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While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:51 pm

[ note: takes place a little after the Igen refugees arrived ]

This was going to be difficult, perhaps even out of the blue, but it was something that Shiravani wanted to do. She'd only been back at Atricis for a very short while, and during that time she'd found out about her mother from her father, the loss of family at Igen, and now it was time to tell her old friend Shyran that she was back.

She closed her eyes as she made her way through to the dayhandler cabins, old memories trying to push through and make themselves more well known and fresh. She hadn't thought about those things in a while, having been busy with her work and now being a mother. It wasn't that she didn't want to think about him, her Roavani, he would always be in her heart, but she had become stronger...

She felt so weak after thinking about him, that she was almost afraid to at times.

She bit down on her lip before stopping at Shyran's door and pausing. It would be so easy to turn away and not bother, but she knew she couldn't do that. She wouldn't do that either. She'd come this far and to let her old friend find out about her presence second hand or by accident was not only wrong but unfair. So she hesitated just a moment longer before lifting her hand.

In her mind, somewhere in the distance, she felt approval come from a far off source, and knew that she'd met some quiet approval. Wherever her old white was, in his peace, she knew he was thinking she'd done the right thing. He winced and hugged herself as she waited. His spirit, if such things even existed for dragonkin, was around her today. How else would she be hearing him so clearly?

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Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:39 pm

After learning what happened to Igen Weyr and how its leaders ignored the needs of their people Shyran was horrified. Mother may have her faults but Shyran had never heard of Walled Hold's leader turn her back on the needs of Walled Hold as a whole. What the Igen leadership did was like nothing she had ever expected from those who were likely descendant from the Ancient Ones.

It was heartwarming how many other Weyrs both North and South, including New Atricis were eager to help, taking in Weyrfolk and Dragonriders alike. The fact New Atricis ended up with the sick and the latest batch of Weyrlings had been a surprise but upon seeing the uniqueness of many of the newly hatched dragons Shyran could guess why. Her time here had taught her dragons came in many different forms and sport colours wasn't impossible. Nor were they useless as it was clear Igenites thought they were.

She had did her best to help out and was glad to see most were getting settled and Atricis's Healers were making headway on curing the sick. Shyran had seen the wingless blue and wondered if it would be better to train him to serve in the Day Wher Guard as he could never fight Thread like other dragons. Then again he may not fit in as well as dragons just couldn't run as fast as a wher. It was a thought she kept bouncing around in her head.

Shyran finished off cleaning her apartment, something she liked to do on a regular basis just in case she had visitors. Her assorted collection of fancy flits were already fed and taken care of, most off flying and enjoying the day except Baster, her albino. He didn't like sunshine and spent most of his days inside the apartment to the point Shyran wondered if he wouldn't have been happier Impressing to a Wherhandler instead of a Daywherhandler. Not that she could hand him off to another owner nor did she truly want to. All of her pets were special to her and she would hate to lose any of them. Only Pacaran stood higher in her heart but that truly wasn't surprising given what she was.

She was just about to head over to Pacaran's wallow to brush it off when she heard a knock at her door. The Jewel Day Wher had gone out earlier to meet with some of his Packmates while Shyran cleaned, wanting to avoid the dust and strong scent of the cleaner she used. Shyran wasn't bothered by the smell as it didn't smell that strong to her but she knew whers had a far stronger sense of smell then humans did. Wiping her hands off on a clean cloth Shyran headed for the door and threw it open, uncertain on who would be calling on her as she wasn't expecting any visitors. The moment she saw who stood before her door Shyran froze in surprise.

It had been Turns since she last seen Shiravani and that time had been one of the worse moments of her life. Shiravani had lost her Day Wher to a feline attack and Shyran and helped her put Roavani to rest. After that she had done her best to comfort her friend but in the end Shiravani had vanished and Shyran feared the worse. Fortunately she had learned Shiravani was alive and had left New Atricis because it was too hard to remain, something Shyran could understand. Everywhere her friend looked it would remind her of who she lost and new surroundings could only help with the healing process. Ever since Shyran had respected Shiravani's wishes and didn't come looking for her or send any of her fair to watch over her but that didn't mean Shyran didn't miss her friend and worried about her.

"Shiravani, you've come back!" Shyran got out before rushing forward to hug her. "I'm so glad to see you," Shyran exclaimed before ending the hug and stepping back. "Come on in, tell me everything!"
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