A Blast From The Past [Honor/Thessur]

This is where all of Atricis' livestock is kept, and where the dragons and whers often feed. Beastcrafters are often in this area, with a building with small offices and living spaces nearby for the beastcrafters.
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Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:45 pm

Arcelias had a good lunch that afternoon. The wherries had provided her just the right amount of amusement in chasing them before she was able to catch up for her meal, taking a second after the first, riling the poor feathered creatures into a tizzy, but such was the life of creatures relegated to the feed pens, they were the ones bred and put into the pasture for the dragonkin of the Weyr to feed on when they didn't go out and hunt, and while the hunters of the Atrician pack helped to supplement the Weyr beasts greatly by hunting in the wilds around the Weyr, every so often even a daywher like Arcelias had the urge to have a little fun with her meal, wanting to burn off some "wild" energy with a game then a fresh caught meal. That was what she had done that early afternoon. Now with her meal behind her, she had left the feeding pens, trotted off, and flopped into the grass not far from the stables to clean herself, licking the remnants of her meal from her face and paws as she soaked in the sun for a while too, watching the beastcrafters exercise some of the Weyr animals or herd the herdbeasts to another pasture. It was a nice way to pass some time while she cleaned herself and waited for her handler. Flint even joined her, stopping to help clean her as well, happily picking tiny scraps off her he found or licking away remains, so it was, before long, the metallic shined Metal Daywher was clean, or at least clean enough for now.

So she sat and lazed in the grass, her head and neck tucked up closer to her chest and shoulders in that way canines sometimes did to more comfortably watch things around them. Her eyes blinked, dozing a bit as well, enjoying the sun and the post-meal tired. She likely would have laid there for hours if she could have, so long as her handler didn't need her, but something... something got her attention after a while.

Blinking her eyes open, she sensed something, as as she woke from her doze her ears perked up and swiveled around to listen around her as well. Eyes whirled with interest now, looking around until something caught her eye. Someone not too far away, someone that, when she laid eyes on them, she could tell what she was sensing was coming from them. Blinking a few times, she rose from her spot, taking a moment to stretch and yawn, bowing forward to stretch her whole body before shaking herself off as if to wake herself up the rest of the way. Then, she trotted right for the person, eyes locked on them and going straight up to them with all of her tall lanky self, turning a delicate nose to the person to sniff at them curiously.

*Elias, my dear. I have found something of interest. You should come by the beast stables soon.*

But even while she told her handler that, she just stared at the person who had attracted her interest, not offering any explanation to them about what it was she was wanting from them.

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Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:40 am

Newly hired from the caravan that had recently brought a fresh herd to New Atricis weyr, the slightly threadbare and scrawny stable drudge was feeling a bit optimistic about life for a change. They had been on the road a long time, turns of hard work and hard travel with the herding caravans helping move and care for the livestock. They hadn't been able to get a place as an apprentice, but even so, they had mostly been well treated and had found something of peace in their work. Now, for the first time, they'd been offered a chance at a better position in a place safe from any that might potentially still remember a scruffy orphan of the Bottoms who had gotten tangled in the machinations of the criminal underbelly there. Their caravan master had given them a recommendation to present to those in charge of the weyr's livestock and they had been given work there on the strength of that recommendation alone. It had certainly been a shock, but for once it was a pleasant one, and the youngster who called themself Honor was determined to do well here.

It had been a little hard at first for Honor to not stare at all the whers and dragons moving by to feed or patrol. But if nothing else, Honor was quite good at going unnoticed. They had managed to get the hang of their duties and the routine of the beastcrafters here with a speed that had impressed their particular overseer enough they were now turned lose to handle their duties almost entirely without supervision. Not that their duties were particularly tricky to get right or required much skill. No, this afternoon they were simply hauling load after load of dung out of the herdbeasts' shelters and off to the piles where it would be then be taken to help fertilize crops and such. It was simple hard work, but Honor took a certain amount of pride in doing it well, and in seeing how pleased the herdbeasts seemed to be when they settled in to the clean fresh bedding they laid out for them.

They did not expect anyone to take much notice of them busily going about their work. In fact, they had even begun to relax into the simple routine and had lost some of their usual edge of wariness. So they could perhaps have been forgiven for not noticing the big metal wher following behind them until a chirp from the little green firelizard perched on one shoulder caused them to turn just in time for a whuff of hot breath from the large creature's sniffing to hit them in the face as Honor froze, quite literally nose to nose with the metal wher.

Not being terribly familiar with whers, Honor was unsure how to respond, and so resorted to what tended to work well with herdbeasts. They tried to move slowly, keeping their voice as calm as they could manage under the shock of the situation. ”Hullo there, is... is there something you were looking for? I'm new here, so I might not know where to find whatever it is you want. But if you could give me a clue what it is you need from me I'd be happy to do what I can... You have a handler around somewhere I should be talking to? Not sure if it's rude of me to speak to you without them...”

Leaf, the little green firelizard, sniffed the wher inquisitively back. She was perhaps a bit too fearless when it came to meeting new and interesting people or dragonkin. She cheeped her own greeting and even went so far as to offer the little bone she had been gnawing to the metal wher rather generously (despite this treat not even being big enough to be a toothpick for the wher).

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