Through a Veil of Velvet Twilight ~ {Gold Lamiath's PC Flight}

For all the Mating Flights and Runs of all dragonkin who wish to test their suitors of New Atricis. Tips on Flights and Runs can be found within as well.
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Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:17 am


From the ground, Miral bid her time, giving Keket the space she required. No need to crowd her. If this flight was to be won, it would be by her dragon in the sky.

To the skies she took, and after her, Myrath flew. Pinions oared through the air, carrying him high after her, but rather use sheer strength to catch her, he fell a bit towards the back to give her a bit of a berth while letting the foolish pursue so closely towards her. As a male who hovered in a class size smaller to her own, Myrath understood all to well what he was and was not capable of. His strengths rested not in sheer power, but in agility and wit far beyond the gold's ability. For her, he would fly (even though she considered him shining green - had he known her opinion, he would have been outright insulted at the comparison), and he would twist and turn in the skies to prove himself to her.

The sun helped to fuel Myrath, giving him the energy to follow after her when she finally dipped beneath the pack of males. His agility allowed him to pursue with ease, for the gold's quickness could not compare to his own. Her size would not allow her to outmanoeuvre him and several of the others who turned after her. Then soon she turned towards the sea. Immediately, he recalled Sandalphonth's flight, and realised Lamiath was about to attempt the same endeavour. However, much like before, the male zultanite was not about to easily fall for the stunt that might drive males for the sea. He knew she would not dive into the abyssal depths no matter how much she might long for it. This flight was not about the pleasure of a swim, but the yearning of procreation. Dance in the skies all she liked, but her ultimate purpose was to produce the strongest clutch she was capable of, and only with him did Myrath believe such a clutch was possible. Thus when she ascended he recognised it might be her final effort, her greatest effort, the pinnacle of her flight before the fateful catch.

With a roar, he pulled from the reserves of energy he had stored through the gruelling flight, and began to pump his wings with renewed vigour. He roared out as he net the air beneath his sails, soaring up towards the gold who glistened from the strike of those final rays of sunlight.


Push all he might, Inez remained proper in Keket's company, even as the lust of the flight began to intoxicate her. In the corner of the queenrider's apartment, Inez found a safe space. She splayed a hand along the wooden surface of a table, if only to stabilise her footing and ground herself for the duration of the flight far above them.

Unlike some of the other males, Iorveth nearly matched Lamiath in size, thus putting him at a distinct advantage. His speed and agility matched her own, and while he was not nearly as old as she, he had flown in more flights than she had risen for. Wing pumped, carrying the brown rapidly along the path of ascension after her. Though a brown, he was a powerful beast, outmatched only by the massive bronze, Behemoth. As for the young bronze, Iorveth snorted at Adnachielth, for he was of little threat to him for the fact he was so young.

When she dove, he bugled out in surprise. Now that is hardly fair, my clever little vixen. Yet chase after her, he continued, following through on a path that seemed oddly familiar to him.

This is the same route Sandalphonth took. Be careful. She is flying for the ocean.

Yes. Yes! He remembered now! And with a triumphant bugle, he indicated as much as she made her way towards those teal waters made golden by the sinking sun. Yet rather than dive as the zultanite had done, she rose high and fast. With eagerness, he played her game, and beat his wings furiously, gaining altitude quickly in an attempt to prove to her his strength and ability as a mate made him worthy for the catch. A brown he might be, but Iorveth arrogantly knew he was an impressive specimen of a sire. Were she to give him a chance, he would make sure to prove as much to her, even as the telling aches of exhaustion began to nibble at his wing shoulders.
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The anticipation was thick in the air, Issormoth could sense it like a weight trying to press him down. He knew it was from all the males around him who, like him, were waiting for the moment Lamiath took to the air. Despite the fact his eyes were on her and her only he was still aware of the other males, his competitors, each one determined to be the one Lamaith chose. Issormoth didn't care about them, they just didn't matter and he had no intention wasting time thinking about them or worrying one would be faster or stronger than he was. In the end the try mystery was which one Lamaith chose to favour over all the others.

Then she was launching into the air, her wings catching the setting sun and exploding with brilliant light. It was an affect that dazzled and took Issmormoth's breath away. Because of this he was a second or two delayed in his own reach for the sky. His wings came down and his legs kicked out sending him high into the air after Lamiath and the first group of males who had launched themselves before he did. In a way he was glad for his slow start for it allowed him to see Lamaith in all her glory and hear her trumpet of joy.

