The Cheer [72nd Hatching Feast]

Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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Every dragon hatching had a feast, and even a small clutch deserved their time as well! A few days after the hatching the preparations and planning was complete. Visitors from outside the Weyr had come to the Weyr to attend, even if leaders from Walled were noticeably absent once again. No one was thinking about the meaning behind that though. Everyone was looking forward to a reason to celebrate and have an overall merry evening. It was great reason to just forget about worries or the future, and celebrate new life and new bonds and the new hopes that the new Weyrlings represented.

The dining hall was decked out with food and tables and music, but in the middle of the Southern summer, the festivities were also spread outside the dining hall as well. Lanterns were hung, fabrics of gold and purple were draped over poles and tents. People wouldn’t have to be shoved all in the dining hall, letting even the dragons and other dragonkin participate in their own way as well. Everything food and drink was kept inside the dining hall, but there were small tables and seats outside as well for people to bring their food and drink where they wanted.

Harpers were set up both inside and outside the dining hall, giving people two different sets of music to dance to and enjoy. An evening of enjoyment and celebration was planned and ready to begin.
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Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:48 pm

Earlier than most, Speak of the Weyr N'kili arrived promptly to the feast in a silk blue and gold sari, with her hair held up by several braids that pinned into a spiral along the nape of her neck. The attire itself fit her well, for it had recently been tailored for the occasion, her first Hatching Feast as Speaker. Now was the time to play her role well, for not only did her words have an impact on those outside of the weyr, but it held meaning for those within as well, thus one by one, she would greet the weyrlings, and congratulate them on their momentous occasion.

But as the visitors began to arrive, she noted the absence of a key yet tumultuous ally.


Her countenance, trained by her turns as an envoy in Walled, managed not to give any sign of her concern. Her features remained neutral, serene... for all her heart palpitated and her breath quickened.

"Chirp?" Duke asked from her shoulder.

When she regarded the mottled brown, she spotted the wariness in his eyes. That would simply not do. To subdue those orange eyes, she procured a treat from her small purse.

It did the trick, for he burbled with excitement as he plucked the little morsel from her fingers and nibbled away at it. It would preoccupy him for the time being as she passed through the growing crowds to find several new faces... as well as several familiar ones.
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Like the good worker she was, Solai made sure to complete her task for Mul'rec before the feast got underway, and she had a helping hand this time as well. Mul'rec's daughter, her own cousin, Evora, gave Solai the extra hand she needed. It seemed the passion for his little ploy ran in her veins, for the bluerider set out pamphlets with such energy and determination Solai had scarcely seen. She warned Evora, telling her they did not want to attract too much attention.

Evora agreed, and tried her best to be less conspicuous.

Each table had several pamphlets, each one entitled in bold lettering "THE ARGUMENT FOR EMANCIPATION". It was meant to grab any wandering eye, emboldening the heart to the cause.

Once the task was completed, Solai slipped back to her home to wash and change. Most of her family had finished by then, giving her the chance to wipe down and then dress up in a gold and green dress she borrowed from her mother. It was something unusual for the greenrider to wear, but then... she had good reason to fashion herself with it, for she had a certain pewterrider whose eye she wished to catch. With her voluminous hair let loose to curl and coil down to her shoulders, Solai set out for the feast to find old friends and good company.

Upon her arrival, she glanced curious around, wondering who might show. However, she was certain K'rios would show himself with that dapper grin of his that she had now allowed herself to enjoy on several occasions. Up to this moment, even Solai had to admit she had been a bit of a prude with the man, something highly uncharacteristic of the normally carefree greenrider, but she wanted to make sure he was worth the risk of a broken heart. Up to this moment, Solai had been careful, but several recent events made it clear to her she could be a little more open and fun tonight with him, and even enjoy a dance if he permitted it.
OPEN - any "young man" feel free to jump in

Emalia could always be counted upon to arrive in harper blue. Like Solai, she rummaged through her mother's old collection of gather fine dresses, and found the perfect one for herself, a blue and gold chiffon dress, sleeveless, and with just the amount of tease for the boys tonight.

Both her parents warned her, and with a grin, Emalia assured them she would stay out of trouble, but that did not mean she would not thoroughly enjoy herself tonight. Her braided hair secured with a golden pin, and her silver fancy flit settled upon her shoulder, Emalia entered the feast with her sister, Angela.

