Variety is the Spice of Life (Hyrbid flit giveaway)

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:57 pm

The last nearly seven months had been exciting but also exhausting,what with bonding Kyst and raising her, and then the recent turmoil around Walled and then her daughter... but today was not about that. She scowled as she remembered what it was about.

As she had done with during her two previous wherlet's growing periods, she had sent her Firelizards off to be cared for by friends. When she had finally felt like it would be okay to pick them up again she was greeted with a very heavily pregnant Gold Firelizard. Apparently Lyssa had had her flight while Kyrie was distracted. She had groaned that day, but even more so the next day when the gold laid a clutch of 16 eggs by her fireplace.

"Sixteen? Isnt that excessive?" Kyrie had muttered at the preening gold.

But that hadnt been the only problem. Kyst had become especially interested. What are those? She had asked, with a low trilling croon.

"Those are eggs dear, like you hatched out of." Kyrie had shot Kyresk a grin, as the green had tried to get closer and look at them.

But both Lyssa and Celyn chittered at her to keep away. The two flits had helped warm each others nests a few times over the turns, and although Celyn wasnt the most maternal, being a green, she did have some sense of protectiveness from such a big scary new wher.

The green backed up, unsure what to do with the little fluttering flits. Oh... sorry. I just want look. Pretty! Like shiny stones. Kryst retreated to Kyresk's side, but her eyes were fixed on the eggs.

And so it had been for the next several sevendays. The flits had eventually allowed Kryst (as she changed her name) to get close, and even Kylana when she stayed with them after the uh, incident.

But the last few days Kyrie had sensed the tension growing in the two flits. The eggs would hatch soon. So today she had dragged herself from bed a few candlemarks early to gather all the eggs in the biggest basket she could and trudge over to the dining hall.

Come too? Kryst had begged.

But Kyresk had pulled her back, closer to him, so he could keep an eye on her. Too Bright. Sun still up.

The green had reluctantly settled down by the agate, but the two flits did follow Kyrie, badgering her as she left the tunnels. She had to shade her eyes from the setting sun, she hated getting up this early, but she did what she had to. Besides, she had a feeling she would have to get used to weird hours now that her daughter was here, and would likely be on an opposite schedule from her. Speaking of, one of these eggs, would be destined for her daughter, if there were any left.

She entered the Dining Hall towards the end of the day crowd's dinner, a little before the night crowd's breakfast. It was the best way to catch as many people as possible. As Kyrie crossed the dining hall, she made no attempt to hide the eggs, and indeed nodded or motioned to several people she passed to indicate them. She didnt yell that she had them, as she didnt want to cause any sort of stampede, but she did make them obvious as she sat herself down near the hearth. Lyssa curled up within reach of them, but didnt stop her rider from handling one and putting it aside for safe keeping. Celyn perched on Kyrie's shoulder, humming happily as she watched the hustle and bustle.


Hiya! So here we are for a lovely hyrbid Fancy flit/Firelizard handout!

Unfortunately since this is set with a clutch on the sands I dont believe any candidates would be allowed to claim one, but everyone else is fair game!

While it is first come first serve, in order to give everyone a chance, first round each person is only allowed to ask for one egg for one of their characters. After that you may request one more, in round two, and if there are any left over for another round and other members have not posted for a second for 24 hrs, you may request a third. I will be keeping one egg, but it will be whichever the last unclaimed number is.

Here is the list:

7. Wrynne (Slasher) - Lavender Blue
8. Judarek (Ember) - Sage Blue

These have been prerandomized, so just pick a number or I can pick for you, and we will see what everyone gets! Good luck!
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Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:40 pm

She had actually just finished eating, and was about to take her empty dishes to the dish cart when a soft murmur made it's way through the Hall. Flitts! Wrynne's head craned towards the hearth in time to see a handler loaded with a large basket. A small smile curled her lips, she couldn't help but think that Oralie might like a friend, even if the little gold was a secretive sort. Speaking of...As she thought of her, the gold blinekd out of between, trilling softly as she wrapped herself around the bluerider's neck.

