Among The Stars [ 77th Dragon Touching ]

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:29 pm



[ Just after mid-day meal;
A Week Before Hatching ]

After mid-day meal had been completed, the candidates had been given the news that chores were being placed on hold for the time being due to a very special circumstance - from what they, the Candidatestaff, had been told, a touching was set for the day. K’rios and Bellatrix led the candidates to the hatching grounds, and once there, went over the usual set of rules from their end of things, before K’rios said, ”Now please wait a moment while we find out how the queen will receive you on her sands.” He glanced in Keket’s direction and nodded, waiting for her to approach them, while surely the candidates were waiting to see how they would be accepted this time around.

As they gathered at the entrance, the gold shifted and sat upright on her haunches, her eyes whirling suspiciously towards the clustered visitors. Unlike some other Queen's, Lamiath could be convinced to allow her eggs to be touched with minimal coaxing. Keket also had a few suggestions for the candidate's. The woman petted her dragon's leg in a soothing manner before turning and walking over to K'rios and the candidate's, ”Afternoon. She's fine with you all visiting, but it wouldn't hurt to address her directly before you touch any of the eggs. Thank her, maybe a compliment, it's alright to play into her vanity. She would prefer only one candidate at a time at a shell, that's always been a given for her. If she senses anything amiss, I can't guarantee you won't end up knocked over, and the touching over.” She offered a small nod towards K'rios. That was really all the input she had to offer. They would all be watching to be sure nothing negative happened to the eggs.

With that said, K’rios considered it set and done, and he glanced at the candidates. ”You heard the Queenrider. Please follow the rules laid out for you by myself and Candidatemaster Bellatrix, please listen to what the Queenrider said, and all should go smoothly for you.” He nodded towards the candidates and moved to stand off to the side of the sands, by the stands, with Keket and Bellatrix.

[ Ember's Notes ]
— This was written by Ember and Slasher.

— This won’t be like the last touching; there won’t be egg responses. It’s more for candidates to have some fun and interaction before the hatching.

— Remember that In Character Actions will result in In Character Consequences like always - if you don’t want your character in trouble, then don’t have them do something that could get them in trouble.

— Pets of any kind are absolutely not allowed on the sands at all.

— Have fun! <3
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Fanciol had had to do a bit of a crash course in dragonhood and candidacy. The man had never known a single thing about drgons before coming to Atricis, othr than they existed. As a slave, education was not something that was offered to him. At least he had learned to read in his earlier years, something his owners had demanded of their servants. All the easier to serve them if they could read instructions and orders. But dragons? Real things like that? No, the man had been oblivious.

So the fact that they were being allowed to join Lamiath on the Sands and touch her eggs, get to know them a bit...Let the dragonet's inside get to know them, really. It was special. At least for the ex-fighter. He listened carefully to K'rios and Keket, then quietly filed out onto the sands with the rest of the Candidate's. As they got closer, it occurred to him just how large Lamiath was. He had seen some of the other dragon's, even right up close with K'rios' Pewter, but the Gold was something else entirely. Fanciol felt his eyes widen a bit as he fell into line with the other's.

Each candidate that offered their greetings and salutations to the queen was approved with a nod and Lamiath sat back from the eggs, allowing the candidate's to mill around between the shells. When it came his turn, Fancy looked up, far up, at the queen, and gently cleared his throat. Keket said to play to the gold's vanity...”Greeting, Queen Lamiath. I am honored you would allow us to visit your eggs. If the hatchlings within are even nearly as stunning as yourself, Pern will be truly blessed. I hope one will find me worthy.” He bowed, and when Lamiath nodded him on, he approached the nearest open shell.

The man hesitate for only a moment before gently letting his hand slide along the curve of the shell. It was an interesting sensation, as the moment he felt the hard shell, he felt something within it curl around his mind. It wasn't hostile or anything, but he felt like he was being inspected. After a bit, the sensation faded, and he shook his head. He felt more than anything the gentle dismissal from the egg, and moved onto another.
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Merinna stood more easily than she had before... her stitches had been removed and she had been given the okay to try walking without the cane more and more to strengthen the muscles that had been injured. Now, she stood among the other Candidates listening to Keket speak about the little touching that was being offered. After her visit to the Sands, despite having permission, the Candidatemaster had told her that she couldn't do it again... she hadn't known, before, that it was still against the rules in a way even if the woman and the dragon had allowed her to visit. Still, Rin had understood and nodded dutifully. She didn't want to get kicked out of the Candidacy. When they were released to go among the eggs, Merinna moved slowly toward the gold and her rider, giving a careful, unassisted bow, "Hello again Goldrider Keket and Queen Lamiath... thank you for allowing me to sit in the Stands that day and contemplate my choices... being among the eggs today that will hatch into your children is an honor and I hope that I deserve it one day. Your gracious permission to be in your stunning presence was a gift and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it." perhaps over the top in her praising, but the girl meant every word and had rehearsed in her head just how to say it to convey the depth of her feelings about it. When her offering and thanks had been accepted, she gave another small bow and turned away to let someone else come before Lamiath.

Squaring her shoulders, the young lady made her way slowly toward the eggs, leaving her cane near the entrance of the Sands so it wouldn't be a potential danger to the eggs. Her firelizards were back at her room, or sunning near Wraith, so she didn't have to worry about them interrupting her or the queen dragon. Rin's slow pace let her see where the other Candidates were going and avoid heading to an egg that had a person with it already. Finally she reached an egg and gently rested a hand against it... her first Touching and first contact with an egg... ever. Her hand shook before it rested on the shell. They'd been told what to expect but it was nothing compared to the swelling in her heart when the dragonet within made contact with her.

Whatever the dragonet was within the shell, Rin couldn't tell... but she could feel it moving about in her mind as though testing her mettle and worth. It was jarring at first to watch her memories open up like budding flowers to the sun for the dragonet's inspection... even the worst ones, which it quickly soothed her for and moved on from. The girl didn't realize tears were streaming down her face as it watched the memory of her visit to the eggs and Lamiath shortly after the clutching. It was seeing the moment she had decided to live for herself, and not for her brother. It felt like a mental hug had been given to her as the dragonet's mind faded from her own.

Rin was in a daze... it had been amazing and terrifying to experience the probing of another in her mind. But it felt like she had been accepted and that the young one had approved of her decision. The dragonet had reminded her so much of her brother, Asa, that she swallowed the lump in her throat, wiped her face and thanked the egg she had been touching before moving on to the next one. Yes, she thought, I am making the right choice.

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