhaissing arrived at New Atricis along with the Walled Hold refugees. For the most part he kept silent, listening and watching instead. He talked with the people he had sheltered with during his time at Walled Hold but mostly he focused on learning what he could about New Atricis and how best to fit in so he could make himself useful and not be seen as just another 'helpless' refugee.

The alieness of the place weighed on him more than anything, from all the odd coloured dragons to Daywhers and some sort of feathered monstrosities which apparently were also Night Whers. There also seemed to be thousands of firelizards and starlizards flying about day and night which was another problem to consider down the road.

Sweets was a great advantage as the gold was able to keep most of the other firelizards away when he wanted some privacy from nosy firelizards. Fortunately most of the 'tame' firelizards kept to themselves and didn't bother him or other refugees but he tried to keep track of the most nosy ones. Those could be a problem down the road when he started to put his plans into motion. For now he was content observing and using various 'chores' to explain why he was moving about the Weyr.

It wasn't difficult to find work, most people were glad for an extra pair of strong hands, whether it was in the kitchens, stables or even cleaning the apartments of deceased riders. As much as he hoped to be kept busy with work and earning what Marks he could the influx of dragon Candidates due to a clutch of eggs hardening on the sands meant most of the typical chores were being done. Fortunately there was never a shortage of work so he managed just fine in keeping busy.

As Autumn reached it's half way mark Rhaissing had a pretty good idea of the daily routines of the various Wher Guard patrols. At least as far as when they left and when they came back, which groups patrolled close to the Weyr and others beyond the Weyr proper. He didn't have any excuse to go out and follow the Patrols beyond the Weyr and right now that was fine. Eventually he will want to learn where they patrolled, how far and what routes typically taken. For now it was just good to have an idea how many Daywhers remained in the Weyr during the day and how many of the other kinds of Whers remained at night. Still more information needed to be found out before he could make his move to get payback for what happened to his father.
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