Less trouble than a litter of mice. (Standalone)

No longer part of the Lower Caverns due to various reasons, this large building is where all the children and many of the crecheworkers live. There is a central, fenced yard in the middle of the building's U shape where the children can play outside, as well as indoor play areas and sleeping spaces.
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Penelope was six months old now, and P'list had been surprised to find himself a more frequent visitor than many riders who actually WERE parents. His wingmate had finally believed him about the child's parentage after he demanded she review the records of his previous Search at her mother's home, and do the math. She had apologized, and apparently, her own father had disavowed her and her mother before she was even born, which caused her some hardship. P'list had tried to forgive her for the verbal attacks, but had mostly only been successful in pretending they hadn't happened.

Penelope wasn't his, but she wasn't anyone else's either.

That was less of a problem in the Weyr than it would have been anywhere else. Certainly no one thought she was somehow damaged for it. But P'list remembered wanting his own father to spare a few minutes here and there.

Penelope was as much his as she was anyone's.

Not that he would ever take her back to live in his Weyr as his daughter. Some riders, especially those with nonrider partners, could manage that. P'list was still alone, and had plenty of duties. But, he could spend free time with her, take her to meet Elah, have her play with his pets. Later. When she was old enough.

Right now, Penelope was so young that she wasn't much more than cute. Except when she was also stinky.
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