Of Masks and Murders

New Atricis' second allied Hold, Amaryllis Hold was established dominantly with the help of Walled Hold. Because of this Amaryllis Hold is inhabited dominantly by Southernborn and is run by the Lady Carmella. It was established near the end of 2037 and New Atricis has Search rights here.
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OOC Info/Rules:
There is no posting order and you may post more than once between each act. Some actions will be decided on by hidden dice rolls from the Narrator, ie myself. I will be pointing out to you where and when a roll will be used to determine the facts. However, it is safe to assume that anytime a character is asking questions/looking for clues for the murder that a roll will need to be done. For any villains out there your dice rolls/results will be given to you personally so as to keep your identity secret. Also, at the beginning of each act, I will be listing an objective, amount of clues to be found (note, you do not have to find all the clues to go in the right direction), and the date of when the next act will happen.

For simplicity sake, at the bottom of all your replies please put a Character Actions: *state clearly what they are doing* So I can give you the most detailed response in kind. Again, villains please tell me what you are wishing to do so we can determine it behind the scenes. I want to keep this simple, but still, allow for it to remain a mystery.

On one last note, I will be using Corbin but he is to be used as more of a plot device. Twice per act, you may call upon Corbin to help give you a hint in the right direction should you happen to get lost and are not sure what to do next.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via DM or PM.
Intro: ‘Paper Faces on Parade’

Objective: Get to the Ball and mingle
Clues: 0/0
Next Act: Oct. 9th

Weeks of work had been put into the effort of throwing this Masquerade Ball at Amaryllis Hold. With all of the turmoil that had been happening between the two, Lady Carmilla thought it might be for the best if something was done to ease the tension. Before she had begun planning the festivities she had made sure that there were two representatives from Walled and Atricis. Qaestor Cartamy of the Legion would be there to represent Walled’s side and Wingsecond Tr’ros of the Ivory Feather Wing would be representing Atricis. Since this was a ball in honor of peace, everyone was invited to come if they were able. Amaryllis had been at work the entire day before to make sure that everything was in order. There was a huge spread of food and desserts. Drinks of all kinds were provided for those in attendance. Extra outfits were also available to rent in case someone didn’t have their own Masquerade mask or outfit.

The party was to start at six in the evening. The large, decorated hall of the hold was filled with the sound of hustling, bustling, and the laughter of those already there. Many different masks in all different colors already moved about the room. Only those that had come together knew who each other was and, of course, the lady and the lord of Amaryllis were known. Along with the two honorary guests. The call for eating had been given. One by one plates were filled with all sorts of savory and delectable treats. It was obvious that they spared no expense when it came to the cooks...nor with the drinks or desserts. For now, everyone was enjoying their meals and private conversations. After dinner the tables would be cleared for the dancers, but not before Lady Carmilla gave her toast of the evening. Many eyes watched her, anxious for her to speak so the dancing could commence.

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Aric inwardly groaned as dark eyes glanced at his mirror, checking his reflection to see how he looked. Now normally the young man would not care all that much. As long as he looked presentable, he was usually fine with it. This shouldn’t have been that hard really, especially since he had just gotten his brand new clothes. Frowning in frustration, he found himself that he didn’t have to go to this. Since he was the current Weyrsecond, he figures it would be good for him to accompany L’van. It would hopefully give the two of them a few moments to catch up, and then he would be on hand if something were to happen. Not that the younger bronze rider was actually expecting anything to happen, but there was always that chance. Of course, sometimes him thinking like that meant he got himself worked up for nothing, but he was working on changing a bit, and trying not to overthink anything. Finally he was ready and he and Behemoth went between and reappeared in Amaryllis.

Dismounting, A’ric took everything off of Behemoth so that the bronze could go and relax while they were here. Once everything was off, A’ric put his mask on that had been in his saddle bags. While he wasn’t a huge of having to wear the mask, he decided that he probably should anyway. After all, this was a masquerade ball.

It didn’t take him long to find where the ball was being held. It was the largest hall, and the bronze rider could not help but smile softly. No matter what, the man always liked looking at the decorations. It always added a bit of color and something else that he couldn’t describe to the ball. Looking around, he tried to find someone he might know, but it was rather difficult with all the masks. So, in the end l, the man just walked around, mingling with the crowd and getting himself a drink while he waited for more people to arrive.

