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The Crafter Complex is a series of buildings that contain craft halls and rooms for the crafters of New Atricis to work. There is a single dorm building for apprentices, while journeyman and masters live in second floor rooms in their respective crafts. Off to the side from the complex is the largest building, the Infirmary, where everyone in the Weyr receives Healer attention and desk workers keep track of who comes and goes at the entrance to the Infirmary.
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Between caring for Jac, the lessons for Candidacy and the occasional shared meal with S'ian, Tralexi found herself with very few hours left to continue her craft. While the new additions to her routine were interesting there was a gap in her life that only rounds in the infirmary seemed to fill. The brunette had taken to skipping the odd meal to squeeze in a bit more time caring for the people of her new home.

This particular day was an odd one for Tralexi. While still dealing with the aftermath of the news about Tralian, today the girl realized she had missed her own nameday. Amongst the change of scenery, the hectic mess that came with the arrival of the other Igenites, and the chaos that was her personal life, it was easy for the days to blur together. Granted it had only been a week or so since that day but for Lexi it felt like a betrayal. It seemed like everyone had forgotten, including her own brother.

Needing the sanctuary of routine, Lexi escaped her thoughts by skipping breakfast and lunch to spend a few stolen moments helping inventory the stores in the Infirmary. Familiar, safe, ordinary, nothing could penetrate the bubble she had placed around her stolen moments.

At least until her own body betrayed her as well.

One moment she was counting the various stacks of bandages. The next the world was going grey and fuzzy around the edges. Soon the world was spinning around her and her knees threatened to give out on her. Reaching quickly for the closest stable thing, Tralexi tried to call out and catch someone's attention. Hoping that she wasn't as alone as she felt, Lexi let the darkness take over her.
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