Frozen Silence and Cold Waves || Koda'vis (Ember)

With the establishment of the Pearlriders and the Atrician Glint, a home along the coast for the Pearls and their riders needed to be made. Over time, the original beach camp was transformed from a series of tents into buildings and homes. While some of the Flotilla is being built, the primary areas such as Dining Hall, barracks for candidates, and other necessities have been completed. A series of docks with homes attached are still being built for future Pearlriders in hopes their numbers will grow, and each home is fitted with necessities as well as a personal boat that can be used for some water travel as well as living out of for relatively short periods of time.
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Gwyn was ecstatic when her brother was happy with her gift to him. When he asked on where she found it, she was more than happy to tell. It was one of the shiny silver fish. They seemed to move around without others, so it can take a bit to find another for more than one. But we can always try still! The white-rose seemed to give off a warble of excitement before she went back under the water. She waited for her brother to join her before she started a hunt for the silver fish.

Kasa'vas was more than happy to see that Gwyn was feeling better after being found doing a dog pile earlier. It was a nice thing. She tried to think on if there was anyone who she would think to be good to be brought along with. The only other true pearlrider of any sort was Fali'vas. But she didn't know if her mentor would want to go on a firelizard hunt. So, she shook her head instead. "Honestly, no. My nerves tend to get to the best of me when I talk to people at times, so I haven't really gotten to really get to know anyone else. You and Fali'vas are the only ones I have truly held a conversation with." Of course, if her thought that having Fali'vas come along would be a good idea, then she would as her mentor.
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He was eager to hunt for the fish, wanting more for himself and to learn where they tended to gather. If he knew, he could find them on his own later, and not have to bother her or anyone else for help to locate them again. With a slight wiggle, he dove under water and followed, watching her as she swam, waiting for her signal that she'd located the schools of silvery fish. I'm following your lead, sister! Let me know when we can swoop in!

He nodded at that, knowing that for some, they didn't really strike up relationships as easily, regardless of how long they'd been at a place. He wasn't going to judge, even if he found it a bit strange, so he didn't say anything in regards to her lack of friendships, and instead simply considered it. "If you think Fali'vas would be willing to join us, then you're more than welcome to invite her to join us. She has a fancy flitt, doesn't she? It would be useful to have additional lizards with us, to help dig around, so that would be perfect." He smiled, nodding his head, thinking they were coming about to a solid enough plan. "Perhaps next Rest Day if it agrees with you two?"

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