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To help keep the advertising forum neat, all affiliate requests must be posted here. Be sure to entitle your affiliate request with [AFF REQUEST] to ensure the staff sees and knows it is an affiliation request.
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How To Affiliate Here
We try to make our affiliation process very simple, as we do not like making potential affiliates jump through hoops. So we only have a few requirements.

1. You must have our affiliate banner posted in your affiliates before posting an affiliate request.

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<a href="http://newatricis.com/index.php"><img src=http://www.newatricis.com/images/Banners/AtricisFlow.gif></a>

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2. Post in the Affiliation Requests subforum. Make sure to title your affiliation request with [AFF REQUEST] at the beginning of the title so the staff see it and don't mistake it for an advertisement.

3. Please include the code for your affiliate banner in your request. The banner should be 88x31 pixels in size as is considered standard.
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