Nothing is Broken [Tag Ember/Kolyat]

The Crafter Complex is a series of buildings that contain craft halls and rooms for the crafters of New Atricis to work. There is a single dorm building for apprentices, while journeyman and masters live in second floor rooms in their respective crafts. Off to the side from the complex is the largest building, the Infirmary, where everyone in the Weyr receives Healer attention and desk workers keep track of who comes and goes at the entrance to the Infirmary.
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Despite being a crafter and a weyrling, Morafae still found herself doing mundane little chores around New Atricis. Benden would actively just let her rot away while here, she was expected to pull her weight. This was all well and dandy, except for when she banged herself up good and not realizing it. Somehow she had cut herself while putting away items in the storages. Kaurrunoth was quiet for a while until...

You do realize you are bleeding yes? I think its about time you got that looked at by a healer.

What do you mean bleeding? I haven't done anything outlandish! When Morafae looked herself over, sure enough there was a small gash in her arm from something cutting her. Wood perhaps, or maybe a rock. She honestly didn't feel it. So much had been on her mind - her battle with depression, Kaurrunoth finding her and choosing her, and now knowing she'd never be alone again. After loosing her adoptive mother, Mora felt suddenly afraid to die and what it must had been like for her mother to pass away alone. It still plagues her and is the main reason she can sometimes be so under-motivated to do anything. After impressing to Kaurru, she's learned to gain a will to live so that she can care for him.

Now it is my turn to take care of you. Go to a healer before I drag you there myself.

Morafae sighed and gave up trying to argue with him - when his mind was settled on something, there was barely a chance to change that. So off to the infirmary she went and now she sat in a room waiting for a healer to come look at her. She honestly thought it was nothing to bother a healer about, but with Kaurrunoth continuously shooing her in that direction...well here she was! It wasn't as if her arm was broken or anything major. She sighed and shook her head as the blue radiated with confidence about getting her to a healer. This weyrling business was no joke. You better be happy for this...healers and I do not get along.
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