Starter Packs for Newbies

Turn 2050
43rd Turn of the 9th Pass
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Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:44 am

Hello everyone, newbies especially!

Inspired by the influx of new members recently, and to help the recent and future newbies to Atricis get started the staff have started up "Starter packs" for new members! From here on out, those packs should be sent to each new member directly after their accounts are activated. These PMs are sent automatically, but will be coming from this account (the Meriwether account).

Since these packs are new, that means some recent newbie members have just barely missed out. To make up for that, everyone who has joined Atricis in July and August thus far can claim a Starter Pack. Members that have joined within July and August are eligible for:
Mascot Karkeloth, will be sending you 100 marks
5 free firelizard rolls for up to 5 new characters (1 for each new character) here
50% off your 1st character slot purchase (applies to your 5th character)
1 human ability under 1,000 marks for free on 1st human character
1 free Impression token
We hope this helps new members feel welcomed, and gives them a nice little starting point. Please enjoy!
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