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New Atricis Weyr's westernmost border of territory lands along a coast of beaches and seaside cliffs. From the western coasts, a large island can be seen, but is off limits due to the dangers of rogues inhabiting the island. Including the Flotilla settlement, slowly, Atricis' coastal border is growing thanks to the Pearls and their riders.
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Sun Sep 01, 2019 5:35 pm

It was a pleasant summer morning near the coast, the sky was clear and there was a gentle breeze that would help keep the heat from being too intense later. The sea was fairly calm out here, a bit away from the bustle of the flotilla and seahold. This particular bit of ocean wasn't great for fishing, since the rocks and reefs made navigation by boat especially difficult. This was no difficulty at all for a pearl, or for dolphins, though. The abundance of interesting sea life and enough open water on either side of this patch of reef to leave room for aquatic acrobatics made this one of Kionvis and Ari'vos' favorite places. With Kionvis' help, they had been able to build and anchor a simple floating platform here for resting or making notes and gathering samples. The pearlrider had spent much of their rare free time here, swimming with their pearl and the Sun Chasers pod of dolphins, exploring the reef and enjoying good company. Ari'vos often felt the dolphins were much easier for them to understand and get along with than most humans.

So it was perhaps understandable that Ari'vos was rather anxious as they prepared for the arrival of other humans to their little sanctuary. It had been the idea of the dolphins, otherwise the pearlrider likely would never have considered trying to throw a party out here. But Darrmin, a dolphin Ari'vos had grown particularly close to over a shared passion for exploring and learning about the life in Pern's seas, had recently had her first calf, and much of the rest of the pod found the idea of a party to celebrate far too exciting for Ari'vos to say no. They had apparently gotten the idea from the stories Ari'vos and other humans had told about hatching feasts and gathers. Ari just hoped at least a few people would come and this would live up to the pod's expectations.

They and Kionvis had added another couple of platforms for the humans and for the food and other party supplies. The pod had helped them to gather, if not a feast exactly, enough fish and other ocean edibles to make a rather plentiful meal full of treats that some of the humans might not have tried before, or at least, would not have been able to acquire very often. There were nets of still living fish attached to the platforms to feed dolphins and pearls as well. Along with food, Ari'vos had brought some toys and things for games, the pod was already having quite a good time with a large floating ball that bobbed around on the surface.

Ari paced around on one of the platforms, rearranging things for the fifth time in the past hour since arriving to set things up. Kionvis rested his great, dark rose head on the edge and watched, offering suggestions on the arrangement.

"...Do you really think anyone will come? I know it's a restday, but people make plans, go visit family, catch up on things left undone... Will anyone really want to come here instead?"
Of course people will come. The pearl reassured his rider. There is food and fun and it is good to play and spend time with your glint that isn't all about work and training.
Ari sighed, leaving the little arrangement of various fried treats they had carefully transported here from shore alone after setting them in a pattern reminiscent of waves on the platter.
"True, but... I haven't been exactly good about getting to know any of them outside of work and training. Four turns and I'm as much a recluse to anyone besides you and the dolphins as ever. I'm just... not very good with human people."
All the more reason for them to come. I'm sure the humans of the glint would like to know you better.
"But... but what if they all... I don't know... secretly hate me for being weird and awkward?"
None of them hate you. Don't be silly.

The black-rose pearl raised his neck to boop his rider with his snout in admonishment. He for one was certain that no one could possibly hate his rider, especially not anyone in the glint. He'd loved them from the moment he first saw them after all. Soon, the others would start arriving and Ari'vos would see for themself.
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Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:25 pm


A party with dolphins. A party. With dolphins! It would be a hot day between before Kela'vis missed such a thing! From the moment he heard that a local pod wanted to celebrate the birth of their calf in a similar manner to how humans had Hatching Feasts Kela'vis was in. Nothing was going to keep him away!

The same could be said of Nimuevas, which pretty much sealed the deal. Both were thrilled at the thought of partying with dolphins.

...but of course that meant that when the day came, they were late. A large factor in it came from last second preparations. They couldn't just show up; they had to bring presents or at least some food. They had to contribute to the party! But...what did one get a baby dolphin as a gift? A good session of rubbing and petting or play tended to do the trick most of the time, even with the adults. Dolphins did not have pets, did not play instruments, did not wear clothes...hmmmmm. With his skill Kela'vis could easily draw a nice sketch for them but even that was not much good. They lived in the water where paper and hide tended to...not fare very well. They did however like to play with floating balls. Though the pod could hardly take a ball that floated with them when they dove...

It was frustrating but eventually Nimuevas saved the day by fishing up some fish she insisted were liked by dolphins but a little rarer and thus a treat. However a gift like that required speed in its delivery; it was losing freshness by the second.

Kela'vis had quickly stuffed the fish in a saddlebag and climbed onto Nimuevas, urging her to the party area quickly. His beautiful, sweet pearl needed no more coaxing. Her serpentine body shot through the water, with the platform soon entering their sight.

Helllooooo! Nimuevas called ahead cheerfully. I don't know if the little one is off milk yet but if not I am sure the proud mother will love the snack we have brought along!
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Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:10 pm

Ari'vos was pacing the platform again, rehearsing in their head all the apologies they would make to the pod for getting their hopes up if no one came. As time ticked by and the dolphins were just starting to seem a bit anxious themselves, the pearlrider became more and more convinced this had been a horrible idea and that they had somehow doomed the whole endeavor. They should have passed along the dolphin's idea to one of the folk who made working with the dolphins the focus of their craft. They shouldn't have told Darrmin stories about the hatching of the pearls and the party after. They'd gotten the pod's hopes up for nothing. They should have...

