Stocking the Sand {Tag: Calisander(Parker)}

Instead of a series of large bathing rooms in the lower caverns, now Atricis has erected a building in the Weyr Yard with a hypercaust system for heated baths. There are multiple sections in the bath house, men, women, and family. There are drying cloths and places to store clothes and belongings available at the facilities, as well as a few, slightly more private, bathing rooms in each section of the bath house.
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Nixal had dropped into the daily life of a Candidate easily. It wasn't unlike her healer training, after all. And it was honestly kind of refreshing to not be 'healing' after she left Nerat. A break from the norm, even if it was menial labor. Like the one she was tasked with that night. It was later in the evening, after most would be done and gone with their baths. She found herself assigned to clean and replenish the supply in the more private bathing rooms, and she would have a partner. She hadn't had the chance yet to meet as many of her fellow Candidates as she would have liked. The fact that she was assigned a partner just meant she could actually get to know someone.

She arrived a bit early to the Bathhouse, and went to where she was told the supply cart was. She eyed it curiously for a few minutes while she waited. It held the tools they would use to clean, as well as stacks of towels and small jars of sweetsand to refill what might be used out of the rooms. The way it was organized made her smile. She lifted a jar of sweetsand, gently opening it and sniffing curiously. She had noticed there were several different varieties of scents floating about the Weyr. As she gently set it back down, she heard footsteps, and glanced up, a smile curling her lips casually.
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"Ready Daiga? Should be an easy enough chore...I hope." Cal asked his lovely gold fancy as they made their way to the bath house. Restocking shouldn't be difficult...even with his poor eyesight and thankfully, he'd used the bath house enough times now to know the place well enough he could even get around without the help of Daiga's eyes. It didn't take them long to get there, but he still hoped that he didn't keep his partner waiting too long. Once inside, Daiga sent him an image of a girl standing next to a supply cart.

Daiga moved to bound/walk by his side as he neared the woman and the cart. "Hi! I'm Calivander and I'm assuming your partner for today's chore." He introduced himself with a wide smile. He was sure that they sort of knew each other from lessons, but from the picture Daiga had sent him, he was sure that they'd never been properly introduced before. "So...we get to restock things? Like towels and sweetsand and such?" He asked as he mimicked what she had done before he got there and picked up one of the jars to smell the sand inside.
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