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Username: Prissy
Character Number: 1
Character Name: Maliver
Gender: Male
Age: 66
Ranking Position: Cook
Residence: Atricis Weyr
Origin: Atricis Weyr
Health: Fit as a fiddle
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: (If it is exists) Journeyman Cook
Bonded Dragonkin: (Major Dragonkin; Dragon, Wher, etc.)
Family: Mother: M'lira of Green Kith, Deceased
Father: Ve'rin of Blue Loith, Deceased
Brother: M'lir of Brown Pireth, 60
Sister: Vallia of Green Utesth, 58
Sister: Verrin of Green Reveth, 54
Shevia, 64, His Weyrmate/Wife of Many Turns
M'hev of Green Lith, 47, son
Erliva of Blue wher, 44, daughter
Malaila of Wher, 38, daughter
Journeyman Vintner Erver, 36, son
Holdfolk Shevira, 34, daughter
Maver, 30, son
Pet(s): None yet
Maliver is older or at least he feels older, he's got graying hair on the sides of his head and his top is completely bald. Though despite his loss of hair he's stayed pretty fit, he's still got a good physique despite the fact he's a baker. Maliver tends towards wearing simple clothing that fits and takes to getting cleaned easily, in his profession getting dirty is an every day occurance that makes life what it is. His eyes are a pale blue that retain the energy of youth even as he gets older and he's always willing to give a child a smile.
Maliver is a friendly soul to most and will happily give advance or help others to do what they need to. He's very much one of those people always willing to help out but he also is older and with that sometimes he feels helping is merely giving advice. Maliver isn't one to tell someone something without explaining it to them, he's very much an older member of the weyr that likes to help out the young. He also enjoys making sure everyone that helps him in the kitchens gets treats the weyrbrats at least the ones he knows like him.

Hard working and willing to do whatever it takes to get jobs done in the kitchens of Wisteria Weyr. He likes most of the people of the weyr and he knows that he's always going to just be a worker but that doesn't bother him giving he like his work. He doesn't really have the ambition to pursue anything more he's happy with the place he has in the weyr. Between what he does and what his children have done.

When he's not working he enjoys being around the weyrbrats and helping them play some new game or occupying them away from the worries of life. He's one of the older men in the weyr that will always find time for the children, he even enjoys the ones that aren't always the best behaved. Maliver believes in helping the young stay young as long as possible and he will play whatever silly game they want him to as long as they're happy.
Maliver was born at the weyr to a pair of dragonrider parents, he was the one that was the eldest of all his siblings. He was the first born of his parents, they were proud of him and he was often the one that was leading other weyrbrats in trouble. He loved to take bubbly pies and enjoyed making a mess to make them, he loved it even more when he gained a younger brother at about five turns.

After his brother was two they had another sibling this one a little girl and the pair were often off stealing bubbly pies or getting into normal mischief for a young weyrbrat. When he was nine turns his parents had another child this one his youngest brother, he led his other siblings on his escapades. He was often leading all of them with him and he was sure that this was going to enjoy this very much with them. He began to notice he liked flitters and they liked him when he was about ten turns old, he was told he was a Hear All.

When he was tweleve turns of age he joined a craft and settled a bit, he was one to show an interest in cookcraft. He soon took to it like a fish to water, he loved cooking and especially baking. When he was seventeen he walked the tables to become a journeyman and that was pretty much the end of his ambition he was happy as a journeyman. He had started to see another weyrbrat called Shevia, they had grown up together and he chose her for his 'weyrmate' so to speak. He never really showed an interest in standing and was never Searched nor was she. A turn after they were together they welcomed Melihevar into the world their first born child.

Three turns after Melihevar came into the world they welcomed Erliva their daughter into the world. Six turns after her was Malaila another daughter, another two turns after her was Erver another son. Two turns later they welcomed Shevira into the world, their next daughter and at thirty two he welcomed his final son into the world and he was quite happy with him. His children all went on their own path as he began to spend time with the weyrbrats and the others of his interest areas.

He has lived and worked at the weyr all of his life, this doesn't really bother him much and he is happy wit his life. He has children and grandchildren that have come from his family, he is happy with the way things are going for him.
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