"I'm going to find us some wine," she grinned. Yes, she knew full well Angela was not allowed to drink as a candidate, but surely they would allow for it just this one time. To refuse her a drink after failing to Impress a second time sounded cruel to Emalia, thus she would make sure Angela enjoyed herself.

Off to the long table she went, and sampled several wines, only to look at the young man not far from her. She gave him a smirk and could not help but lean over and ask "Which one do you think is the best?" Eyes as silver as the beast on her shoulder shined with mirth towards him.
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Angela felt awkward to say the least in her silver and blue gown, but Emalia and Solai had insisted on it when they ransacked their mother's wardrobe. While tight up above, the way it fanned out about her hips made her feel imposing with every step. Her sister had done everything to pretty her up with the braids that ran along either side of her head, and were pinned towards the back, but it simply did not feel like her. If anything, it made her feel as though Emalia wanted to make her be like her, but Angela had never been anything like her twin.

"I'm going to find us some wine."

"What?" Angela asked, startled by the merest suggestion of breaking the rules, but Emalia left before her sister could stop her, leaving Angela to look about in desperation for an escape, a friendly face, or both.

Would Sianca show? Or Maybe Al'ster?

Hopeful of the company of her friends, Angela found herself looking for them. Maybe one of them could save her from her sister.

Inez, Miral, and Sig'ryn will be brought into the Feast in a separate post
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Tag: Angela

He felt a little bit guilty when he allowed himself to stop and think about it. How many turns had Cecily stood for a dragon before she gave up and moved on. Certainly, she was hoping for a pearl now, but he had to believe that she was just settling. How could anyone want anything less than Maukerith? Not that anyone else could have him.

And there were plenty of other people there who had been left behind before, and still left behind now. Not even including his own father, who had sent an awkward congratulatory message when Al'ster's grandfathers informed their son of his Impression.

Now he was going to a Hatching Feast, to face some of the people who had been left standing again. He knew Maukerith was perfect for him, wouldn't have been perfect for Angela; he also knew that every time she was left standing she felt generations of familial pressure on her.

He looked for her in the Dining Hall anyway. His own grandparents were here, of course, and he would spend quite a bit of time with them. But he wanted to talk to Angela.

She was wearing a very pretty silvery dress, and Al'ster felt awkward in his own gather-garb. It was nice enough, and clean, but nothing special, and she looked like a star. He couldn't understand why she was standing alone; it seemed to him that everyone should be talking to her, but maybe she was feeling awkward too, maybe she was avoiding her family.

He approached, rubbing the back of his head a little nervously. "That's a really nice dress," he said, feeling even more embarrassed to say it. But it was certainly fancier than anything he had ever seen before coming to live at the Weyr.
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×* K'anu of Pyrite Siriuth *×
To say that the past few days had thrown K’anu’s life into a spot of chaos was a bit of an understatement. For starters K’anu had all but given up on ever finding his partner. He simply was too old, or at least that’s what tradition had told him for turns. If he had been back in Benden he certainly would have been. The idea of a dragon choosing someone from the Stands was a rare event, something that only happened in stories from older riders to encourage the candidates to keep up hope. Sure there were instances like old man P’dren but K’anu never held out hope that he would Impress past his expiration date.

Siriuth was a gift that he never expected. The missing pieces of his heart and soul to be cliche about it. Now he understood why Mila and Dew pressured him to keep trying. Why the old man had all but thrown him in front of the first dragon that came their way. A very small part of him wondered why Siriuth made him wait though, but for the most part the new Pyrite Weyrling was too in love with his new partner to keep dwelling on that tiny wrinkle.

So now here they were, a full day past his Impression to Siriuth and the weyrling was stumbling over how to tie his newly acquired tie. He had found it among his belongings in his new quarters when he went searching for an appropriate outfit for the party to come. After a quick note to his sister and the old bronze rider, K’anu found out that it had been a gift from Mila while the matching pocket square and cufflinks were a surprise from P’dren. Their generosity shocked K’anu as he tried to think of a way to pay them back for the surprise. After a few more tries, K’anu finally managed a decent enough knot that he decided to leave it for the time being. If he messed with the fabric any more he was afraid that his rough hands would snag the gentle weave. Siriuth was curled into his wallow watching his rider with lidded eyes and a swirl of wonder in his mind-touch. So you're going to this party-thing? Why can't I go? He asked with a yawn. A chuckle left K’anu then as he pointed at the gold and black dragonet, “Because you can’t keep your eyes open. There will be other parties, Siri. I promise,” K’anu finished before fiddling with his sleeves.

