To Catch A Daywher [Daywher Candidate Game!]

Like much of the new Weyr, this is a building built in the Weyr Yard. It is a moderately sized building capable of housing up to 48 candidates of each gender at one time. Dragon candidates, Day wher candidates, and even Watch-wher candidates all are housed in this building.
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Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:43 am

Many of the current candidates in the Daywher barracks had been waiting quite a while, waiting for the next clutch. Finally, Dolcekil had Run, and she was clearly growing very egg heavy this time, waddling around quite comically when people caught glimpses of the singular Rose of the Atrician pack. Aeron decided now was the perfect time to introduce more interaction with the daywhers. Some candidates still needed to get used to the daywhers, while some others needed to be seen as a potential pack member at least, and the best way to do that was with interactions. The rest didn’t necessarily need it, but more interactions with members of the pack never hurt.

“Today, we’re going to play a game. I think everyone deserves a break from usual lessons, and you all could use more daywher interaction. So, we have two guest daywhers with us today!” He gestured to the two daywhers who were standing near his own gray. “Liberon won’t be playing though, the lazy beast,” he grinned at his gray, who huffed but didn’t deny it either.

“These two daywhers are going to run, and they are going to hide somewhere around the Candidacy Complex. When you find them, you need to tag them, and be quick about it, these two like to play and won’t sit around for long once they’ve been found,” the candidatemaster said with a smile and a nod.

“So, rules are simple, have fun, play fair, and don’t hurt each other or the daywhers intentionally. This is just a game, so enjoy yourselves, the daywhers certainly will.” Admittedly, this might have also been an attempt to lighten the mood among some of the more serious candidates.

“Ready? Set…” the two guest daywhers tensed, clearly excited to bolt off for some fun. “Hide!” And they ran. Aeron chuckled, then nodded toward the candidates.

“Go and find them!”

The two daywher volunteers can be filled by PC daywhers if desired
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Sat Jun 08, 2019 2:52 pm

Brokki didn't know what Ziaviki had volunteered them for until it was too late. She was standing on the side lines, staring at Aeron and the candidates. She knew now, but she was less enthused than the blood was. He loved to play and well, this was the perfect thing for him. His multiple colored red hide seemed to squirm beneath him as he waited beside the grey. I don't know why you must make me stand here while you have fun. One day they will be apart of our pack. You need to learn about them as well. What better way than some fun! Brokki sighed as she listened to Aeron.

He seemed to be just as excited at the blood that waited for the word to go and hide. She couldn't help but smile still. Laying beside her was Vera, the green basilisk didn't seem to want to stay in the cabin today. Brokki didn't blame her, it was nice out after all. She had lost track of what the other handler was saying until her blood took off to run and hide. She chuckled and sat down in the floor as she started to stroke the basilisks back. "He sure is strange isn't he." Her comment was made to the basilisk as she watched candidates start to chase after the two daywhers.
Oh it was bright out, and she loved it. Aeron had called all of the candidates together and she eagerly waited to see why. She knew that Rose Dolcekil was egg heavy, that much was easily seen as she moved around the daywher cabins. But right now, she was curious as to why they weren't having a lesson, unless this was one? Ruberia was perched on her shoulder as she listened to Aeron talk then. So, this was an interaction activity. She liked the sounds of it. A hide and seek tag game. It sounded as fun as it hopefully was going to look. But then, it was time to go and catch a daywher. The blood looked like he would be fun to tag, but she wanted to go for the other one first. So, she went in the direction that they did, to try and find them.

Ruberia had gone between, more than likely to go back to their barracks. She wasn't going to use the flitt to cheat this anyways. It wouldn't be as much fun that way. So here she was now, hunting down a daywher.
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Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:58 pm

Tag: Open

The lessons had been one of the things that Nixal had been enjoying the most since coming to Atricis, something that surprised even her. Normally, academia wasn't necessarily one of her favorite things to do, but the fact that the lessons were so often pretty hands on helped her focus in them. When she arrived to the designated meeting area, she assumed they were in for another lesson. That fact seemed strengthened to her by the presence of the two extra Daywhers beyond Aeron's own gray.

