First Blood [Tag: The Reaper/Locke]

The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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When Locke came to sit beside him, Elikos shifted. Straightening he leaned forward and rested his hands upon his knees. With slightly bowed head he frowned. The events of tonight were sitting heavy in his gut. A part of him wished that he'd taken that last blow. Another was glad that The Reaper was the one to do it. Still another was cringing that he'd ever gone back to Walled at all.

Seeing Hike again, seeing the Monster again. Memories he'd hoped had been long buried tore themselves out of their graves to haunt him again. He shuddered.

"You, I didn't make go to the creche for a few reasons. One, you are thirteen. Second, you had been living on your own on the streets for several turns. Hike...he's what...maybe ten? On top of that, yes, he's had a horrible life, but he's lived it under someone else's roof. He's not used to being on his own. So if he stays here and he doesn't go to the creche, then he'd be your responsibility to watch. I can't be here all the time to watch him. Is that something you'd be willing to do?"

He glanced over briefly as Locke spoke. He did not keep his eyes upon him. Instead he straightened again and his frown grew. His gaze flicked over to where Hike and two others were heading to the bath. Staring at Hike's back, he looked back to Locke with a shake of his head. His voice, held naturally at a low volume was even quieter as he admitted. "I can't." To explain that he wasn't trying to be selfish but wondering if he was, he opened his mouth to reveal something. Shaking his head again he changed his mind. "Ya don' understand." He muttered unhappily instead.

"Maybe yur right. Maybe he'll be okay elsewhere or at the creche or somethin'."

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"I can't. Ya don' understand."

Locke gave his boy a long, sympathetic look before he patted his shoulder and got up for a moment. He moved over to his cabinet, got down two glasses, and then poured some of his finer whiskey into both of them before bringing them back over. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a familiar figure. At first he flinched, fearing seeing the demons, but it was only Kent. "Ain't he a little young" He heard his dead husband ask, though there was a smirk on his face. "Our boy's been through a lot...he deserves it." Locke responded, unfortunately out loud, but he made as if he hadn't just said anything before sitting down.

"You've earned that...but making a habit. Out of this or of what happened tonight, you got it," Locke told him firmly before he handed him the glass. "And if you don't want it...that is perfectly alright too... I might not understand completely, my boy, but I do get it...and you don't ever have to ever explain anything to me. There's not a lot that I haven't gone through. You don't need to know those details...anymore than I need to know your details. Just're not alone." Locke assured him.

"Maybe yur right. Maybe he'll be okay elsewhere or at the creche or somethin'."

A smirk and a snort of laughter escaped him as he reached over and ruffled Elikos's hair. "Of course I'm right. I'm your father...and the Reaper." He teased lightly. "Don't worry...these kids will be just fine. With or with out us being the ones to care for them. I promise you that." That was a promise he would be able to keep too.

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