After a few more minutes with his Pyrite, K’anu was finally ready to join the crowd in the dining hall. Siriuth for his part was already nodding off to sleep and had tucked his wedge-shaped head under his tail. Chuckling again, a bit softer than before the guardsman turned rider finally left his new quarters. The trek to the common area was a bit different than he had walked over the past few turns -at least without Mila or Aranrod at his side. After tugging once more at his cuffs, Siriuth’s rider finally entered the feast to celebrate the lifelong dream that had finally come into reality.

Pinching his left arm, K’anu couldn’t help the yelp that left his smiling face. ”Nope, not a dream!” He called out happily not caring who heard.
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Tag ~ R'vin/Sig'ryn/Duke
Zayna still couldn't believe how lucky she was to have impressed to such an amazing creature such as Nainenth. The garnet truly loved for who she was and that was...simply amazing. Now she was going to a feast that was in part to honor her. It felt...odd. She'd never been honored before, but she was excited for it nonetheless. She had the most perfect dress to wear too. It was a lovely deep sanguine red that complimented Nainenth perfectly. It was when she wore dresses like this she wished she'd let her hair grow out so she could put it in pretty braids, but truthfully shorter hair just looked better on her. Still, she did fix her short hair to wear her longer bangs were gently swept to one side. Once she was ready to do her makeup, her lovely Nainenth was already deep asleep. A lovely red color she put on her lips and smokey eyes finished making her look truly feminine. Then, she headed off to the feast.

There were so many people there already and for a second a blush covered her cheeks as people turned to look at her. A few congratulations was given to her as she moved through the crowd looking for faces she knew. Of course, she had to find Sig'ryn and R'vin. The three of them and their dragons were inseparable. Then, absolutely, she had to see her father. She'd yet to really get to speak with him since the hatching.

Until she could find any of those faces, she busied herself with a glass of juice and helped herself to some of the delicious delectables that were spread out on the food table. Everything looked and smelled so amazing.
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Life found So'cles mainly at the Flotilla doing work, there was no way So'cles was not going to come to this feast. Had been unable to make it to the hatching, which saddened him, but he'd been more than excited to hear from Duke that Zaynallen had impressed to a garnet. Promising to be there for the Feast he had left for it as soon as he was able.

He wore suitable attire, but this time didn't worry about wearing a coat. His attire was a clean white shirt with a nice brocade vest and black pants. Ylpeysth had teased him about picking out the outfit because he knew how much Duke liked him in just a vest and shirt, but So'cles merely smirked and ignored her. After all, she wasn't wrong. Then, they headed to the feast.

It felt good to be back at Atricis. This truly was his home. He walked into the brilliantly decorated dining hall and began to search for Duke and Zaynallen. When he didn't see either yet, he thought to be considerate and headed to the bar to order himself a glass of wine and Duke a whisky. They certainly had something to celebrate tonight.
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A knife picked at sanguine colored dirt under his nails lazily. Locke was bored...well, he supposed it was boredom he felt. He really wasn't certain what he felt anymore save that for a few emotions. We could return to Walled for more fun. Wraith suggested. No, unfortunately. We were just there two days ago. It would be too dangerous to go back now. Locke reminded the creature. While it was a tempting thought to so soon mark another name off his list. Swiftly throwing the knife at his practice target on the wall he stood up and moved to his liquor cabinet. Alcohol was rarely never the answer. He brought out one bottle...empty. A huff and he dropped it uncaringly. The next one...there was maybe two fingerfulls in it. He downed that and then sat that bottle down. There was one bottle left....also empty. In frustation, he hefted that one behind him to break in some unseen corner. Great! Nothing to fucking drink. He moaned. There is a Feast tonight for the last hatching. Wraith suggested. Why the fuck would I want to go there? Be around all those stupid faces. He asked with a bit of anger. Oh food and alcohol. Sometimes you are a genuis, Wraith. He hated those people...but at least it would be something to do other than...this.