It didn't take long for it to become apparent that this was less a learning session, and more a play day. The grin that spread across Nixal's face was genuine as she eyed each wher thoughtfully. Should she try for the Blood first? Or the other one? She might have tried for the gray, just because gray was less flashy, less visible, but he was obviously not participating. She had to wonder then if she Impressed at the coming Hatching...Would she get a playful wher? Or a more serious one? She honestly couldn't say one way or another which she would prefer, but...

Her trail of thought was interrupted as the volunteer Whers took off. With a light laugh, she waited for several moments, and then set off with the rest in the direction the Blood went.
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:59 pm

Tag ~ Open
“These two daywhers are going to run, and they are going to hide somewhere around the Candidacy Complex. When you find them, you need to tag them, and be quick about it, these two like to play and won’t sit around for long once they’ve been found,”

Normally, Cal loved doing the lessons and he didn't even mind the chores that were given to candidates. Was it a bit difficult for him to keep pretending like he could see just fine...yes, but it was worth it. If he was worthy enough to bond to a daywher, then...well, at least he'd be a part of something useful...even when he did finally lose all of his sight. That's really all he needed in feel useful.

Today, however, he could only look at the direction of the candidatemaster with a deadpan look as he explained they would be having fun today instead of doing an actual lesson. Oh, if only any of the others could share with him the irony of asking an almost blind person to play hide and a seek. Cal would have laughed if it wasn't so horrible. Great...Daiga, I'm going to need your help more than ever...just stay beside me, alright. He spoke mentally to his gold who was curled up at his feet.

The two daywhers began to run off and Cal turned towards the blood that was running. Red was a much brighter and easier color for him to spot. He just hoped that no one could call him out for cheating since Daiga was right there with him.
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Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:13 pm

Daywher Candidoot Toross
Tag: Calivander
He stood with a group of others, Zipper was tucked up under his hair at the base of his neck. Toross waited to see what the lesson for today would be. He was eager for the hatching that would come. Would he bond this time? Of course he would. Maybe? He hoped so!

The lesson today That seemed unusual. But who was he to dispute the idea. Hide and seek with daywhers! What a wondrous idea that was. "A grand and delightful time this will be!" He declared with open arms and a ready smile. "Bring on the fun!" It did not matter what kinds of looks he was given, they did not diminish his happiness on this occasion.

When the time came and the daywhers took off to hide, he immediately turned and ran right into a fellow. He'd known the person was there earlier. Why now did he seem to forget that people could not be run through like fog? He seemed to constantly be doing that.

"Ooomph" He voiced as his butt hit the ground on the startled rebound and Zipper, squeaked in displeasure, used to the jarring but still not liking it. "Sorry about that." He proclaimed to his fellow as he stood. He held his hand out to apologize and then suggested. "Perhaps we could team up? Though if you want to keep your distance from me, that's understandable." Why did he keep running into people? He really had to work on that.

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Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:20 pm

[ TAG: Calivander/Toross ]

This wasn't a lesson, far as Sal knew it to be, this was a break from the usual and was made to be fun. And it should have been fun, but instead for the man it was more difficult than not. He was trying so hard not to listen to the two daywhers that were being chased by the other candidates, but sometimes their voices came unbidden, and these two weren't exactly quiet - nor could they have known that they had someone listening to them either, even if unintentionally.

While he ran, one of them was being rather loud, and while he was attempting to block them out, knowing it would be considered unfair to use the ability to gain a foot up, it wasn't as though he could completely control it either. What was he supposed to do, stop and tell Aeron about it? In the back of his mind he could hear someone - his grandfather's voice strangely enough - say Yes but he kept going and tried to brush that voice off while the others (the daywhers in the playtime weren't the only ones speaking after all) were pinging through his skull.

Stopping when he spotted Toross and Calivander, he stopped long enough to see if they needed a hand up, suddenly glad that he could hear the daywhers running around. "Hey, if you two want to follow me, I know where they're going. It won't be difficult for us to catch up." No one knew that he could hear them, naturally, so they might not believe him, but... fuck, he supposed it was time to finally let the cat out of the bag...

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