Issormoth kept a steady pace, matching Lamaith's angle of climb knowing in the long run his stamina will be the deciding factor over the speed of his ability to climb at such a steep angle. Thus he didn't waste too much energy trying to stay close on Lamaith's tail like the powerhouses already pushing to be that close. So early in the chase proximity didn't matter, Issormoth would rather save energy for a final burst of speed when it mattered.

When Lamaith leveled off and looked back at them Issormoth knew the race was far from over but was grateful for the chance of a more level flight. The air was thin up here and that made it all the more difficult to simply glide, his wings had to continually move to keep from losing altitude. Not only that his breathing was heavier as his lungs struggled to get all the oxygen they needed from the thin air. It was not enough to cause Issormoth to withdraw from the flight unlike a few others already spiraling away for the slow descent to the ground.

Issmorth was quick to roll and spin to follow Lamaith's moves and adding a few of his own as she started to put them through their paces. This was the time to show he was strong and fit and would give her a strong cluck of offspring should she choose him. He didn't speak, letting his actions impress the gold, besides he wasn't a bit speaker anyway and he rather keep his thoughts and feelings a mystery.

The dive down towards the ocean was exhilarating, he bugled his love of the chase and appreciation of the gold who was ultimate the reason he was so thrilled. He didn't dive down as close to the water as she did knowing she would climb once more and wanting to reserve some of his energy for that climb. Maybe it was a move that showed he wasn't as daring as others but he hoped she saw it as wisdom and realize he wasn't one to show off and waste energy thinking too much risk taking would make him a better sire. Then she was climbing and he once more climbed after her, feeling the strain but determined to push past the ache in his wings.

Issmorth was very much aware of the large bulk of Behemoth, a bronze who had a good 10' of extra length but might not be as large to him as he would be to other browns. Issormoth himself was quite large for a brown but being smaller wasn't going to make him work any less hard to win Lamaith's heart this flight.

He also wasn't the only brown in this case and only one other was larger than Issormoth but that wasn't going to discourage the tri-coloured brown. Glancing over at Iorveth as he surged up trying to fly past to get as close to Lamaith as he could but Issormoth wasn't going to let the larger brown get any advantage easily. Putting more effort into his wingbeats he pushed higher up, wanting to show he was the best brown of the lot and better than all the bronzes. Fortunately Issormoth was't the type of dragon to use tooth or claw to prove his worth, instead he gave a bellowing roar to make it clear he was there and determined to stay in the chase till the very end.
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Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:46 pm


On the way to Keket's apartment T'ran finally shook off the late-hour, finding a second wind. He was his usual self when he entered, greeting everyone and grinning. Keket of course got extra attention, T'ran waving her way. "I hope you and Lamiath have a great Flight," he told her, meaning it. The thought of them not was just so sad...

Anyway, he settled himself among the other suitors, paying just enough attention that he could react if needed. Mostly though, he reached out to Adnachielth to give the bronze every ounce of support he could muster.

Adnachielth, for his part, was confident he did not need the support. He gladly accepted it anyway. Any and every advantage he could get gave him that much more chance of impressing the Rising beauty he Chased. So beautiful, he could not help murmuring at one point. The words were softly spoken and likely went unheard by all but that didn't matter. All that mattered was the glowing golden form that launched itself skyward.

Immediately Adna took off after the gold, echoing her trumpet when it came. He was perfectly happy to celebrate with her, encourage her to fly more. It gave him time to prove himself and he rather enjoyed the Chase. He got to admire the one he yearned for, he followed her faithfully, and then-

She was gone. It took a moment for Adna's brain to catch up with what his eyes had witnessed. By then Lamiath was well past her suitors. The sudden roll and turn had been completely unexpected and Adnachielth faltered briefly, dumbly blinking as he sought out the golden form he was supposed to follow. The second his eyes picked her out he wheeled and dove, trying to catch up.

His delay in racting to the first turn actually served him well though, as Lamiath turned once more. With a warble Adnachielth rolled, managing to get out of her way as her path sent her towards him. That could have been a problem, particularly if she thought he was trying to Catch her. Now the bronze held himself back a bit, letting Lamiath get a generous amount of space between them before once more tailing her. I may not be the fastest but I will never falter! he called, bugling to her. No, he would not falter. He would fly and fly and follow her until she called to her chosen male.
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Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:00 am

Of course R’vin had noticed Keket’s hesitation at his appearance, and for a moment it stung in a way she hadn’t intended. It was his youth that had thrown her, but he couldn’t help but worry that wasn’t really what threw her. Her words though, they sounded much more kind, and genuine, encouraging luck for his eager young beast eve as Lamiath would really test if the youthful bronze would really handle an adult female’s Flight such as hers.

Miral showed then, a familiar face to R’vin thanks in part due to the last Flight Rudoth Chased in. She had been at Sandalphonth’s and Dirce’s Flight too.