He didn't bother too much with fancy attire, but he at least put on a cleaner red tunic and black wherhide vest. The smell of the food was good, he would admit, but he snarled as soon as he heard the laughter and chatter of those inside. Cold eyes surveyed the people in the brightly colored and beautiful outfits as he made his way immediately to the open bar area set up for the revelers. "Glass of whisky. To the top." Locke ordered and when the man looked about to protest he merely glared harder until the man complied. This was...unpleasant...but at least he wasn't bored anymore.
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For all his turns standing, R'vin couldn't have imagined a better outcome to the hatching he Impressed at. Not only did he Impress the bronze of his dreams, but the two within his candidacy he felt the most kinship with had also Impressed! They would experience Weyrlinghood together, supporting one another. This was perfection he had never imagined, and when he had passed out with his Rudoth for the first time, he had woken sure he had been dreaming. But the feel of warm, sued-like hatchling hide, and the steady breathing of a resting beast near him quickly eased his worries. He looked at the red nosed bronze as he slept, staring at him in disbelief for a moment. He thought back to all the turns of saying he would Impress a bronze and people either laughing, brushing him off, or insisting otherwise with him. He had proven all of them wrong, and Rudoth gave him the validation that he had always hoped for. Rudoth saw him for who he truly was, not for the body he happened to be born with.

It was during the first few hazy days of Weyrlinghood that his father, Ol'ver, came to him with a wrapped bundle. Torin was with Ol'ver, and happy to be reunited with R'vin while Rudoth slept. He scratched the little bronze happily before paying his father attention for his visit. It was as he handed over the bundle that he explained he had paid for it a while back, and his mother had helped chip in as well, for the day that he Impressed. They had always believed he would, and when R'vin unwrapped the bundle and saw the fine clothes that must have cost quite a lot to get made, he was stunned silent for a moment. He looked at all the details and the colors for a moment, then he gave his father a teary-eyed hug and thanks.

So it was that R'vin was able to attend the feast in his honor with the finest jacket, shirt, and pants he had ever owned. He felt more like a Lord or even a Weyrleading Bronzerider in his suit rather than a freshly Impressed Weyrling, but he loved how it made him feel. It was layered right, fit him in a way that made him look and feel more masculine, and with his binder on, it fit perfectly across his chest. Perhaps he was a bit over dressed for a Weyrling, but he didn't care, he was happy, and ready to show off just a little for the evening to make sure no one could ignore him as a future Bronzerider of Atricis. However, someone approached him he honestly hadn’t entirely expected to see or be the first to come to him. His sister, Lolena.

Their conversation, while awkward at first, went well, and R’vin was able to part with Lolena’vas feeling good about the outcome. It wasn’t long after though that his father came swooping in, quickly latching his arms around him and lifting him up, spinning around and generally making a scene as he gushed and bragged aloud about his son Impressing the only Bronze of the clutch. For a moment, R’vin was smothered, barely able to breathe in his father’s near death grip of fatherly pride, but he loved it, even if a lot of the feast goers were staring.

“Thanks dad,” he said with a laugh when he was put down, reaching up to fix his hair and adjust his jacket.

“You look great in that, just like I thought you would,” Ol’ver continued to gush just like the doting father he was and R’vin smiled and nodded.

“It looks great, thank you so much dad, I love it.”

“Don’t forget to thank Ryarin too, she helped chip in for it.”

“I will,” he assured with a nod, earning a nod in return.

“Ok, ok, I’ll let you go now, I’m just so sharding proud of you! But go, enjoy your feast, I’ll have plenty of time to shower you with pride later.” Both of them chuckled before parting, finally leaving R’vin for a moment to take in the feast.

Lolena’vas left her conversation with R’vin feeling much more upbeat than before. They parted with a hug, and she felt that perhaps the future of their sibling relationship was looking better than before. While she had come to talk to R’vin specifically, she figured while she was here she could enjoy the festivities, even if she was far from Nessivas, which wasn’t common for them. She had left the Flotilla sure that Nessivas would be ok with her absence for a little while, and she would get a ride back later in the night or tomorrow morning, depending on who she could find. For now, it was time for enjoyment.

