Indoor Flight Disaster [Standalone]

Like much of the new Weyr, this is a building built in the Weyr Yard. It is a moderately sized building capable of housing up to 48 candidates of each gender at one time. Dragon candidates, Day wher candidates, and even Watch-wher candidates all are housed in this building.
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Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:59 am

V'eri was sitting on her bed reading a Record about the history of the Weyr while Xanth wandered around the room bored. The dragon huffed a sigh and started flapping her wings on the bed, ruffling the pages of the woman's borrowed book. "What exactly are you doing?" she asked Xanth, peering at her while using the book to protect her eyes from the wingy-breeze.

I'm going to fly! Xanth responded, her voice sounding entirely too thrilled with herself.

"What? No! We are indoors!" V'eri cried, sitting up and trying to prevent the dragon from attempting her indoor wing workout. She was too late, though... Xanth had launched off the bed and was flapping her wings wildly to stay in the air. The result of course was a complete mess as the air knocked things over and disrupted the orderly cleanliness of the redhead's room.

V'eri groaned.
Then there was a knock at the door and she sighed to herself, giving Xanth a sideways look as she opened the door to find... "Candidatemaster!" she gasped, causing Xanth to look up from her spot on the floor where she was looking entirely too thrilled with herself.

"Please, explain why your room is a disaster. You know that you're expected to keep it clean and tidy. I'd come to expect better of you, Garnetrider." the man said, only slightly stern as he looked around with a raised eyebrow.

"Err... just a couple of minutes ago Xanth decided it was the perfect moment to try and stretch her wings and fly around my room. Before I could stop her she was knocking things everywhere and making a disaster of the place. I sincerly apologize for the mess."

It was fun! I got from the bed to the door and then halfway around the room! Xanth put in, puffing out her chest with pride as she raised her head in the air.

The man gave Xanth an indulgent smile and turned back to V'eri, "You have an hour to clean it up. I'll pretend I didn't see this if it's clean by then. Next time... don't let her fly indoors. And have a dragonhealer make sure she didn't strain her wing muscles later, alright?" with that, he turned and left the room.

V'eri could only count her blessings that it hadn't been worse. No extra chores, this time.....

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