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Very similar to the old lower caverns, these ones are a little less than before as well. These Lower Caverns almost exclusively hold storage rooms and living spaces for all the Weyrfolk.
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Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:12 pm

Season - Early Summer 2049
Time - Early Evening, just before Dinner Time
Location - Lower Cavern Kitchen Stores

@Parker | Calivander

Warning for mentions of self harm

The self inflicted wounds upon her arms had finally begun to heal, but the ones upon her heart remained open and raw. After the loss of her father, her friends and her sister, and so soon after the departure of Ao'mek, Amuderudalya found herself faced with the darkest days of her life. Frequently did she cry herself to sleep with her fragile form curled in around Croquembouche. When eyes closed, all she could see were the faces of those she loved, faces she would never see again. Theria and her firm scowl as the greenrider willed Amuderudalya to stay strong and never given in. Evora and her joyous laughter that never failed to bring the baker out of a sorrowful stupor. D'ran and his willingness to try her latest baked goods with a humble bow and a kind smile. Aniday and his warm heart, who always thought of her when he visited and presented her with a small carved dragon to add to her growing collection. D'met and his inner softened demeanour; for all he was cold to those at the surface, he was in truth a kind man who welcomed her with open arms.

And her father...

Lips trembled at the thought of him as she slipped her recently folded pastry into the chilled box.

"Dalya, is everything all right?" the head cook asked her when a clear catch of her breath was heard.

A nod of assurance escaped the baker, accompanied by a watery smile. "Yes," she attempted to assure the woman. "Though if you don't mind, I think I am going to go to the stores to grab some caster sugar."

The head cook gave Amuderudalya permission to do so, thus down into the stores she wandered. Once the glows began to dim, and the voices of the other lower cavern workers died, melancholia reclaimed the baker. Weeps overcame her as her heart flooded with the memories of old friends and old feelings, the love she might never feel again. Even as Croquenbouche churred her concern to Amuderudalya, all the baker could do was cry in turn, succumbing to the sorrows that plagued her heart since the day her family died.
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Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:59 am


Ever since he was left standing at his first day wher hatching, Calivander had been in a bit of a funk. He'd known full well going in that he might not bond to one of the amazing creatures, but that wasn't enough to not disappoint him. He had heard that the day whers did not as clutch as much as the dragon. That worried him slightly since he had no way of knowing when his eyes would stop working completely. He still had Daiga, of course, she did all she could to try and cheer him up from being left standing.

Instead of floundering in his sorrow Cal picked himself back up and carried on. Now, though, he was making plans in case he never would bond. Daiga was wonderful at helping him, but he knew a stronger bond would make it easier for him to use their eyes. For now, though, he made it a point to go to the Lower Caverns where it was darker. That way he could learn how to manage to do things for himself without the assistance of his gold fancy.

That's what he had been doing when he left the darker halls of the Lower Caverns to head back to the barracks. Thanks to the slight echoes of the hall he could hear something before he could feel them or Daiga could see them. Once they were close enough, Cal could feel the deep sorrow and sadness before Daiga showed him who the cries were coming from.

"Dalya?" Cal asked as he moved over closer to her. "Hey...hey what's wrong?" he asked with sympathy and worry.
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Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:38 pm

The baker felt like she was drowning, and for a moment she wondered if it might be better to finally just end it all...


Her cries stilled as eyes searched for the source of her name. Calivander came into view.

"Hey...hey what's wrong?"

Amuderudalya could not help herself. Rather than deny everything, she reached out to her old friend, a plea to be held as she cried. She needed the comfort, the assurance she was not alone in the world even when that was all she felt was the darkness of loneliness. She lost her father, her friends and her sister, and even worse, she had lost Ao'mek, the one man she had begun to open herself and hear heart to before he left. She was alone, and felt she had little to nothing to live for now. Yet even in her attempt to find the light, her heart craved the darkness, to rip away the bandages and slice a blade along the length of pallid flesh, to feel the pain that might either claim her life or return it to her with vehemence. Only in those darkest hours of death did she long for life, yet when she lived, she felt the hollowness in her heart once occupied by the love of those now lost, and longed for death once more.

The realisation frightened her, causing the baker to shudder in Calivander's arms, and yet her desires for death remained.
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