Lolena’vas walked in her light mint green dress toward the drinks, wiping tears from her eyes as she was overcome with emotions of relief that she was able to patch things up with R’vin. From an outsider’s view though, it might look otherwise as she wiped her tears and reached to pour herself some water to drink.

Much like Nali never missed a dragon hatching, she also never missed a hatching feast. Unlike her own hatching feast though, she had a new black dress to wear instead of the black dress that was definitely too small now. She kept the design simple, not really into anything too embellished, but she did have a gold cord for her waist added to pay homage to her lovely Vohamanath, as a lot of riders often did. The fabric was a bit more lightweight on the sleeves than traditional Northern garb so she wouldn't die in the Southern summer heat, and she came to the feast feeling great.

The first place Nali went to was food, getting a plate and picking out various foods from the spread to fill her plate with. Really, food was where she always went first, liking to sample whatever they had made that time. She piled up her plate, and made her way to a table with Ceridwen glinting as she landed on the table Nali had chosen. Quickly, Nali placated the little diamond with some food she had grabbed specifically for her before she took her first tastes of this feast's foods.
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Status - OPEN, drifting around and sketching everything.

Pahaliah slipped into the Dining Hall with a sketchbook in hand, as well as a satchel slung over a shoulder. More art supplies at the ready, of course, to capture any image that was striking to the artist. And, as it turned out, even the outfits of those attending were worthy of being rendered in black, white, and color.

Of course, the artist was clad in something that seemed suiting - an austere black suit - of sorts. But were those pants? A skirt? Whatever it was, there were a plethora of perfect pleats. It was formalwear more appropriate to the North, however; it was apparent that the Harper had not yet had a chance to fully transition from a Northern wardrobe to a Southern one.

~:| Zoraida, Journeyman Seacrafter |:~
Status - OPEN, but off to a side and observing.

Of course the Seacrafter would be at a feast - what better way to get a full belly, meet the locals, and try to recover some sense of sanity after all the trouble the ship was giving her? There were other issues, of course; loading the ship to head North hadn't been going well and some of the crew didn't feel especially comfortable at the Flotilla. She supposed they were still wary of the Pearls, but she didn't share their concerns.

Zoraida didn't care much to be too far from the water, but she eagerly took the first opportunity that presented itself to get away from those nattering sea-hens: one of her underlings had made mention of knowing one of the new weyrlings and wanted a chance to mingle with the rest.

She agreed, but only if she could serve as a chaperone. The apprentice hesitantly took the offer, but the lad had no idea that she had no active interest in keeping an eye on him. Sure, she'd step in if he couldn't hold his liquor or he got into trouble - but he was a good enough fellow and she trusted him.

Besides, she rarely had a chance to dress nicely and this was a fine opportunity to put her formal black, white, and navy uniform on display. It was well-fitted to her muscular frame, though she still had to be mindful of her movement. The hat and her usual implement of doom - a long dagger, well-polished and much beloved - were left at the ship, however, and her long, sun-bleached hair was done in an intricate fishtail braid that spilled down her back.

While the apprentice went off to seek out the weyrling in question, the Seacrafter took a good long look at the festivities, one corner of her mouth curling with satisfaction.

(:( D'mah of Brown Ingverth ):)
Status - OPEN, eating and looking for Daela

Though he'd attended plenty of Hatching Feasts before, it would be the first time he'd attended with the awareness of a new life at the back of his mind. Ingverth was sleeping soundly, curled in his wallow, but the young man's mind was never very far at all from the slumbering brown.

It was somehow comforting that all he had to do was reach with his mind to feel his lifemate's presence; to know that he would never be alone again. He did not smile, but there was a softening of the former butcher's features every time he made that fleeting, mental contact.

Ingverth had, in his wakeful moments, approved of D'mah's attire - a brown and champagne-hued ensemble, a style of suit that was likely more common at Igen. But the brown didn't have much of a choice, either. It was the nicest thing that D'mah had - and it was not going to fit him properly once he started weyrling training.