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Going someplace without Wrynne was a strange experience, but knowing she was going to enjoy an evening with herself was something she couldn't escape either. Ash wanted to know what this would be like and what the evening would entail, so she had said she would attend and return at her earliest convenience. There were promises of fun things to follow, and kisses had marked her departure, so in the end the brownrider had bid her lover farewell and left, dressed in fine ware and ready for a night of mystery.

She slipped her mask on the moment she arrived, giving her small brown a pat on the shoulder and sending him off before heading in the direction of the ball. She was awash with sensations almost immediately, her sight, smell, and hearing brought to life by everything around her. What a lovely place, what a lovely way to spend her time! She felt her dragon's approval as she accepted a drink from a table and began to mingle among the guests, trying her best to sound more knowing about some of the subjects they were talking about than what she actually knew.

You need to relax, Ash'wyn. I know you miss Wrynne, but you'll get to see her soon, right? And then I'll be kept awake by your rush-thoughts. She nearly spit out her drink, but at least she was smiling and more relaxed now, and that was enough for the small brown.

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Omi frowned as he picked at the sleeves of his tunic. It was one of his nice ones but the cuffs were starting to itch. The few extra lines of glittering, gold braided thread had been added in honor of the masquerade ball but were likely the culprit.

"At least I look alright yeah?" Omi spun around in front of Lyiren. He had considered getting help with sewing a small cape but his wher had pointed out that it was impractical in the long run.

You look great. If you preen to much longer you're going to miss your ride though. The sport hummed, standing to pad over and nose Omi's hand.

"Already? I'd better get going then. You sure you'll be fine here?" This was the first time the pair would be spending this much time and distance apart. The thought was tying Omi's guts in knots but this would also be a good exercise in distance communication. At least that's what he was telling himself to keep his mind properly focused.

We'll both be fine. No go and have fun so you can come back and tell me all about it. Lyiren, gently herded him toward the doorway.

"Okay, okay I'm going. See you in a bit!"

With that Omi made his way to the weyrbowl and found the dragonrider that was giving him a ride to the hold. He felt a bit odd being just your average wherling attending such a fancy party but it was likely to be the once or thrice in a lifetime sort of thing.

With a short trip between and a slight churn to his stomach, they arrived. Habitually he reached out for Lyiren worried he wouldn't be able to feel anything, but his wher was there, even if it felt a bit faded or stretched.

Omi had forgotten to slip on his mask before leaving so scrambled to fasten it after he slid from the dragons neck. "Thank you both, the ride was appreciated." He gave a polite nod and took a deep breath before heading toward the ball room.

There was music and food, so much food. A few others had already arrived and most were mingling and talking. Obviously he recognized no one so he wasn't sure just who to talk to first. Instead he meandered toward the food. He grabbed a meat pie to chow down on, trying to quell the clenching in his stomach. It did help some but the churning still flared now and again.

Well, he was pretty good at small talk and pretending everything was fine so might as well start mingling. Omi grabbed a drink and found a loose group of people to start with. As time passed he found himself relaxing and enjoying himself. The tension bled from his shoulders as he spoke and he even considered heading for the dancing area once he got a hold of some of the spiked punch.

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It had been a long time since R'fael had bothered to go to any sort of party or event that wasn't at the Weyr. Pavoth was equally excited, as the sport had never attended anything outside of the Weyr either, ”Well, you know you won't be inside...” As the man slid off the dragon's back, adjusting out his riding gear for some more fanciful garb, he felt the dragon's response more than heard it, Not the point. I'll be there with you. The man smiled and nodded, ”Aye, that you will.” After losing his first dragon, R'fael held a fresh respect for the bond between him and Pavoth. Donning his mask, he headed in as Pavoth flapped up and joined the rest of the visiting dragon's.

Wandering into the grandly decorated room, R'fael did a brief loop around the edges to orient where everything was. The food was there, drinks on that table...A drink...For the briefest of moments, the man stood beside the table covered in full wine glasses for the taking. Just one wouldn't hurt...but he knew that he would probably justify a second, and a third, and...he didn't want to go down that road. Not that night. Not ever again. Honestly, he was afraid of where it might take him.

So he moved on, taking a glass of juice from a different area instead. He found himself taking up post a bit to the side, just watching those around him. So many masks...It was impossible to tell who was who, and he let himself enjoy a quiet guessing game with Pavoth as he sipped at his drink.

