Solaria Weyr

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:51 am


As the 8th Pass continues on and we reach the halfway point, there is much going on in Solaria and her protectorate!

The Crafts
At long last the Dragon Healercraft has been recognized as a Craft all on its own and is gaining ground. Solaria has begun an expansion of their base in the Weyr itself and will be looking to building a proper Crafthall for this new and necessary Craft. New Apprentices are warmly welcomed as many in the Craft find themselves Impressed by the very dragons that they treat and care for.

Dolphins have been rediscovered and new contact is continually being made. If you have ever wanted to be a part of something new and exciting, the time is now! Interested members with already approved characters or those with new characters in the works should contact plot staff to get started on meeting with the Dolphins themselves and the eventual partnering with one. Just think! What a time to be a Seacrafter when you can have the aide of dolphins to find fish, avoid shoals, and get early warning of storms!

The Holds
At long last, Mathon may have their longed for male heir, but with all the tragedy of those born before will this one repeat? Or will he survive childhood, and his sisters, to make it to adulthood?
Meanwhile, Ketrin’s Lord Heir is but a Turn or two away from returning from his fostering in Mathon and taking back control from the Counsel-appointed Steward. What trials and tribulations await the young man? Illegitmate brothers seeking to challenge, Northern Lords wanted to wed their daughters and nieces to benefit from strengthen relations, and more!
If you’re interested in being part of the All My Holdfolk soap opera, contact the Plot Team or the Admins for more information.

The Weyr
All may be peaceful and well in Solaria and among the Holds, but the murder of Weyrwoman Alista may yet reach a conclusion now that the investigation has led the Harpers to a Northern conservative Weyr. But which one? And do the presence of Fort’s transfer bronzeriders, and their Threadfall deaths, have any connection? A conclusion looms and no one knows what this will mean for inter-Weyr relations.

The best news of all was the Hatching of Gold Yautjath’s 1st clutch and the completion of Solaria’s 23rd Search Committee (SCo) with a clutch theme of Extinct Animals. We have NPC Hatchlings and their new Weyrlings ready for fostering and adoption, feel free to take a peek HERE and consider claiming one for yourself to play!

Don’t be a stranger! Stop on by and say ‘hi’ in our cbox. All of our members friendly and love to answer questions and suggest characters for adoption.
Don’t say Sho didn’t warn you!

Happy plotting! ^^
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