He hesitated at the outskirts, out of the way of all the hustle and bustle. He had to consider for a long moment whether he was hungry or if the rumbling of his gut was Ingverth's. Only when he was certain it was his did he step forward, moving easily through the crowd on cat-quiet feet to get to the dining tables and secure a meal.

D'mah knew his parents wouldn't be around; word would eventually get back to him that he Impressed a brown, but it would not be by his own doing. Instead, he looked around for the one that had so much faith him, so much trust. But would Daela be there? He wasn't sure - but he wouldn't stop looking, either.
Status - OPEN, low key trying to avoid eye contact and conversation, but also looking for R'fael

She didn't want to go. Nothing short of being dragged to the feast by Faranth herself would get her to go.

Or so she thought.

Aglaia's plans were derailed by a Runner bearing a parcel and a letter. She took both to her room and, with trembling hands, read the letter first. She read it again. Then again. It was hard enough to see through the teary haze that kept flooding her eyes.

She didn't want to get the parcel open but Nabu helped with that; the bronze snagged the packaging and started to tear it, exposing just enough of the contents to send Aggie into a panic. "No, no, no! Stop!"

Just in time, too; the dress inside was one that she was entirely too familiar with. It was her mother's dress - and, more than that, it was her favorite. Not her mother's favorite - no, that was reserved for another creation entirely. This one was Aggie's favorite, the one she would touch when she thought no one was around. The one that she would wear when she pretended she was secretly the daughter of a Lord Holder who would come and rescue her at any moment.

She didn't want to go to the Hatching Feast but, somehow, her mother managed to make her go anyway.

Aggie arrived a bit on the late side, long enough to make sure she was properly composed. The pink-lavender velvet dress with embroidery was not a style that would be immediately attributed to the girl that usually hid in her oversized clothes, but it fit her well and flowed beautifully. Her short hair was held back by a headband made of the same embroidered pattern as on the dress.

Her fingers spread out over the soft fabric to feel it for just a moment before she quickly moved to the food to see what there was. She didn't know enough of the faces to greet them and, despite the finery, she kept her head down and moved quickly to get what she came for. It was only after, when she stepped away, that she thought to look up and look around - if only for one familiar face in particular. R'fael was both the one person she wanted to see - and, somehow, the one person she wanted to avoid the most.
Status - OPEN, exploring

A feast! And she was the only one truly free to enjoy it! The rest of the Caravan was busy - an unfortunate state of affairs that would have normally included Zultana. But, this time, she was fortunate enough to be dispatched to serve as an envoy of sorts. Father Marden would usually handle the diplomacy - or he would send Brother Yurden or one of the others. But with other matters on their plate, they eventually turned their gaze to Zultana - much to her delight.

The dancer was dressed provocatively - but when wasn't she? All of her outfits were two pieces, a top and a skirt, with bare midsection in between. Her festive finery wasn't much different, a shimmering blue, two-piece outfit with sheer sleeves. The skirts swished and swirled; the bracelets clanked and chimed. Her hair was down, but covered in a glittering net of sorts, laden with beads and jewels.

It might not have been the first Hatching Feast she'd been to, but from the tales she'd heard of the Hatching itself - why, it would surely be a festive affair!
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Tag: Keetin/Open

She had only returned to the Weyr the day before, and had on purpose kept her arrival quiet. Later in the evening, her and Lamiath had barely said hello before the woman started unpacking, and the Gold kept a low profile. Oh, how it irked the dragon to do such a thing as well! The Queen fought the urge to trumpet her arrival and greet everyone, inform them she had returned. But Keket had other plans, ones that required the pair to stay at least mostly out of sight until the Feast. The fact that there had been a Hatching, and they had arrived just in time for the Feast was almost fate. The woman was resolved to surprise her younger brother. Congratulations for a successful clutch. It was impossible to not hear the name of the mother and her rider, and when Keket had heard...

The woman grinned as she entered the Dining Hall. Lamiath had every intention of joining the outdoor festivites...after they were sure Keetin wouldn't see the Gold on his way in. I still must protest this. I should have already been there. The people wish to admire me, even if they do not realize it yet. Keket couldn't help but roll her eyes a little as she nodded and uttered brief greetings to the various people she passed, her eyes continuously looking for a particular young man. She didn't recognize...well, anyone. And for the moment, most were mostly unaware of the color of her dragon. She felt low profile, and it was lovely. She hadn't realized how much she missed the heat of the South either. The fact that she even could wear the short sleeved gown was lovely. It wasn't too hot at all, and since she was so used to the North, the warmth against her arms felt good.