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Beastcrafter Joklyn

Mixed feelings rippled through Joklyn that evening, mostly once she had arrived at the Masquerade Ball being thrown. It was a party of sorts and there was no keeping her away from one when she could attend-but at the same time her shoulder felt rather empty and cold. Or perhaps it was her back, arm...any of the places her soft furflit normally perched. Alas, she was still young and needed more training before Joklyn could take her to big events such as this. The darling would get so excited and try to dive into everything at once, making a nuisance of herself in the process. No, it was best to leave her curled up in Joklyn's furs back home. They could have a good cuddle session once she returned.

Until then Joklyn would focus on the Ball, which was wonderful. Plenty of good food and drink, desserts, and some outfits for those who needed them. Not her though; Joklyn wanted to have her own for something this big. Or at least what felt like a very big, important, cool event to her. There was nothing quite like wearing a mask and outfit that were to her taste. Normally she wasn't bothered much about clothes but this was so much more than just clothes. Tonight this was a form of self-expression and Joklyn pounced on the opportunity.

Now if only between wasn't so shard-blasted cold! The Ball was being held at Amaryllis Hold, quite a hike to make without getting a lift from a dragonrider. Luckily enough were going and/or willing to ferry people like her who were not bonded to the giant winged beasts.

Joklyn made sure to thank both dragon and rider, not taking their time and effort for granted. She had to admit, as she walked in and saw the sea of masked faces, that the ball being a masquerade was a bit of a bummer. So many handsome faces that were hidden behind paper! Argh...but it still was fun and hopefully eventually they would be taking their masks off. That element of surprise added an air of anticipation that brought a smile to Joklyn's face. This was going to be great; she couldn't wait!

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Kyrie dismounted from her ride, thanking them graciously for the lift. She felt her two whers in the back of her mind, left behind due to the distance and the inconvenience of a purely human gathering. She had hated to do it, but even though Kyst was improving, she was still young, and the hostess had been clear about who she had been inviting. Thankfully Kyresk should be able to keep the younger wher from getting into mischief.

At that thought she felt a ripple of bored irritation. When come home? Kyst asked.

I've only just left my love, I will return soon. Be patient. Kyrie said, as she walked towards the entrance to the hall/

The little one seemed to grumble in the back of her mind, but Kyresk's calm washed over all of them. We'll be fine. Have fun. The older agate said.

Kyrie smiled a little smile to herself, and pulled images of balls and parties, sending them to the smaller green. I will have fun, and you can always check in to see whats going on if you are interested. Now I must go, she said, as she stood outside the doors, behave yourself Kyst.

The green declined to answer, although she seemed to be enamoured with the images of gowns and dancing. That might backfire on her Kyrie realized too late.

At the reminder of dresses, Kyrie tugged restlessly at hers. By most standards it wasnt even a proper dress, more like a tunic, but it was the closest she ever came to wearing dresses. It certainly suited her, reminded her of home with its deep greens and fur cuffs, a rarity even in southern, but a gift from her more wealthy sister. She was really only here because of her sister. She looked down with some distaste at the emerald green mask, sliding it on with a grumble. Anyone who knew her would easily be able to recognize her despite the mask, and if she didnt know the people, what was the point of a mask at all?

Despite her annoyance at the contrived nature of the occasion, she did begin to enjoy herself as she circled the room. It was a lovely setting, with people from all over. There were dainty little snacks which she could feel Kyst pining after in her mind, as well as some tasty drink. She avoided the alcohol, deciding that it would not be a prudent choice this evening, and continued looking for her sister, who had left her a note along with the gown and invitation, to meet at the gathering.

Eventually she found her elegant older sister, dressed in a gown of rippling dark red, like a fiery sunset. Even her mask had feathers which looked like they were dipped in fire. "Ky dear!" The woman said quietly, pulling her sister close. "I was afraid you wouldnt make it!"

"Astraaa," Kyrie replied, holding the end of her sister's name too long. "You know I didnt have much choice. Did you bring Kylana by any chance?" While Kyrie had never been an active fixture in her daughter's life, she did care for her, and was fond of her.

Astra simply nodded, ignoring Kyrie's ambivalent greeting. "Why yes, she's the pride of the house! My girl is over there mingling with some of her peers," Astra pointed out Kylana, moving around in a gown and mask patterned after the sea with tones of blue, teal, and pale foam.

Kyrie smiled again, genuinely. Good, at least her daughter was enjoying herself. Meanwhile Astra continued to prattle on about life at Walled, and Kyrie decided to just stick by her, nodding and listening, waiting for the Lord and Lady to address them.

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