Smoke'n Hot Brawl

The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:44 pm

Elikos hated this. He hated it so hard it wasn't hard to prompt his own tears to come. Not overly much, his lashes began to hint at moisture as his jaw was clenched in anger. As always, from turns of habit, his voice yelled with its intensity but was even quieter than normal. It was never a good idea to be noticed in the Bottoms.

"I make my own rules, watch this..."

He wasn't going to apologize behind Locke like a coward. He was going to get in their faces and do it properly. With a handshake to each. And if he were successful at his real underlying goal. Those smokes would transfer 'between' from the man's possession to the girl's hand as if she took his own to accept his apology. He'd not known she was a fellow thief. That sorta changed things for him. Not much, but enough.

If he could get the smokes back in the first place, they'd be his again if the girl was a stiff and didn't take his offered hand in return. Either way, he could care less. He'd make his apologies, keeping his anger in check with effort. Was his anger genuine or part of his act? Were the tears that wet his lashes forced or allowed?

Would anyone really know the difference?
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Tue Apr 23, 2019 3:28 am

Locke didn't really believe Elikos's tears for one moment. It wasn't that he didn't think the kid could have feelings or cry for real, but he liked to think he knew the kid well enough by now that perhaps the tears were only partially real. He was going to have to teach the lad better. There was no point in telling him not to do it. Considering his past and the fact his father was a thief himself, it would have been very hypocritical of him to tell him not to steal.

Naji looked at the young man with suspicion, but the kid was trying to make amends. "It's alright. Neither of you should be stealing anything, but I accept your apology." He said in a stern voice looking between them both, but his eyes rested on Epi. "Now go on. Say you're sorry too. I promised Inakil we'd be home for supper." The dayhandler had not felt anything be lifted from him, but the careful eyes of the Reaper had noticed and remained silent...for now.

Epi huffed and stamped her foot, but finally she reached a hand out and shook the lad's she'd just been wailing on a moment ago. Her eyes widened for just a breath before she stated, "I'm...I'm sorry to. I shouldn't have jumped you like that." When she released her hand it was to cross her arms.

Locke had noticed what he'd done...while he probably should have said something, he didn't. Instead he flashed the other father a charming smile and held out his hand to him. "What can we do? Kids will be kids and it seems as though yours is as much of a handful as mine."

Naji was fast to return the handshake. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. At least they were settled now." He didn't feel a different pack of smokes being placed in his pocket to hide the fact Elikos had given them back to the girl.
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