As she walked, she caught her reflection in a glass punch bowl, distorted, yet she could recognize herself. She had much since she left. She fought back the wave of nervousness, hid it behind a polite smile. There is nothing to be nervous for, after all. Taking a steadying breath, she let her eyes scan the people still trickling in, watching for a certain young man. She let the skirts of her gold and cream colored gown swish a bit as she brushed her styled hair behind her ear again. A nervous habit that she had yet to grow out of. Since Impressing, Keket had been basically forced out of her comfort zone, and it showed. But with Lamiath's support, she had blossomed and overcome those changes, and embraced the woman she had grown into.
Tag: Aglaia/Open

The man had failed to catch Aglaia since the Hatching, something that he was sure the girl intended. Oh, he could imagine how she felt alright. Doubt, doubt just everywhere. He also had not been planning on attending the Feast, but when he sent Javin to check(spy) on Aglaia, the hybrid flitter had reported back that she was dressing for the festivities. Like in a literal dress. Well, that cinched it! He was going.

The man had to dig out his finery, and he realized he hadn't worn his fancy tunic since the feast for Pavoth's Hatching, and he grinned a little. He would have to make a habit of attending more things. Running a comb through his short hair was the only bit of real preening he did. After all, his facial hair and the rest of him was already rather well-groomed.

Entering the Dining Hall, he grinned as he realized they had set it up so the festivities took place half outside. The rider felt Pavoth's eagerness as the sport dragon flapped down to where there were other dragons milling about outside. I rather approve of this...They should include us in the feasts and such more often. R'fael couldn't agree more, Once I find the girl, we'll come out and see you.

R'fael headed for the food and drinks. For a moment, he hesitated near the bar, eyeing some of the bottles on display, but then shook his head and grabbed a cup of juice instead. It was always a temptation to drink, but he didn't like what happened when he did. As he leaned near the food, his eyes dragged across the various fancy garbs, admiring the beauties as they paraded past. Oh, they weren't parading for him of course, but he would still enjoy the view.

So much so, that he didn't quite recognize or notice Aglaia until the girl turned, and he saw her face. Approaching her, he dipped his head a bit, ”Hey there, girlie.” His face said it all, an expression of understanding, maybe a bit of sadness, but affection and hope. He opened her arms for her in case she wanted a hug, mindful of the cup in his hand.
Tag: Cataren/Open

Her entire life had been turned around when Cataren Impressed. Shards, but she was still just flabbergasted by it. Even Hadranielth, with all her teasing, had been genuinely, but pleasantly surprised, I had a feeling he might Impress, but even I am not all-knowing. Niomi nodded as she pulled her new dress on. It was simple, but it had still cost a pretty penny. Damn the weavers for taking advantage of the Feast and sudden dress purchases. Normally, Niomi would never have spent so much on a garment, but it was the perfect color to honor Cat's new dragon. He was such a handsome blue. And it wasn't like she had much time to shop around, and they knew it. Oh well, it was still lovely.

She knew she would probably arrive at the Hall before him. After all, the new weyrlings generally had to tuck their babies in first, and get ready themselves. She was very eager to see the man though. Even Haddy wanted to offer her own congratulations, so the green was milling with the other dragons outside. To occupy her mind and hands until she found Cat, she went and got a glass of wine. Not much, but just something to distract her as she looked around.

Gods, but how fate was a cruel mistress. She took a sip of wine, her mind wandering a bit. They had only just recently been able to share how they felt for each other. Things had barely escalated to anything physical, and in fact the heat between them was nearly painful at times. Niomi had in fact been more than ready to share a bed regularly with the man once he returned from the Ivory Tower, and now...She took another sip. They'd have to wait another turn or more. Again. Shaking her head a bit, she pushed those thoughts away. It didn't really matter, after all. What mattered was Cat. And Nakotomith. Her green eyes continued watching the door as she stood out of the way.
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Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:18 pm

[ Tag: Solai ]
K’rios had taken his time getting ready, mostly due to the fact that he wanted to make certain he looked nice and decent for a certain greenrider. He’d spent the entire time listening to his dragon snort and chortle in amusement in his mind, and had expertly ignored him for the most part, even offering a few jabs in return. It was the usual between the two of them, nothing he couldn’t handle of course.

