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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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As the refugees from Igen settled into New Atricis, there was one not-so recent arrival that held a certain amount of fear about the newer folk. If she was honest with herself it was a certain individual that was the holder of her thoughts but for once the girl was too cowardly to go searching out the man who raised her. Tralexi knew that the man held no true power of her any longer but turns of habits and fears were hard to erase by a simple change in life-paths. As a hopeful candidate for the interesting DayWhers, there was little that her father could do to her now. S'ian had tried to reinforce this knowledge in his half-sister but with his new scheduling and bonding with his new peers the blue rider rarely found time for her.

A few days after most of the refugees had settled in, a familiar face tracked down the young woman that had escaped Igen before the disaster. A healer like herself and her father, the older woman was happy to see that the girl had found a new niche in life... even if it came with a great cost. Hoping that if the news came from a co-worker- if not a friend- that it would somehow soften the blow. After a few minutes of beating around the bush, the healer-woman finally gave Tralexi the sad news.

Her father hadn't survived.

While the older woman wasn't sure what exactly had taken Tralian's life, she hoped that the younger healer could start fresh in New Atricis without the shadows of the past lingering. Keeping her thoughts to herself, Lexi could only nod before the other healer gave the candidate a hug and a bid to keep in touch.

So, here Lexi was, a few hours after the news was broken to her, staring at the beast-pens trying to figure out how she should feel about this new turn of events. A very small part of her missed her father. The part that still remembered the brief happy moments they shared before things turned sour. Another part of her was mad. Angry that the man had escaped justice and would never pay for the pain that he had inflicted on her.

The largest part though? The side of her thoughts that she wanted to listen to the most, was glad that the man was gone. Even in her private thoughts, Tralexi had begun to distance herself from the thought that Tralian the abuser and Father the kind man she once knew were two different people. In her mind there was only the fact that Tralian wasn't around to torment her any more.

She was free.

That single thought, that blessed hopeful thought, was the brightest thing to come from the mad escape she and S'ian had accomplished. As that small thought grew brighter and bigger, so did the smile on Lexi's face. Soon her cheeks began to hurt from the unfamiliar stretch of a wide grin. However the ache only brought a giggle from her lips. It was quiet at first, barely enough to cause Jac to lift his head from her shoulder. It didn't take long for that little giggle to grow and become a full on belly laugh that startled her friend off her shoulder.

Doubling over from the stitch forming in her side, Lexi began to hope. With Tralian gone and S'ian to back her in whatever dreams she could come up with, could she truly begin a new life here? Was there a place, a better place, for Tralexi the healer and DayWher hopeful to truly belong?

Gasping for air around her belly-laugh, Lexi didn't notice that she wasn't alone any more. Jac's trilled greeting barely registered as the brunette struggled to keep on her feet.
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