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With the establishment of the Pearlriders and the Atrician Glint, a home along the coast for the Pearls and their riders needed to be made. Over time, the original beach camp was transformed from a series of tents into buildings and homes. While some of the Flotilla is being built, the primary areas such as Dining Hall, barracks for candidates, and other necessities have been completed. A series of docks with homes attached are still being built for future Pearlriders in hopes their numbers will grow, and each home is fitted with necessities as well as a personal boat that can be used for some water travel as well as living out of for relatively short periods of time.
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Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:10 pm

As Dalfonvis sprayed water back at Iorveth, the brown sent a massive wave back at the pearl with his tail. Right as the pearl might retaliate, Iorveth began to paddle swiftly, beating his wings fiercely. The membranous pinions clapped against the watery surface with every beat, until soon he was running across the waves, taking to the air, and soaring off.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh... his wings whistled as they battered the air. His body began to shrink in the skies as he ascended. It seemed as though he might disappear into oblivion, but then his body began to grow. Rapidly be began to dive for the waters with wings folded against him. He might have dove back into the waters in an attempt to tackle Dalfonvis, but instead, wings opened, netting enough wind to slow his ascent until, until he swooped his pinions once more with a sudden clap, and shot into the skies once more. For some time would he repeat the daring action, diving and climbing, testing his limitations with the waters all the while.

Practising after Sandalphonth are we? Inez mused to the beast.

He merely rumbled back to her. With his flurry of activities, Inez had no doubt he would be fully dry by the time he landed for her to mount.

"I believe so. You feed them when they hatch, correct."

"Yes," Inez affirmed. "Mince is best, since the pieces are small and soft, but scraps of meat are fine as well." She took one last glance at the egg and then to Rey'vas, she gave a final nod. "I suppose I should leave you to it then." Inez was ready to go, for she did not want to impose herself further upon the pearlrider.
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Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:08 am

A sort of trilled-bay erupted from Dalfonvis when Iorveth splashed him with a surprising amount of water and force. His eyes whirled all the while though, diving down after the splash and then watching from underneath as Iorveth paddled and flexed his wings. He was curious, watching with interest as the brown did whatever he was doing. Then just as the brown began to really move, getting himself higher, Dalfonvis popped up above, swimming nearby as fast as he could before Iorveth's speed outdid him as the brown took to the air.

He watched him, interested to see the brown take off and rise into the air, higher and higher. Dalfonvis rose out of the water a little more, almost high enough for his front fins to pop out of the water, only not craning farther thanks to physical limitations at holding up that much of his body out of the water at once. He watched, looking for the speck of the dragon in the air, seeing him again only as he rocketed down. Dalfonvis bayed in surprise and moved, creating a splash as he dove and darted out of the way. But the massive splash never came, and he poked back out several lengths away to see Iorveth going up again. He watched Iorveth come down again as before, and when the brown dared try again, Dalfonvis decided it was target practice time, spitting water at the brown like before, trying to get him as he moved quickly and expertly in the air.

Rey'vas nodded as Inez explained further what the best options were. She would keep that in mind then and try to keep something nearby whenever she could while she tended the egg over the next few days. But now, it seemed it was time to part, so Rey'vas gave her another nod.

"Thank you again, Inez. I'll send you a message as soon as I can with the little one that hatches, so you can see the results of your gift to me, so you can be sure it won't go to waste," She finished with a smile and a nod, meaning it when she said that. She didn't know what she'd write to Inez now, but she would have time, as she was sure it would take a bit for the flitt to be big enough to carry a message, and a bit to train it for message carrying as well.
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Thu Aug 15, 2019 12:35 pm

Dalfonvis successfully tagged the brown just before he managed to pull back up. In turn, rather that ascend high into the heavens, Iorveth regained just enough altitude before he made a wide arch and glided back towards the pearl.

Iorveth, time to go, he heard the sudden summon from his sky.

Already? But we were having a bit of fun.

You can have fun later.

With a snort, he began to return to shore. My apologies, my friend, but it appears that it is time for me to go. Perhaps we can resume our little game next time. The play with Dalfonvis had been rather entertaining, and the brown had hopes that the two of them might have more fun in the future.

"Thank you again, Inez. I'll send you a message as soon as I can with the little one that hatches, so you can see the results of your gift to me, so you can be sure it won't go to waste."

"I think Gwen will appreciate that very much," Inez answered with a smirk and a nod. "Take care, Rey'vas. Perhaps we will see each other again soon." With a final shake of their hands, the brownrider departed on her dragon.

Four days later, as promised, the shell finally broke. It would happen at an inconvenient hour in the morning, but from the egg would emerge a constant companion for the pearlrider.
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