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Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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(Spring 2049)

H'tai stared at the papers he was supposed to be working on, not quite seeing them. It was night, technically, or at least late evening. He'd had his dinner and was now doing some wing-related work before bed. Unfortunately, his mind kept drifting. It wasn't even drifting towards any topic in particular, just blanking.

Maybe you should go to bed, Ifrith suggested with a telltale rumble in his voice. Your mind seems well on its way with or without the rest of you.

This needs to get done though, H'tai insisted. Ay'li trusts me to get it done and I refuse to let her down.

There is no harm in you getting needed sleep, Ifrith insisted. And Ay'li will be glad to get quality work back from you. Nothing there is so urgent it cannot wait for morning. We are both awake early enough that you can spare time with a fresh, invigorated mind to do those. Bed H'tai, now please.

A slow smirk spread across the brownrider's face. Yes, right away Mom, he teased back. H'tai was true to his word though, setting the papers down on the living area table and retiring to his sleeping quarters for the night. There was the usual wash before bed, change into bedclothes, and then H'tai crawled in under the furs with a sigh. There was nothing like being tired to make the bed feel like the softest place on Pern. Soooooooooooo comfy.

Yet despite how soft the bed felt and how very tired he was, H'tai could not quite drift off. He tried shifting, fluffing his pillow, rolling over...there was something not quite right tonight. He was restless, unable to settle no matter what he tried. He was...

Alone. H'tai sighed as the realization struck him. Alone. Tonight he was not going to sleep...alone. Shards...Ifrith do you think-

I am already on it, the burning brown assured him. And indeed he was, reaching out to the one he so longed to be his mate once more: Soquilith, my beautiful queen, would Safryn allow H'tai to join her this evening? He is feeling a little lonely tonight.
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The goldrider hadn't gone to sleep yet either, currently cooped up in her study and doing everything but sleeping. Records needed tending, supplies needed to be restocked and projects still lay half finished while the refugees needed their attention... Safryn and L'van had shared many sleepless nights together, and this was just one that she suffered on her own. It wasn't just her sleep cycle that suffered either, but her personal life had been declining lately too, consumed by the weight of the Weyr on her shoulders. She barely had any time for her children, though she hoped to plan something special when Isharya finally chose her path, but what if she missed that too? It had been at least a sevenday, maybe more since she'd brought any of her children home for the night, and instead had spent several lonely nights at home... in her study.

Even H'tai was no longer there... and perhaps she had taken him for granted. At least, the brownrider had made sure she had a fresh mug of klah, or would wake her whenever she fell asleep in her chair and bring her back to bed. She wasn't sure when it had happened... or how it had happened... it just, happened and she had found she had drifted miles away from him... There was no flame, there was no spark, there was hardly anything between them anymore so that it just felt like they were performing a daily ritual instead of a intimate relationship. It hurt her, that she had fallen so far... caught up in her work, in her duty and obligations that she let love fade away. Where was the idealistic romantic she'd been when she met T'lor? Or the woman who thought anything was possible when she'd met H'tai? ... Who was she now then?

Ifrith is calling, and he asks if H'tai may join you tonight. Came the voice of her queen, and Safryn couldn't quite tell if that was amusement or annoyance in the dragons tone. The dappled gold had settled in for slumber a while ago, yet the restlessness of her own rider had kept her mind awake enough to receive the request.

It was as if the very thought of them had brought this about and for a moment, Safryn wasn't sure if she should say yes, or no. Of course, it sounded nice to share her bed with the man again, to sleep beside him, safe and warm instead of cold and alone... but should she indulge on those wants, when they had decided to go their separate ways? It was just cruel to let him come back, and it felt like it was just leading him on with the hope they would get back together... Yet, it would be nice to have at least a little company instead of spending another lonely night... perhaps it was a bit selfish of her, but she indulged on those wants and gave her reply to Soquilith.

H'tai is allowed to stay for the night, and perhaps it might be good for them to talk. Came the reply from the dozing queen, a contented rumble as she curled up a little tighter and fluttered her wings to ease the twitch. She has been cooped up in her office for too long, the company would be nice. Soqui continued with a bit of familiarity with the burning brown, almost reminiscent about their riders.

The redheaded woman unfurled from her chair then, disturbing the fair of flitters all around her, though she quieted them back into their perches... all save for Piper, her ever diligent companion. The speckled brown fluttered after her and down the hall into the bedroom where he perched upon the wardrobe as his mistress reached inside. She was still wearing the same musty dress from the day and figured she might as well freshen up a little, or at least make it seem like she hadn't stayed up working late again... The goldrider changed into a rather simple night shift, and her favorite robe, a casual evening look that H'tai had seen many times before.

It did not feel proper to greet him in the bedroom then, so Safryn and her faithful brown moved out in the main rooms, and she thought maybe they'd stay up, have a drink or even just some juice... maybe eventually fall asleep, though the goldrider thought her chances of sleeping tonight were next to none.
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While waiting for Safryn's reply H'tai had gotten up and started looking through his closet. He wasn't looking to get dressed again, not entirely, but maybe something to cover him up in case someone happened to glimpse him? What a sight he would be walking around in his nightclothes! Just the thought brought a touch of heat to his cheeks. Yeah...he needed some sort of cover.

Which unfortunately was a bit...fancy...but H'tai had a stylish coat that covered a bit more than his flight jacket and wasn't as hot besides. His boots would be fine for his feet and his pants...

The brownrider glanced down at himself. That was a tricky one. He didn't wear full pants to bed and he did not make a habit of taking them off outside of his apartment. Maybe if he was really quick? No, that would look suspicious. He really did not want full-length pants when he was going to simply...sleep with Safryn. Tonight he could not seem to find the peace of sleep alone but he was positive he could drift off with her in his arms. Faranth take him for a fool but he did still love her, still took comfort from being with her, still enjoyed her company...

If you're done letting your mind drift all over Pern, Ifrith cut in, rumbling in amusement, you should make yourself ready. You may spend the night with Safryn-ah! The brown gave a mental tug at his rider, catching him before H'tai could get too excited. Listen, H'tai. Soquilith says she is spending too much time in her office again. She too needs company. You should talk with her, help her to get much-needed sleep as well.

H'tai groaned. He wasn't surprised, really, but... I know Ifrith. I know. I only wish she would stop doing this to herself. Even when I lived with her I could not do enough. Maybe I could have done more; I don't know. All I can do now is try to be there for her and hopefully help her get some rest tonight.

If only he could give her the kind of love she needed to thrive. They had been so in love, once. It seemed as if one day they woke up and the magic was gone. Would it, could it, be rekindled again? H'tai did not know. What he did know was that he would always love Safryn. He could no more fully leave her side than he could break his bond with Ifrith. He also knew that that was just...not enough. Maybe, whether he liked it or not, he was no longer the one who could make her feel so good. If so though, where was the one who could? How long did Safryn have to overwork herself, how thin did she have to stretch, before-

Go, Ifrith said firmly, along with a mental nudge. Overthinking is never helpful. Talk to her; that is your best bet for learning what more, if anything, you can do.

Which was the truth. H'tai sucked in a breath, let it out, and slipped on the fancy coat and his boots. Soon he was navigating his way, trying to be quick while not seeming too furtive. Nothing strange to see here, just a rider in his bedclothes out for a stroll...

Luckily H'tai knew very well where the apartment he sought was. Once, he had called it home. Now it still was the living space that housed his dearest friend. Quietly H'tai knocked, trying to balance between loud enough for Safryn to hear and quiet enough not to disturb anyone or attract attention to himself.
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