A Farewell to an Old Life

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:07 pm

Season - Late Autumn 2050
Location - Ambrosius's Cabin

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It was time to say goodbye.

Several months had past since Ambrosius's Impression to Cambysius, and months longer had come and gone since the two had ever set eyes upon one another. The copper had strayed in and out of his life ever since Bowith died and Ambrosius lost himself for a time to the wilds. The daywher was a constant in his life just as much as Devyn, the two winding in and out of Ambrosius's existence until both became permanent fixtures within his life, one as his lover and the other as his lifemate. A turn ago, Ambrosius never would have imagined such a thing was possible. Now, however, as he rode out on his daywher for his former dwellings, he realised he was relieved to be wrong in these two instances.

He had never been happier than this moment as he looked upon the unoccupied dwellings of his former life. The handler had moved past the confines he once sequestered himself within. Yet the importance of this place, the cabin, was not lost on him. It was a sanctuary when he required it most, a place of peace and solitude from those things that made his heart ache the most. And as he dismounted from Cambysius to wander the grounds he once called his own, opening old doors and regarded dark rooms, Ambrosius came to realise the value of the old cabin.

The last of his wine and belongs, he collected, and all the while deliberated on what was to become of this old sanctuary. It would be a pity to let it fall to ruin after he and Judarek had departed from it... but perhaps...

What is it that you are thinking about? Cambysius asked of Ambrosius as he carefully entered the cabin.

"I am thinking of presenting this home to the Weyrleaders, to see if they and the mindhealers might want to offer it to dragonkinless men and women who need to stay close to the Weyr, but cannot bear to live within it."

Live in it as you did? the copper asked of his bonded as Ambrosius set the glows down in the kitchen and reached under the cupboards to retrieve some items from his stash.

The handler slipped a skin of wine and two bottles of port into his rucksack. "It is worth a thought. Perhaps it might be something for the Weyr to consider. After all-" he righted himself and began to walk back over to Cambysius "-It was given to be when I was lost, and it helped me to find myself. Perhaps it would be best to offer such a thing to others in need of such a place."

With a motion of his hand, he waved at Cambysius to step back out of the cabin, and with a careful step, the copper obliged his rider, moving step by step out of the cabin. It is a good place for finding one's self. It is where I found you.

Yes, it was, and Ambrosius would be forever grateful of it. Never would he forget the first time he saw the bright hide of then Cambys breaking through the under brush and entering the clearing. They had walked in and out of each other's lives for the better part of a turn, until they finally realised they could not live their lives without each other. With a pat to the copper's neck, Ambrosius guided him off the porch and into the clearing where he mounted onto his daywher. Their time at the cabin had to be short, for the Daylingmaster would be expecting them back by the road soon. This was merely meant to be a moment of retrieval, though it had led to a period of contemplation, and as the two set off together back for the weyr, Ambrosius finally set his mind to the idea. He would ask for an audience with the Weyrleaders, and present his cabin as a sanctuary for those who had lost their bonded.

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