"I see you have an eager bronze on your hands,"

R’vin felt his cheeks flush, but he nodded in agreement to Miral’s teasing remark. ”He really is. Not even fully grown and he’s already trying to Chase some of the Weyr’s largest Queens,” he couldn’t help but chuckle himself. However, he knew in the back of his mind what it meant, that Rudoth was so eager to Chase so young. He’d likely Chase the Senior as soon as he could as well. R’vin would have to ensure he took everything he could from his mentorship in the coming months… If Rudoth had his way, R’vin would definitely find himself in Leadership sooner than he might have realized before.

Rudoth might have slighted the powerful Gold before him, but it wasn’t in him to accept defeat or the chance of it just yet. He’d stay, and wait for her, and he wouldn’t be kept waiting long. With the setting sun painting the skies with fiery colors, she launched, and he too was after her, leaving behind the feeding pens that had been stirred up into a chaos of frightened beasts.The sounds of baying beasts fell behind them in favor of wind noise and fierce wingbeats.

Already she was looking to leave behind the weakest males. Lamiath’s first climb into the sky was grueling, and despite all of his bronze gusto, he barely managed to keep up with such a steep, unforgiving aerial climb. He was still young, still growing, he was at such a disadvantage, but he was going to try his best! So he stuck with it, huffing when she finally reached the apex of her climb, bringing them almost too high to breathe. He didn’t think she’d stay up this high for that long, or so he hoped, and sure enough, she spun, losing some altitude in a maneuver surprising for her size. Before he could adjust, she was zipping underneath them, leaving him letting out a surprised bay. However, he loved the challenge she provided, and with a trumpeting bugle he shot after her, following her dive when she took it.

The water came close, but not too close for concern as they flew on, the ocean glittering with colors of sunset. They only had so much time of light left, but Rudoth believed her could Catch Lamiath before night fell. Then she climbed up again, and again he followed, a little recovered from the first, but still struggling to keep up. He’d see this through to the end though! Even if just barely.
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Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:14 pm

She didn't want to stop. The feel of the winds and the fading sun kissing and rolling over her wings was heavenly. She could feel the warmth from the rays of the sun as they strained to illuminate the land, the waters, even as it faded and moved on around the planet. As high as they were, it was still daylight, the air warm from the sun, even as it cooled and darkened. When she looked down and back, she could see the shadows stretch across the shoreline. Her instinct's suddenly warred slightly. It was getting dark. But she could not give up yet!

Those last rays kissed her glowing hide, and she let herself slow down a little. Curving her head back, she eyed who was still trailing, and was honestly pleasantly surprised at how many there still were. Well, she was just spoiled for choice, wasn't she? One last test then...The light was fading, and her wings were burning, and she could feel the sun waning. As she drifted, she let herself start to slide sideways, slowly turning them back towards the Weyr. She knew the males would know it was nearly done. They would sense it, they would know with the same signs she did, that it was almost over.

When she saw the shore again, and soared closer, she knew her plan then. With a sudden surge of her wings, she sped up, flying as fast and straight as she could, making a B-line towards the Weyr. Some of the males behind her were faster than her, but how dare they if they were so bold as to try and pass her. She flew high, keeping them in the dying light of the sun, even as that narrow band of light shrank.

Once high, as high as one could get directly over the Weyr, she looked back once more. Who? Who would be the one? Behemoth was impressive in his own right. He was a large, strong bronze, the largest one in the skies. The young Vojorokoth...the fact that he was still trailing was honestly surprising to her. He was practically still a baby, and yet...And then there was Myrath, the male Zultanite unique, and stunning. Lamiath wasn't sure how she felt about the fact that he was...a Queen dragon? Or did that make him a King? Regardless, he was a worthy chaser. Iorveth was a brown, but he was also still trailing her. And he had sired lovely clutches in the past. Issormoth was also still following, and with a roar made his intentions for her clear. He would last the race. A bugle caught her attention then, and she glanced towards bronze Adnachielth. Another suitor to add to her spoiled pick. One more slightly surprising sight to her was bronze Rudoth. Another young one...But he was still staying the course. Oh, the choices!

But she had to choose sooner rather than later. The light was nearly gone, and the instinct to be on the ground was starting to overcome her flight lust. She could feel it. She could feel the choice making itself as she strained to climb at least a tiny bit more. The burn in her wings was enough, and even though he was young, and small...She trusted him to carry her in, Vojorokoth! The Queen turned, letting herself crumble into the brown's claws, and they plummeted.
Congratulations, Ember! Thank you everyone for chasing, this has been way too much fun! Best of luck to all of us in the future!
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