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All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:21 pm

Season - N. Autumn 2049
Time - Beginning in Midday (to take place over three days)
Location - Healer/Harper Hall, Fort Hold

@Kate | Gavael
The air of a northern autumn had long gone missed by Faveonn. In turn for her departure from the north, the healer sacrificed the seasons she loved most: autumn and winter. Down in Atricis, the seasons did not feel the same. Autumn felt clammy and warm. It failed to conjure the colours of a crackling fire on a cool autumn night, when Faveonn so often clasped a freshly brewed mug of klah between her small hands to stay warm. At night, the sheets always felt too warm, thus she tossed them off to relieve herself of the stifling heat and dry her damp body. In the morning, after a restless night of sleep, when she emerged from the lower caverns, she yearned each time to spot the white spread of frost on the ground. Instead, she was greeted by a dull humidity and a thin mist that dewed upon the delicate fronds underfoot.

Winter was even worse. If felt like a Benden Summer Day. In the beginning, Faveonn could not say she entirely minded the climate, for where others wore thin shawls and loose jackets to ward off the slightest chill, Faveonn greeted it with bare arms and a gentle smile. However, the absence of snow was sorely noted by her. By mid winter, the girl had fallen into a heap of depression over the loss of her favourite weather. No snowmen, no snowball fights, no blanket of snow to mute the world around her. It all felt wrong to her.

At the return of Spring, Faveonn felt robbed. Winter hardly provided the reprieve she longed to have from the heat. The shift of the seasons to the spring and summer months could only be truly appreciated and savoured after one suffered and ached from the frigidity of Autumn and Winter. The chilled season hardly provided even a gust of wind to make her feel the deep biting cold that she longed for. By the start of Spring, Faveonn already suffered from the oppression of heat and humidity, and Summer had not even begun.

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself for Faveonn to go north for a few days, she threw her hand up with fingers eagerly fanning at the air. The healers asked for an apprentice to travel north with them. They needed to trade their supplies with the Northern Hall, and in turn, they would return back with a plethora of valuable herbs and supplies. The apprentices would work alongside the healers, learning about the value of trade, recognising the highest demands for the most valuable of supplies, and work alongside northern healers in more specialised matters like apothecary and herbology. Only a hand full of apprentices volunteered, and only Faveonn was selected.

The flight north invigorated the girl. Flight on dragon back was always a treat, providing Faveonn a rush of adrenaline while massive wings carried her across the world. Once they dipped between, her hold on the rider tightened. She could feel neither the dragon her legs clenched about, nor her firelizard snug against her neck. Exposure to the expanse of vacuity was enough to make any soul tremble. No feeling, no sound, no sight. Only a pitch black darkness with the promise of death. Three coughs! she screamed to herself before the deprivation of the senses might cause her to succumb to outright panic.

Light returned, nearly blinding her. They had emerged on the other side with the lands of Fort stretching below them from horizon to horizon. The territory was painted with colours of precious red, orange and yellow, a sea of golden forests undulating along the lands. It was the first sense of true Autumn Faveonn had experienced in over a turn. As the dragon wheeled down, her other senses awoke to the autumn before her. The crisp chilling wind nibbled at her cheeks and fingers. Stacks of smoke could be seen escaping the chimneys, while the smell of it felt warm and savoury to her. Even the earth had a unique smell, one of soil and rain. The cloying scent of pollen, such as the ones she endured in Atricis, did not cling to the air here in Fort. The winds and the rains had long ago vanquished the offensive particles. Free from their torment, the healer's sinuses felt free from the misery of southern hay fever. The air was clean.

Once feet touched down on wet flag stone, Faveonn and the other southern healers were greeted by a retinue from the Fortian Healer Hall. Journeymen and apprentices alike arrived the courtyard, even as the thin misting rain that began to drizzle. Among the group, Faveonn could not help but notice an older boy with a head of golden curls and a curious pale blue firelizard in his company. For the meantime, she kept her distance, yet still she looked upon him from a distance while Mayfly curled closer against Faveonn's neck, and nibbled at her side braid.

"We should get inside," an older man with master knots suggested to both the northern and southerners after an initial round of formal greetings.

A gust of wind ushered them across the courtyards. Though a delighted smile peaked along her round face, Faveonn still gripped the hood of her thick cape, and pulled it over head to protect herself. Mayfly crooned in approval, and nestled against the fur lining of her shelter.

"Are you all right, Faveonn?" one of her superiors asked as he gripped his own jacket tight about him.

"I'm fine, thank you," she assured the man as they reached cover.

