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The Crafter Complex is a series of buildings that contain craft halls and rooms for the crafters of New Atricis to work. There is a single dorm building for apprentices, while journeyman and masters live in second floor rooms in their respective crafts. Off to the side from the complex is the largest building, the Infirmary, where everyone in the Weyr receives Healer attention and desk workers keep track of who comes and goes at the entrance to the Infirmary.
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"I will. But as Wingsecond, you have to do something. Go get a shave, wash up, and get some sleep. Do you think you could do that Sid? I just want you to take care of yourself right now, that's all."

Sid wasn't sure if Duke would do as he asked. The bluerider knew he was in the wrong, but he wasn't going to be able to pull himself together if he had something telling him what he should be doing. Not that he was truly irritated at Duke for trying to help, but the help simply wasn't helping. Thank Faranth, Duke decided to let him go.

Sid gave a solemn nod. "Yeah, yeah...I can do that." He said as he moved towards the door. He paused for a moment and looked at the bronzerider for a moment. Then, he patted the man's shoulder, "I know I've been an ass, but thank you. I'll...be better." He promised, but still couldn't help but add in a defeated voice, "Not like I have any other choice." Then, he left the room to head back to his apartment.

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