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Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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Season - Begins Autumn 2049 (thread to be fuzzy timed to reflect Daela's arrival into Ivory Feather, and her time after)
Location - Atricis Weyr, beginning in N'kili's quarters

@Fawkes | Daela

Where all the other candidates were set to graduate into the fighting wings, N'kili was set to receive one candidate. Such a thing was not unheard of, though normally the circumstances of such an arrival into Ivory Feather had something to do with the incapacity of the rider or the dragon. Ivory Feather was designed to give disabled riders and dragons a place in the weyr where they would best benefit Atricis. The riders in N'kili's wing were trained to interact with the people Atricis Weyr protected. Most of their errands were simple, meant to move messages or people, or to even oversee the delivery of tithes (though N'kili entrusted very few with the task). Mostly, however, Ivory Feather was about engaging retired pairs and lame pairs, giving them the tools they required to continue functioning and working for the weyr... or at least that was how the Wing began under Ma'lek and Solange.

Ever since N'kili took over the position, however, her skills allowed for her to take on some of the more complex diplomatic tasks, serving as the written hand of the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader when they required assistance on a missive regarding more delicate matters, and to offer her voice in more sensitive situations that required a thorough understanding of politics. Anytime the Weyr needed to interact with another Weyr or Hold, N'kili was present. And... while not as well known... N'kili kept an ear low to the ground, and used her diplomatic connections as well as her riders to know the events that unfolded around Pern. All her information, she shared with the Weyrleaders, everything except for that which pertained to her work as an Abolitionist. That, she spoke nothing of.

The Speaker of the Weyr was an envoy of a sorts, a diplomat, and after her time as a envoy of Walled, N'kili took her work seriously. The training of the riders in Ivory Feather had become more vigorous, making sure they understood the political climate while they served as the face of the weyr with each and every one of their interactions. After all, there were laws and customs that needed to be abided by with every visit. Riders could not simply do as they pleased, take whom they pleased, and say as they pleased. To do so could cause strife and misunderstanding between the intentionality of Atricis and the Holders whom they served. Under N'kili's guidance, several of her riders had become well trained, while others happened to come from favourable backgrounds that made them a boon to the diplomatic purpose of the Wing. Then there were those who were more problematic, riders whom N'kili gave only the simplistic of tasks as she watched over them carefully.

And then there was Daela.

The actions of the chimerarider caused new regulations to be enacted regarding searches. After needing to discipline one of her own riders for his own part in the gaffe, N'kili pressed upon her riders, as well as wingriders, who frequently searched out candidates, that there were rules that needed to be followed before bringing a candidate to the weyr. Furthermore, Daela was to be brought into Ivory Feather so that she could learn better tact when interacting with holders, crafters, and weyrfolk alike. It did not matter that her beast and the girl were both fully capable of flying as a fighting pair. What mattered was that there were consequences for all actions, and Daela was to wait a little longer before joining the fighting wings.

It was for this reason that N'kili waited in her office for the arrival of her newest, albeit temporary wingrider. She had set the kettle on for some tea, and set out a small array of biscuits for when Daela arrived.

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Graduation night had come and gone, and while it had been quite the eventful night for the chimrarider, the real world had to come knocking again the next day and Daela would always answer it with her head held high. She knew that while her friends would go off to fight Thread, her punishment was to ride in the Ivory Feather Wing with Speaker N'kili constantly looming over her shoulder. It was likely going to be six months worth of delivering messages, no more responsibility than that, because the opalrider had made it quite clear she couldn't trust Daela with anything important.

The chimerarider did not entirely regret what she had done, she had taken Doumah from an imprisoned life and given him a chance at something better, and he had actually gone on to Impress as well! There was a joy in that, a sense of pride not regret... but what she did regret, was not going through the proper channels, to muddy the waters for everyone else, to earn the ire of anyone like N'kili or the Leaders and to smear Atricis' name. She vowed it would never happen again, and she intended to see that vow through the end of her days.

Today however, was her first day 'on the job' as it were, and while V'ric had left that morning to report to his Wing, Daela had dressed and readied to present herself to N'kili and hoped to make a better impression upon the woman than their first meeting. She'd spent a fair amount of time wondering what she should wear, knowing it wasn't entirely Wing work that would mean wearing her complete ensemble of riding gear, yet neither would be appropriate to dress in anything too 'flowery' as one might to impress a Lady or a Lord. So, she opted for a dark blouse of good quality that had a bit of flow to it, and a pair of wher hide trousers that were a bit worn with use, and of course her flight jacket slung over her shoulder. It was an outfit that spoke of something like a proper casual, yet ready for action if need be, and she even wore her dark hair tied back, just in case.

There was a polite knock at the door, and Daela knew the opalrider was expecting her, so it was only a moment later she was given the invitation to come in. "Reporting for duty, ma'am." The chimerarider said simply, knowing that N'kili was the one in charge and she would respond to the woman with only what she needed to know. They had played this game before, and Daela seemed to fall back into old tricks she'd used on her mother. The southerner already lived at the end of another womans' strings and she wouldn't let it happen again. She would get the job done, she would be pleasant to work with even, she would be reliable and true, but that didn't mean N'kili got to play any part in the rest of her life, this was work and the opalrider was her boss, that was all.

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