A Tiny Tempest Arrives [Standalone]

With the establishment of the Pearlriders and the Atrician Glint, a home along the coast for the Pearls and their riders needed to be made. Over time, the original beach camp was transformed from a series of tents into buildings and homes. While some of the Flotilla is being built, the primary areas such as Dining Hall, barracks for candidates, and other necessities have been completed. A series of docks with homes attached are still being built for future Pearlriders in hopes their numbers will grow, and each home is fitted with necessities as well as a personal boat that can be used for some water travel as well as living out of for relatively short periods of time.
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Lainy watched the dolphins in the water as she leaned back into the sun. It wasn't as warm as it was for the summer, but it was still good enough for her. Drift paddled along the top of the water, looking very much pleased that he was allowed to still. She watched as the firelizard suddenly dipped below the surface and came up with a fish much larger than he could easily handle. He came and dropped it near her, looking at her expectantly until she pulled out her knife, slit the fish open and tossed the entrails into the water. The inner bones and head came next before she took a chunk for Sela and gave the blue firelizard the rest. "Spoiled beast." Lainy grinned affectionately as he dragged the fish off to a warm spot, hooded his wings over it and started to devour the butchered fish.

"Lainy, take some of that fish, quick!" she heard behind her, and she didn't question it. Immediately she reached out and snagged the fish that Drift wasn't paying attention to, as his eyes were on the newcomber behind her. When she turned, S'lye was there with a largely cracked egg that he held out to her carefully and not a moment too soon!

Seconds after Lainy took the egg, a tiny green nose poked out of the shell, followed by the firelizard's head and front feet. She chirruped at Lainy who quickly offered her a chunk of fish that she ravenously ripped apart before even fully emerging. Drift came over then, tearing up the fish even more as he watched his mistress and the new egg. The young woman focused her mind on the green, welcoming and loving her the moment she had set eyes on her. "Hello there, little one... you're tearing through this fish like a storm over the ocean. Slow down... easy... I think I'll call you Tempest. There now... the food isn't going anywhere, Drift will always get more for you both. He's a wonderful hunter." finally the green's hunger seemed to calm itself and she burst from the remainder of the eggs in a flurry of flared wings. The shell went everywhere, even hitting Lainy in the face, but she didn't care a bit.

"Oh right, I forgot to mention... the woman handing them out said they were hyrids. Firelizard and Fancy hybrids." S'lye told her, coming to crouch nearby and scritch the green under her chin. Tempest's eyes closed as she enjoyed it and she lay down in Lainy's lap.

Reaching out, she gave her brother a one-armed hug, "She's perfect, and Drift already loves her!" Drift, true to what Lainy was telling her brother, had curled up beside her and put a wing over her as though protecting the newest addition to their little family. Sela, perched on Lainy's shoulder, whined gently and rubbed her head against her neck. "Thank you so much! I love her too!"

Gentle lulling of the sea, once again you beckon me.
Upon your craggy cliff I sat, to gaze in awe and wonder at...
The magic of your shimmering tide, that restored ease and peace inside
Caressing waves upon the shore
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