Through the threshold, they entered a long dining hall filled with empty tables. It was only midday for them, thus they were caught between breakfast and lunch. It would give everyone the time they needed for introductions. In the hour to follow, Faveonn quietly listened to the conversation shared among the adults. The only time she spoke was when she was asked to give her name. Meekly, she supplied it "-Faveonn-" before she returned to the outskirts of the conversation. There, she cast brief glances to the golden haired boy across the way from her as the journeymen continued to discuss the arrangement for the next few days.

But Faveonn could not bring her mind to focus, not when the chill of the bleak weather outside was still felt upon her rosy cheeks. She wanted to step out into the courtyard once more, even if it was only to stand under the shelter while the rain pattered against the fitted flagstone and the rocky rooftops. Even if she could not see it with her eyes, she could hear the hiss in the fireplace with every drop that slipped down the chimney and reached the flames. Judging by the frequency of those high pitched notes from the hearth, it must have been a torrential down pour.

"Gavael," one of the northern healers called, though Faveonn failed to notice, if only for the fact she was now lost to the images her mind conjured of the climate outside. "Would you please escort Faveonn to the Apprentice Barracks so she can get settled?" The sound of her name, however, successfully drew her out of her thoughts.Grey eyes with their fleck of brown regarded the healers, wondering if she had missed something of importance. Though part of her felt the want to speak out for clarification, she did not dare lest she give away the fact she had not entirely been paying attention over the last ten minutes of a rather adult conversation. Considering the reason she was there, she probably should have listened, but she felt rather distractable at the moment.

Once more, she caught sight of the golden haired youth, and could not say for absolute certainty what was going on, or at least that was the case before a hand was gently set on her shoulder blade. She looked up to the source of the touch, one of her superiors, who motioned to the young man of interest. "Why don't you go with Gavael to get settled. We'll meet you in the green house in about an hour."

Her gaze shifted once more to the youth man, only to give a nod. Slowly, she reached down and collected her rucksack. Did she dare say a word? Even as Mayfly whistled excitedly, Faveonn could not bring herself to utter a sound. Instead, she could only look at this Gavael, and wonder what might happen next.
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Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:08 pm

Things had been going alright for Gavael since he had returned to Fort from visiting his friends and family. It had been really good for him to go back home for the Festival. He’d been able to see his mother, and Aniday, and all of his friends. They had all had so much fun together, and it had been like he had never left. When he had to leave to go back to Fort though, that was when he realized just how much he missed everyone there. Of course, if you asked him to his face, he would probably never admit it. He always said he needed to get out, but once he was out, he missed everyone (with the exception of one or two people). Part of him was now wondering if he had made a mistake by leaving. Should he have just stayed there and dealt with everything as it came? The other part of him was a bit to proud to admit to himself or anyone that he had made a mistake. It was always that part that seemed to win out.

His crafter lessons had kept him busy, and for that, he was extremely grateful. Sometimes though, he still found his mind wandering back, thinking about Ema, and Angie and Aniday, and Of course, his mother. Admitting he had not exactly been the best son ever, he’d been trying. His mother still loved him, but deep down he felt as though he had disappointed her when he had left because of her choice as a Weyrmate. That guilt ate at him sometimes, although more often than not he was able to try and push those thoughts.

Having Ema here now did help matters. It was nice to have someone else from home there with him. Sure, he had Zephyr now, but even after these months, he still couldn’t stop thinking about it, even though he tried not to.

Quickly, he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. Now that he was actually going to the infirmary, his full attention and focus would most certainly be required. If he messed something up, it could cost someone their lives, and that was something the young man was not going to risk, at all. Although, when he got there, he was reminded that they were going to he meeting with some of the Southern Healers today. Quickly he checked himself over, and then followed the older Healers.

Once their guests landed, he couldn’t help but let his grey eyes wander, trying to figure it if any of them were his friends from the South. He didn’t really recognize anyone, but at the same time, he found himself a little eager for the possibility of new friends.

As they went inside, Gavael couldn’t help but shiver just a bit. It seemed a little colder today than usual, or it was just sinking into his bones more today. Rubbing his arms, he turned his attention to the master that was speaking to him. Looking at the young woman he was talking about, he nodded. ”Of course.”

