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The mining settlement for Atricis was technically established way back during the initial Expedition after a group was shown a series of gemstone rich caves. Over time, what was a temporary settlement to gain resources and wealth for building the new Weyr, has become permanent. There is frequent travel back and forth between the mines and the Weyr proper, with a lot of stone, gems, and metal resources coming from these mines as long as the Weyr has miners to work them.
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Randomized Plot - someone is wrongly accused of a crime. story about risk-taking

Dualhandler Rhea

He had left Rheask and Rask half-way between the mining settlement and Atricis to keep them off the radar of the settlement's guards. They'd warned him off already when he'd tried to argue Bristin's defense and offered to help find the real thief they hadn't seemed to believe existed. But Rhea knew Bristin. She wouldn't do something like this. She wasn't the type to steal.

Bristin was 18 turns, a journeywoman miner and had two younger siblings, one a wher candidate here at Atricis and another still in the creche, but whom had set his sights on dragonhide. She'd lost one parent when Isil had collapsed. The other had fallen to Firehead in the south. Yes, things were rough, but the Weyr had taken in her siblings for care and her apprenticeship met all of Bristin's needs. Having walked the tables a turn ago, she was making more money off her work now. She didn't need to steal—not that she would even then. But no matter how hard Rhea had argued, he had been brushed off at the stories of two guards having found her with the bag of stolen goods next to her.

If only Rhea hadn't stayed in sick. If only he'd sucked it up, downed some feverfew and klah and brought a pocketful of handkerchiefs to sneeze and blew his nose into and taken on one of those guard shifts. He could've been the one who found her. He could have listened to her story about the person who knocked into her, dropped the bag and kept running. He could've sent others to search and catch.

“Just because you consider someone a friend, doesn't make them innocent,” the guard captain had sneered at him, “It's always the quiet ones you never expect.”

“Did you even try to search?” Rhea had pressed, “I'd do a better job of it than your entire team! I'll find him without having an innocent person point me in the right direction.”

“You'll do nothing of the sort and I better not see you here, visiting or working or otherwise, until this case is resolved.”

And then Rhea had been escorted out of the mines.

That had been under a week ago. Bristin's sentencing was tomorrow, or so Rina had told him two days. She'd also told him nothing had been done to look into her claims of another person. So Rhea had spoken with the one other person he knew would and could help.

He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled like a bird twice, the signal he and Toross had decided on, to let him know he was here in case Toross had arrived first. If not, he would hide himself and wait for Toross's whistle.
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Curfew for daywher candidates was being broken this night. But for a very noble cause. Toross did not regret saying yes to Rhea. When he'd heard what had happened, he'd thrown up his hands and paced off a theatrical response of outrage and despair at the plight of the poor soul. His loud outburst was not allowed to continue in case anyone near had heard. Sheepishly he'd shut his mouth and nodded compliance.

Plans to meet had been made. A system for signalling the other was set.

Now that Toross was sneaking through the night, he'd worried about making the bird call as was required of him if he didn't Rhea's call first. He wasn't the best at mimicking them but now it was too late to admit to it.

Thankfully he did not have to. A great sigh of relief came to him when he heard the signal given. He assumed it was the signal. It really did sound like the real thing. Maybe he should wait and see if it happened again? No, if it really was Rhea, he might not chance another sound. Speaking of sounds, where had that bird call come from? Off to his right? Left? Not really.

As he moved he tried to remember where it had originated from. And as he tried to be as silent as he possibly could, and looked all around as he went, he nearly tripped right on top of the one he was trying to find. So much for being subtle, as a muffled grunt came from his throat as he tried to catch himself from falling.

Moving into a like stance to Rhea's Toross' signature smile brightened his face for but a moment before returning to the seriousness at hand. "Hi." He whispered and bit his tongue on the longer, more theatrical version of his planned entrance. He knew when to shut up. Most times.
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He did, admittedly, feel bad for dragging a candidate into this. But he'd known Toross as just an apprentice when he'd helped with bringing loads of metal ores over to the smiths and Toross would help receive them. Toross would've likely known Bristin, as well, from similar times. But even if he didn't, Toross had always come across as a smart guy if a bit clumsy in manner and means. Rhea hadn't been concerned about his willingness to help, but in his ability to keep everything a secret.

A very loud voice in the back of Rhea's head told him he was doing it again, acting on his own when he could work with those in positions of power to resolve this a more appropriate way. But Rhea wasn't a 16 turn old kid anymore. He was an adult, he had a moderate amount of power, and he had attempted to work with those who had more over the mine only to be forced away. This was the only thing he could do for her.

A rustle sounded nearby, followed by the breaking of a twig. Rhea froze as whatever was causing the noise drew closer. He hadn't heard Toross signal in reply. An icy chill worked its way up his tense spine as he worried over whether his efforts would come to an end before he'd even got his plans off the ground. Just as he was about to move, however, whatever it was tripped right into Rhea's space, nearly landing on him.

Rhea sighed in relief at the sight of Toross and his surprisingly short greeting.

“Hey,” he greeted in return, turning his attention back to the mine grounds. They would sneak over to the storage areas and each hide in close but separate places. When they saw the thief, they'd signal for the other person and take chase. It was perfect aside from the one glaring flaw that had been weighing on Rhea's mind since he and Toross had planned it.

What if the thief decided to lay low until Bristin took the fall for him?

Rhea shook his head to clear it then grinned at Toross, feeling a bit of that boyish troublemaking he'd shoved down when Isil collapsed. “You ready?” he asked.
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