Setting her dishes down, she lifted a hand to pet the gold, ”What do you think? Do you need a friend?” The gold cheeped softly, picking up on her person's thoughts. Looking in the direction of the hearth as they approached, she hummed softly towards the mother gold, and her green assistant. Wrynne nodded a greeting towards Kyrie, ”Hello! You have eggs? I think my Oralie might like a friend.” She gestured towards her gold on her shoulder as introduction. Wrynne also felt Tiarnath's presence, watching quietly, but with peaked interest as the dragon lounged outside.
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Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:59 am

[ Egg #8 Please! ]

Jude had to convince himself that he was ready for this, for an egg. It had almost been a Turn since Igen, would be soon enough at least. Was it not reasonable enough to think he could be nervous about the idea of bonding to something even after such a short time had passed since losing his dragon? He wasn't entirely convinced that he would do well with a lizard of any kind, but his brother had planted the idea in his mind, and now he was of the thought that he just needed to get his hands on one. He doubted it would cure him of everything, and he knew realistically it wouldn't cure him of his general malaise, but to have a companion might at least help.

He spotted the handout in the dining hall and felt his heart leap in his chest. It was both due to nerves, and a touch of excitement. He was ready, he told himself and he stepped in that direction. He was ready. He could do this. Swallowing down his nerves, he waited for his turn to ask for an egg and looked them over before pointing to one in particular, glancing up at Kyrie and bowing his head at both her and the mother lizard. "Pardon, might I have the one I pointed out, please?" It was polite enough, though he could tell his voice shook just a little.
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Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:03 pm

Kyrie perked up as she saw interest sparking in the eyes of people around her. Not everyone would be interested of course, many already had plenty of friends, or other duties, but she hoped that her eggs would find good homes.

The first to ask was a young woman, a rider by the looks of her, asking for an egg as a companion for her own gold. Kyrie smiled warmly. "Of course! Always better two than just one, especially for a little gold." She winked at the rider's flit, and she felt her own two precocious flits stirring near her. Best get this over with before Lyssa had a chance to get fussy. She reached for an egg, handing it over to the rider. "Here you are!"
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On the heels of a rider, came another person, though he seemed much more quiet and hesitant. She gave him his space, allowing him to look over the eggs, and nodded reassuringly when he asked for one. "Its my pleasure. Here you go." She handed him the egg gently, smiling warmly. "I hope that you enjoy your little one!"
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She settled back down to wait, looking over at the eggs every few moments to ensure they were doing alright, and that none of them started hatching under her nose.
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Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:37 pm

[ Egg #4 Please! ]

S'lye caught sight of the woman handing out firelizard eggs in the Dining Hall and wandered over. Lumos was slung over his shoulders and watching with interest as he eyedthe eggs from afar. While the man didn't think he wanted any of them for himself, he did consider getting his sister one as a late Turn's End gift. Besides, Lainy loved her pets and she had said that Drift needed a new friend that would swim with him. Sela, apparently, hated getting wet unlike her blue.

As he finally made up his mind and approached, Lumos gave him the image of a particular egg and S'lye shrugged, pointing it out to the woman and the firelizard mother, "Good evening, may I take this one, please? My sister at the Flotilla will be thrilled." he gave her a crooked smile, wondering if she recognized him like so many others did without ever being introduced.

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Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:04 pm

Kyrie looked up when another rider came along. He had the confidence she could only assume came from riding a larger or higher ranked dragon. Bronze-rider probably? She didnt really know too many riders since she was on the opposite schedule from most of them.

But she smiled as he mentioned getting an egg for his sister. "Wonderful! You're welcome to it! You should have a little time, I tried to make sure that they weren't already hatching. But as you know flits can be finicky." She winked at his companions. But she wouldnt waste the time he did have, so she quickly reached for the indicated egg and handed it to him. "Hope she likes it!"

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She looked around, wondering if any of her fellow wherhandlers would be looking for a new companion, or if she had just gotten up too early to catch them.
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