What's In a Name? (Standalone)

The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Do I get to say "I told you so?" Violath asked scarcely half a candlemark later, radiating amusement and smugness. There was, on his snout, a tiny little patched blue bundle of hide squeaking indignantly for food. It was HUNGRY! It also was His, having bonded quickly to its giant cousin. Now where was the FOOD?!

N'can winced at the relatively "loud" mental demands. Better you saying that than your new friend continuing to yell his head off. At least I think he's a he...blue is the same gender with both flits and fancies right?

Oh, if dragons could roll their eyes. Yes N'can, he is a solid blue despite being a hybrid. Now what is his name?

Why are you asking me? He Impressed to you; you should be the one to name him. I named Nyxia, because she's mine. Well...as much mine as anyone's, Impression and all.

That caught Violath off-guard. How am I supposed to name him? You have your name and I had mine. What did you do to name Nyxia?

Uh... How exactly did he answer that? I uh...I think it had to do with her being an obsidian, such a dark color. Does he remind you of anything with his hide? It was as good a place as any to begin...

Violath tried to eye the flit but as it was on his nose... Would you please feed him and keep him where I can look at him?

Whoops...sorry buddy. Yeah, right, this is where me and the meat come in. Quickly N'can grabbed the pail of meat he'd been handed earlier and also grabbed the baby flit. He was very careful of course but the hatchling squawked in protest at being picked up-until Violath crooned to him and assured him he was about to get food. Food was very much the magic word with him, the blue hybrid calming and settling down in N'can's hands.

As he did he spotted the pail of meat and began to chirp excitedly. N'can had only begun to form the words when Violath cut in, mentally pressuring the young flit to wait. He was only to eat what N'can gave him, to keep his eating pace slow enough. He would get it all eventually but he must be patient.

The young blue hybrid grumbled and complained but Violath would not let up. Eventually, irritably, he settled and waited. N'can was quick in giving him a piece of meat, which he was equally quick in devouring. However there was a pause between each morsel, whether the hatchling liked it or not.

Throughout the feeding Violath's gaze was fixed on the hatchling. A name, he needed a name. What name? Did his hide remind Violath of anything? Scattered storm clouds I think? Violath said thoughtfully. Or a reflection of them, perhaps on the lake. Patches of dark against the sky blue. Some lighter patches too.

Reflection would be a bit odd, N'can commented as he placed another small bite into the waiting maw. Patches could be cute? Unless there is another way to describe cloud shadows being reflected off the lake.

Are there any flowers you work with that have similar patterns and colors? Violath asked out of the blue.

N'can glanced at him, curious. Well...there are the morningflowers, the periwinkle, flax tends to be blue. Could try...larkspur? Um also called delphinium though that's a mouthful.

Violath sighed. No...perhaps not flowers. I think the sky, the water, they are more inspiring. The blue fell silent then, contemplating. What had to do with the sky and water that matched his flit's hide?


The name came from N'can, a sudden thought. The clouds drifting across the sky, make of water but floating in the air. In them the two meet. It is their shadows that drift over the surface of the water.

Drifter... Violath murmured, testing the name out. It was true that N'can was not supposed to be the one naming his flit but Violath was not going to pass up a name that potentially was the name just because he was not the one to think of it. Shadows drifting across his hide. Drifter. Drifter, are you full now?

The words were directed at the young flit, who sensed his bonded was speaking to him and looked up, chirping curiously. What did Big Blue want? Food? Full? Almost. The little blue nosed at N'can's hand, looking for more.

Violath rumbled. I like it. And he soon will be getting sleepy.

Good, because I'm almost out of meat.
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