Old Man in Need [Open]

Very similar to the old lower caverns, these ones are a little less than before as well. These Lower Caverns almost exclusively hold storage rooms and living spaces for all the Weyrfolk.
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Theran cast a glance at the sacs laying on the floor. The delivery had made it and the merchant had made sure it was at least inside but somehow, the sacs hadn't been put the store room. It was only another ten feet or so, what was so difficult about finishing the job? It wasn't like they were particularly heavy, though those with a more slender frame might struggle with the bulky, shifting meal.

Sure he had better chores that actually needed his attention, but what was two candlemarks worth of wasted time? Theran un-clenched his jaw from where he'd been gritting his teeth in irritation. He had little patience for what he saw as just laziness or a need to rush for the sake of money. "Guess I'll finish the job." He didn't even have any of his companions for company as all were napping in the warmth of the afternoon. It was just him and his thoughts, and his thoughts weren't anything special. Perhaps a candidate with lower caverns duty would come along and save him from his boredom.

Theran stooped down to stack two sacs and heave them up and over his shoulder. By using his legs and not his back of course. Plenty of other weyrfolk had gotten onto him about it after he'd come to the weyr. "Ah, there we go." With the bags settled well onto his shoulder, Theran carried them into the store room. In preperation for the delivery he'd moved what supply was left from the previous shipment. While a dry ingredient, it still needed to be rotated and used in a timely manner.

As he got the first two sacs settled, Theran though he heard footsteps coming down the hall. [b"Hello?"[/b] He poked his head outside looking around to see if he was just hearing things. "Come to help out have you?"
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