Male Daywher Dominance Fights! - 2049

The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:28 am

After a break to allow the current defending champion, Isamuyn, rest a bit, the next challenge begun with the large Copper Atumra presenting himself to his new rival. It was anyone’s game, it felt like, with Zenucah knocked down from the challenges so early on, no one knew what was going to happen now. Atumra and Isamuyn were both capable daywhers, both experienced in turns and experienced physically as well. Atumra would have size and strength over Isamuyn though, as a full blooded Copper instead of just in part, but perhaps Isamuyn would have more speed to his advantage instead.

The fight begun, the males sizing each other up for a moment, until Atumra moved first with a lunge. The burnished Copper daywher seemed to charge, and with his Guardian’s bulk it was almost like watching a bull charge a wherry. But Isamuyn was swift, able to just barely avoid the first attack from his rival.

The two clashed back and forth, and no one could decide who had the upper hand here. Though they had different strengths, Isamuyn was able to go toe-to-toe with the large Guardian Atumra thanks to a combination of slightly higher agility his smaller form gave him, but enough bulk to contend with the Copper rival. They almost seemed evenly matched, back and forth they went, tiring one another out, panting and heaving their lungs as they tried desperately to pin the other down.

A few scrapes and scratches were sustained, but nothing bad as they weren’t trying to harm one another, but roughness was needed, they needed to prove their strength and capability to lead and protect the pack. So they continued on, trying to grab with teeth or knock down with force. Dust flew, the ground was torn up, and there was a moment when the two males came together, latching onto one another and wrestling fiercely that it became hard to see what was happening. It almost looked too fierce, almost as if someone would need to step in.

Then the dust cleared, the huffing and growling ceased, and the winner was clear. Huffing and panting for breath, both males knew who was the victor this time, as the one pinned couldn’t muster the energy to escape now. The fight had gone on too long and they had just been too evenly matched. It had all come down to who could pin the other first once they began to grow tired.

Atumra was the winner of this fight.
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Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:53 pm

Once the fight was done, Isamuyn once again respectfully bowed to his challenger. Although he had lost, the chimera was not at all displeased with his effort. Sure, he might be a little disappointed about the results, but not about how he performed. Walking back, he sat next to Devyn. The handler immediately wanted to attend to his wounds, but Isamuyn wanted to stay. The chimera was very intrested to see who would become the new leader of the Pack. There were only two choices left, and Isamuyn hoped it wouldn’t take very long. Everyone was eager he was sure, not just him.

Meanwhile, Khonlen looked around, knowing it was his turn now, but also knowing that he had to give the big copper a bit of a break before their challenge started. Looking up at Talen he gave him a small wolffish grin, but at the same time he knew the handler would be able to tell that he was also a bit nervous. The copper was bigger than him, but the Quartz was determined to do his best, regardless.

Are you sure you want to do this Khonlen? It’s ok to be nervous and not want to do it.

I may be nervous Talen, but I promise I will do my best.

Talen just nodded and remained silent after that, as the Quartz now made his way into the ring. Khonlen looked around, the nerves picking up again, but he quickly squashed them. This was just for experience. If he won, he won. If he didn’t, there would be no harm done either.

Bowing his head in respect, he kept his eyes on the copper. Once that was done, he waited a brief moment, circling around before he saw an opening, lunging with his teeth bared. Khonlen tried his best to use his agility to stay away from the bigger daywher. Spinning and dodging was about all he could do. Twisting sometimes he would dive in and try and get an attack off before quickly moving back to safety.

Talen looked on nervously, green eyes watching every move that his daywher made. The young man didn’t really care about winning, it would just be icing on the cake. As long as Khonlen came back to him without damage that couldn’t be mended, he would be happy.
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Natara may have been surprised when Atumra won his challenge, but he was not. After all, the chimera he challenged had already faced an exhausting bout, and Atumra was fresh. He refused to reflect on what that meant for his next fight, and looked to Khonlen enthusiastically.

His packmate moved much more quickly than Atumra could even when fresh, so he was definitely a challenge to fight. Atumra had to just take blows that he would normally try to avoid or block, and at the end of this fight, he would definitely be feeling it, no matter who won. He managed a few blows himself, teeth glancing against a hide that moved out of the way too quickly for more than a scratch, tail thumping hard against. . . . something. . . . as Khonlen dodged past him.

Natara just wanted this whole thing to end without injury. To either daywher in the fight.
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It was the final fight now, with Khonlen and Atumra the final fight to determine the male Alpha for the pack, with Atumra the current defending champion. No one knew what to expect. Zenucah had fallen early, then the daywher who had beaten him had fallen to Atumra. Would Atumra keep his victory?

Khonlen clearly planned to use his speed against his opponent. The clutchmates dueled one another, Atumra having to take some of the speedy blows instead of dodging them. But he stood strong, like a wall against rocks. He couldn’t keep it up forever though, trying to catch Khonlen in his own right, grazing hide with teeth. When it looked like Atumra might be outmatched by the speedier male, he managed to thump his tail against Khonlen, perhaps a lucky strike against the other wher’s head. Khonlen staggered, dizzy from the hit, giving Atumra the pause he needed to make his move at last.

The two whers struggled with one another as Atumra turned on Khonlen, and another wrestling match kicked dirt up, but it was quickly apparent who had won. Atumra, the larger wher, got Khonlen pinned, and for all of Khonlen’s struggle, he couldn’t free himself from the heavier, stronger wher’s pin. With a heave of breath, Khonlen conceded defeat.

A new alpha since the original Alpha Zenucah had been named now. Atumra had proven himself a worthy male to lead, and all would agree and fall in line for their new male leader.

Thank you everyone for participating! We are sorry this took so long to run through and complete. It is still new to all of us and easy to slip the mind. Thank you for your patience. To celebrate the new Alpha and make up for how long this took to complete, the Daywher Social event has returned!
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