Kionvis heard the call just a moment before the dolphins went swarming out to squee greetings to their first guest. He nudged Ari'vos to look. You see? They didn't forget or decide not to come becuase they don't like you or any of those silly things you were thinking. Here comes Nimuevas and hers.

Ari'vos gasped in surprise as they spotted the white pearl and her rider approaching and the enthusiastic pod leaping around the new arrivals in glee. It brought a rare smile to their face, an expression of relief as much as anything. They had desperately wanted to not disappoint their aquatic friends and it looked like now at least, they wouldn't have to make up for the absence of guests between just them and Kionvis. They waved to the pearl and rider as the pod escorted them in.

Hello Nimuevas! Called Kionvis, swimming over to offer greetings himself. The calf is still very small, but I'm sure Darrmin would like a treat, yes. She is that one by the platform my Ari'vos is on. The calf is much smaller than we were when we hatched, but Ari'vos says human hatchlings are even smaller. Isn't that interesting?
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Kisle'vis was feeling a bit off about this. He'd heard about the birth of the calf and the dolphins want for other riders and pearls to come and celebrate with them. The issue was, however, that no matter that he was the Flotilla leader, Kisle'vis was not the most social of people. Sure, he could delegate orders to people and conduct business meetings just fine, but that wasn't the same as being social at a party or even just spending time with those under him. He was stiff and a bit awkward if he was honest about it. Yet, somehow, Cetovas talked him into going since it would be good for him. Once he gave in, he had told Kunati about it and said she should join them if she had the chance.

Dear rider, you worry far too much. Cetovas broke into his thoughts. She knew her rider and what bothered she knew that he was worried about how the others that were going to be at the party would react to their leader being there. Just relax. It is important for others to see that you are more than just a leader.

Kisle sighed and shook his head, You have told me that before. It doesn't change how awkward I am at this. It wasn't and was a whine that Cetovas was used to by now, but continued to correct him. Eventually, one of these times he would finally believe her. So she stayed persistent. Yeah, yeah, I know. Practice makes perfect. Easier said than done. But I'll try. He said with a resigned sigh. He wasn't going to win this one.

You're even bringing some food. That should be enough to break the ice. Cetovas pointed out, like she wasn't the one to have suggested it.

The gift wasn't anything too outlandish. Merely some food for the dolphins and pearls and a dessert for the humans. It didn't take them long to get to the nice secluded spot away from the Flotilla. There was only Kionvis and Nimuevas with their riders there. That meant they weren't the last ones to show up. Kisle decided that was a good thing as it would not look good for the leader to be late to an event.

Cetovas gave a loud bugle to announce her and Kisle's arrival. Greetings all! Kisle'vis and I decided to join you in this celebration. Being a mother herself, she rather loved hearing about the birth of any creature. If Kisle allowed it she would go to the birth of even the canines that resided in the Flotilla, but if he did then she would spend all her time doing that and ignore their duties.

Cetovas swam up to the floating dock so Kisle could hop off. "Good day, Ari'vos... Kela'vis. Cetov..." he was caught off by a mental reprimand from his lovely pearl. "Cetovas and I thought we would come to join in the celebrating. We brought some snacks. Where would you like me to put them?" Kisle'vis asked politely. Cetovas crooned her encouragement to him.
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It was going to be a beautiful day, and Fali'vas wasn't sure who was more excited for it - herself or Roni. The little girl had heard of the baby dolphin being born, and in turn the dolphins wanting to celebrate with the nearby humans, and while they weren't sure of Omri would get the chance to join them, they knew they were going to attend simply because it seemed like the perfect little adventure.

Suspecting that the girl could hear her whether she spoke softly to her rider or not - it was a feeling, something that she'd said around her only recently - Nymvas spoke openly to both of them as they rode out to the site. There's a growing gathering from what I understand. Young one, are you eager to see your first little dvolphin?

While she had seen them before now, it had only been at a distance, and she had been enchanted by the creatures those first few times. Now was going to be something a little more special to Roni. She would get to see them, maybe even touch them, and there was a baby dolphin, how wonderful was that? She tugged on her mother's sleeve, and glanced up at her. "I hope Papa is able to stop by. But we'll remember this for him if not, right?"

Fali'vas grinned and kissed her daughter's forehead gently. "Of course. You can even share it during story time tonight." Soon enough they were arriving at the location given for the event, and sure enough several pearls were already there, including Cetovas who was glorious in Roni's eyes - "She's so pretty and gold, Mama!" - but soon enough her attention was cut away from the pearls and pulled firmly against the dolphins.

"Mama, look at them!" They slid off, and Roni almost slid back into the water just to get close to them. Not wanting Shimmer to get lost in the water - she was curled up in one of the pockets Roni insisted her clothes have for the little waterlizard - Fali'vas managed to grab hold of her and pull her back before she could. "Sorry, Mama. I'm just excited. So many dolphins, they're all so cute!" She smiled at the nearest person, lifted her hand to wave at Ari'vos, Kela'vis, and Kisle, then settled down to keep an eye on Roni.

Hello everyone. Good to see you here. Nymvas found her position to rest and relax while watching the pod, though most of her attention was as the ever vigilant guard of her rider's charge as she observed the dolphins. It was rather fun to see the awe on another human, one who had never yet witnessed such a wonder as dolphins celebrating a birth. Fali'vas' hatchling is rather eager for this. If I don't seem to be paying attention, I do apologize, but I need to make sure my rider's girl doesn't fall too far from shore. She was happy to be here, and hoped they would understand; if anything ever happened to Roni while she was watching her...

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