New Starlight Friends [Standalone]

Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Of course Vithire had noticed some months back when little Lyra Rose for a Flight, and she’d noticed when the little dear was growing some eggs. Over the turns she’d had Lyra, she knew her little green’s habits. That also meant she hadn’t at all been expecting to find the eggs her little one laid. Lyra, like most greens, always laid her eggs somewhere she thought was safe, then promptly forgot about them. Vithire had never been able to find the eggs from her greens over the turns, and by now, she didn’t bother. That was why, when she came into her den one morning, she was surprised enough to make a small yelp when she pulled her furs back and found a pair of eggs in the bed.

”Well, good thing I looked before I slept,” she chuckled softly to herself, scooping up the eggs gently into her hands. They were still a bit soft, so she was very gentle as she deposited them into a pot of sand she used to use for Kyna’s clutches before the gold starlizard passed away. Seeing the two new eggs in the pot made her heart ache a little, missing Kyna and the others. They had given their lives for her, and they had all been dear companions to her. Sensing her ache, brown Dyon flitted onto her shoulder and crooned, rubbing his head against her cheek to help her feel better. She smiled and gave him a loving scratch.

Setting the pot of sand and eggs on her hearth, she set enough of a fire to get some coals burning to embers to get the heat into the sand and pot without overheating them. Once she was confident that the pot and eggs would be fine, since starlizard eggs were a little more resistant to the cold than firelizard eggs, she finally went to bed for the day, yawning as she snuggled down into her furs and Vithiresk gave her a little nose nuzzle before he went to plop into his sleeping wallow.

Over the sevendays the eggs needed to finish developing, Vithire checked in on them any chance she got, playing the role of broodmother in place of Lyra, since greens were definitely not the most maternal of dragonkin. It was worth it though, she told herself, happy to see the two little eggs doing well. She had decided to keep the eggs for herself this time, as it was only two eggs from a green, so nothing that anyone would be too interested in.

When the eggs were hard and she was sure they would hatch at any time, Vithire put them into a pouch padded with cloth scraps that she could tie to her waist to carry them around, even when on patrol or working with Yaranavexa and Yarask with their training. It was good she had the forethought to do so, because it was when they were returning from patrols when her starlizards began to hum.

*Why ‘lizards make noise?* Vithiresk ask as his trotting slowed.

*The eggs are going to hatch.*

*Can see?* He stopped then, turning his head to Vithire on his back, ears perking up. She smiled slightly.


She hopped off of Vithiresk then, and took the pouch off her waist, along with a second that she always carried with dried meat for snacks for her and her dragonkin family when they were working. She opened the pouches, swatting away her ‘lizards when they hoped to get some snacks. Vithiresk, meanwhile, didn’t care about the food pouch, his nose going right up to the eggs in their padded pouch to see them better and get a good sense for their heat, seeing how warm the little things were.

*Eggs moving!* Vithiresk announced in excitement. He’d seen eggs hatching before, both wher and starlizard, but he had a wher’s memory, and got excited for it every time. It always brought a smile to her face.

The first of the two eggs hatched, only slightly bigger than the other, and a blue popped his head out, immediately kreeling for food. Quickly, Vithiresk presented him with a piece of jerky. He greedily took it and gobbled it up, gnawing fervently. While Vithire watched him, the second egg hatched, the palest and smallest of greens popping out. She too began kreeling for food, looking straight at Vithiresk though, trying to nibble on his nose.

*Think likes me.* He said with some amusement, even as Vithire gave the green some food to eat. As she chewed away, the blue had finished and demanded more. She gave him some more food before picking him up out of the pouch. When she went to pick up the green though, Vithiresk nudged her hand away.

*No. Can keep? She likes me, and I like her. Please?

Vithire was surprised for a moment, but then she just smiled softly, and nodded.

*How about I put her on your neck then, right in front of where I sit so we can go back home before it gets too light?*

Vithiresk considered, then agreed, watching as Vithire picked up the little green and carefully climbed back up on Vithiresk. She settled the green where she’d promised, so Vithiresk could feel her, plying her with a litlte more food before they made their way home the rest of the way.

Once back to their den, Vithiresk fetched more food for the whole fair of flitts, letting the tiny green snuggle up with Vithiresk when he settled into his wallow. It was cute to see the delicate little pale green snuggled on top of the large agate. She wished them both a good sleep before getting her new blue settled into the bed that her flitts tended to use when they didn’t sleep with her. The greens happily snuggled with their new little fair member, while Dyon went with Vithire to her bed.
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