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The mining settlement for Atricis was technically established way back during the initial Expedition after a group was shown a series of gemstone rich caves. Over time, what was a temporary settlement to gain resources and wealth for building the new Weyr, has become permanent. There is frequent travel back and forth between the mines and the Weyr proper, with a lot of stone, gems, and metal resources coming from these mines as long as the Weyr has miners to work them.
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It was strange, perhaps. A man coming to the mines, asking for some work to do. But it was an escape. A comfort. The burn of muscle, the dust in his lungs. It was the burn that reminded him that he was alive, while taking away the voices that were trapped in his mind for a little while. The trip back to the Weyr was always a painful one to make when he was forced to, depending on how far he had to walk. But this one wasn't too terribly far away and he'd be able to stay an evening or two, maybe longer. Maybe they'd like him enough to keep him. That would be good. Good hard work, good hard labor. Never have to worry about a single voice in his mind until they actually came, and just one or two would be easy enough to block away.

Perhaps he was also trying to escape more than just the voices, and the reminders they brought with them, the pain, the ache that always dug at those empty parts of him. There was someone from his past at the Weyr always trying to slip in, and he figured here sh would never show up, never get in the way of things. Why would one of her type bother arriving at a mine of all things, and with a dragon that couldn't care to be seen in such a place of filth? He was safe here, from everything and it all.

Of course, he should have known better.

As he was going through stones, trying to sharpen his eye against the bright light and remind himself of the brief trianing he'd received, he felt a familiar crackle in his mind; it always seemed to happen when a dragon was coming out of between, Then came the voice, so loud and piercing that he dropped what he was holding, receiving several looks in response for his efforts. He grumbled an excuse and picked it up, mumbled something about forgetting something in the mineshafts, and left his tools aside.

No. She was not going to pin him down here of all places. That was not going to happen. No one was going to take away this place of peace and comfort from him. He grabbed a pickaxe and gear and settled himself into a purposeful stride towards the nearest, deepest shaft, twisting and turning through the tunnels until the sound of the dragon's voice muted itself somewhat, though maybe that was by the force he was using in his mind to push it away from his thoughts.

Certain he was safe, he finally stopped to pull things on, realizing only then that he didn't have a wheel barrel, but that didn't matter now. He would deal with the situation after she'd left, and he'd know that when the vibration beneath his skull went away, and he knew it was safe to finally leave the underground.

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Being sent to the mines to make some specific requests for the Weyr was...well, Lamiath was sure it was busy work. Why did they need to send a Gold, of all the possible colors? This was work that was beneath her. But with how many queens there were at Atricis, it wasn't that much a surprise. Keket knew she was a Goldrider, which automatically awarded her some authority. And the fact that they sent a Queen, albeit a lower-ranked one(she wasn't a wingleader or anything, really), only attested to the importance that the Weyr needed these shipments, and they were willing to make that very clear by sending a gold.

As the woman dismounted, the foreman came foreward and bowed to her. Introductions were of course made, the man making all the offers of food or drink, anything to keep her comfortable, it wasn't often they got such esteemed visitors. Keket took it all in stride, and the man's attitude helped soothe Lamiath's own. When Keket went with the man, the dragon sighed heavily, and flopped where she was. Her position forced the workers to go around her, and Keket paused before her and the foreman entered the mines, Dragon, you had better be polite. It would not do to disrupt their work... Wityh a huff, the gold stood, and moved up. A quick flap, and she was perched above the work yard, further up the hillside, Please do not take forever. I will require a thorough bath after this. Keket ignored her dragon as the man brought her into the tunnels. He was offering a tour as they discussed the needs of the Weyr, and of course she was interested. She'd never been inside a mine before.

As they twisted and moved, she paused a moment as the man spoke about various gems, and inspected a rather pretty glittering vein, holding her lantern above it to see better. She realized though that the man's voice ahd gotten fainter, and she looked up. And realized she was alone. Pursing her lips, she hurried to catch up, but it was soon very apparent...she was lost. Biting her lip, she glanced around, then asked a nearby miner which way the foreman had gone. He gave her a blank look, and she apologized and moved on. She had the feeling she was getting deeper. The air was more stale down here, thinner. Seeing another miner though, she gently cleared her throat, ”Excuse me, but which-” As her lantern light hit the man's face, she froze, ”J'drek?!”
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