Moving over to the girl, he gave her a small smile. ”Welcome. My name is Gavael, and I will show you where you will be staying. If you would follow me.” Of course, if she wanted to talk, they could talk after they got away from everyone. He wouldn’t mind getting to know someone new he guessed.
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Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:18 pm

He had come from Atricis, a place that Faveonn herself had been a part of during her childhood. Looking upon his face, however, noting his head of golden curls, and the cool tone of grey that ringed his pupils, Faveonn got a sudden sense she had never met him before. Logically, she knew that was impossible. He was near her age, likely, which meant they had to have seen each other at least at some point. Hearing the lovely tenor of his voice as he introduced himself, Faveonn would have thought she would have caught a note of familiarity that it would have triggered the shiver of deja vu. Instead, he felt new and unknown to her.

The smile he gave was a handsome one, especially with the way it fit with the narrow features of his sharp visage. ”Welcome. My name is Gavael, and I will show you where you will be staying. If you would follow me.”

Why did she have a sudden urge to reach up and tease his head of hair? They seemed so tempting, enough for her to catch the slightest twitch of her fingers at her side. The realisation of such an impulsive curiosity caused the girl to feel a bit embarrassed, enough for her to give a nod of acknowledgement, and turn her eyes down to her toes. Wanting fingers lifted to instead fidget with her firelizard's tail, anything to preoccupy the bizarre thoughts that rattled in her mind as she followed Gavael out of the hall and into the courtyard.

Just as she suspected, once the doors opened, they were greeted by a torrential down pour. So heavy was the storm that a mist had formed just above the ground from the heavy patters of thick soggy droplets. The rain did not sing, did not chatter. Instead, it roared with a fury Faveonn had not heard since the monsoon season in Atricis.

Fortunately, the outdoor corridor was well sheltered with a wide walk way. The path was wide enough for five people to walk side by side, more than enough to keep the two apprentices dry, even when the gusts threatened to sweep the water towards them. Every few steps, they passed one of the many pillars that ran down the courtyard side of the corridor. The stone work was coated with a smooth ivory cement coating. Every wall and every pillar was accented with curls and tendrils of silver filigree and intricate floral engravings. Even the geometric moulding in the ceiling above them was eye catching. Honestly, were Faveonn not so nervous, she might have allowed herself to appreciate the architecture.

And then she remembered her manners. Though they had made it several paces outside of the room, Faveonn had not entirely acknowledged his introduction by offering one of her own. Did she say anything now to cover the gaffe? Dual toned eyes slipped up to the young man, giving him the briefest glance before she turned away once more. The young healer honestly had no idea what to say without sounding like a total fool. She had learned that talking just to break the tension only made it worse when she did it. Thus, rather than talk simply for the sake of talking, she held her tongue and nervously toyed with Mayfly's tail.

All the while, Mayfly regarded the lovely blue firelizard in his own company, peeking this way and that just to get a better look of him. As the pair walked, Mayfly eventually looped her body behind Faveonn's head, reaching little paws out to the support of her mistress's opposing shoulder. Carefully, she extend her little head towards the cute blue and offered a sweet whir of curiosity.

The gesture caught Faveonn by surprise, and caused her to look up to Gavael, wondering just how he might take Mayfly's actions.
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Wed Jul 17, 2019 1:25 am

While Gav did have to admit that he was a little shocked that the you t woman was not really speaking, he couldn’t say he hadn’t expected it. Honestly, he remembered how he felt when he had first come here. Quiet honestly, he had never really thought that he would leave New Atricis, or Evanoria for that matter. Once his mother and Aniday went their separate ways though, it had only been a matter of time before the young man had known he needed to leave, even if he didnt want to. Leaving his friends and family behind had been one of the hardest things in his young life. Of course, he was sure there would other hard things that would come around in his life, and while he wasn't looking forward to it, he felt as though this had probably helped prepare him for it.

Running a hand through his hair, a red tinge came to his features as he realized that she wasn't really speaking back to him. Had he said something wrong? No, he'd remembered his manners. Maybe she was just in shock, or awe, of this new place, and didnt know exactly what to say just yet? Shaking his head ever so slightly, he quickly purged those thoughts from his mind. No need to think anything like that. Honestly the young woman, Faveoon was her name right? was obviously just tired from the long trip.

The two of them walked in silence as they made their way to the apprentice dorms. It was a bit further than Gav had actually thought. It was probably just because he walked it every day, he was just used to it by now.

For the time being, he had forgotten that Zephyr was with him. Quiet honestly, he didn’t remember until he caught Faveonn’s pet looking at him. It seemed as though Zephyr was quiet intrigued with the other new guest as well. Chuckling softly he said, ”Well, our flits seem to want to get to be friends. This is Zephyr by the way. He actually loves to meet new people, and make new friends.”

It would be nice for Zephyr to have a new friend, if the young woman and her critter were staying here that was. Gav guessed they would just have to wait and see how everything played out,
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