After checking the last of the buckles on his burgundy outfit, he entered the dining hall and immediately looked around for Solai, breath catching when he spotted her in a state he’d never seen her before. He was certain there was a smart-ass remark coming from his dragon, but it wasn’t heard over the rush in his ears as he approached her and touched her shoulder. ”Waiting for someone in particular?”

[ Tag: Zaynellan / Soft Tag: So’cles ]
Duke made sure he was dressed to impress though he was intending to impress only one man during the event. He had been so pleased that Cles was there his heart had raced and his arms had ached when they’d finally parted from embracing. And while he wanted to go straight to him again, there was one person he needed to go to first, before anyone else could be greeted again.

It was easy to find his beautiful girl in the crowd, and once he did, he approached her from the front and opened his arms, a big grin on his face as he moved in for the hug she was about to receive from him. ”You have no idea how proud I am of you right now. My heart is still screaming in delight for you, my darling girl.”

[ Tag: Open ]
It was a feast, sure, but maybe the new Assistant Headman didn’t realize how these things went given how he was dressed as though it were an everyday event. Then again, he was so busy running around attending to matters rather than trying to enjoy himself that maybe he hadn’t bothered to put much thought into it, as though it as just another every day for him.

In a way it was. He was worried and a little stressed, wanting things to be perfect, since this was the first biggest event that he’d ever helped with. Putting together a fancy outfit had been the furthest thing from his mind during the entire process. Maybe later, when everything had melted away he might sit back and realize his mistake. Until that point… really, he needed to sit down and just take a breather.

[ Tag: Keket / Open ]
Being in the South wasn’t much of a difference to being at Ista. The only change was that he felt more comfortable walking around for some reason. Not as restricted. Ista was home, for a variety of reasons, but it seemed as though he could settle here without stares or worries about being poked and prodded into a label he didn’t want.

Was changing your name that much of an issue for you?

Its my name. Why should I change it just to fit their standards? He shrugged and looked around, straightening the fitted coat that he wore. He was still too new to really know anyone here, but that didn’t mean it was going to remain that way. Once, not too long ago, he might have remained cautiously against the walls of the feast. Now, however, he intended to dive in and make himself known.

Feeling approval form his dragon, he started forward, grabbing a drink and looking around again before spotting someone that looked just as new as he did - but considering how new he was… Even so, it was a chance to open up a channel, and he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him up. He made his way over, bowing his head in the woman’s direction. ”If you don’t mind me saying, you look about as new as I still feel.” He offered his hand and smiled. ”Lucian.”

[ Tag: Niomi ]
It had been a rush the last few days, ever since the surprise Impression. He hadn’t expected it, and it was impossible to know what was going to come next now that he had Nako in his life. Watching the blue sleep now reminded him of how much he appreciated what Niomi had gone through in those early days of her own bond, and he smiled as he thought about his lady love.

If only he could take Nako with him, but the blue was very much asleep, and very much not in the position to move, even if he was awake - he’d been belly full all evening and quite content to remain where he was. He had said, from the very start that he wanted Cat to go see Niomi, and to apologize to her for not being in the state to meet her just yet. But soon. Soon they would get to see one another, and that would be just fine for them all.

Dressed in a fine blue tunic that surprisingly matched his blue in many ways, the man had left to go to the feast, stopping first to see Haddy and curl against her, thanking her profusely for her congratulations and warmth, before parting ways to go to Niomi. There would be no wine for him this evening, but he didn’t need it, not when there was her.

He found her quickly, and when he did, tears sprang to his eyes to see her dressed as she was. It was a simple emotion, perhaps, but he hadn’t expected her to be wearing something that matched his dragon so. Approaching, he smiled, the dampness in his eyes quite evident, and when they were in front of one another, his heart was pounding against his chest. ”You look so beautiful, Nimmy.”

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Tag - K'rios
When Angela was approached by another, it did not go amiss by her greenrider sister. After the gather at Evanoria, Solai finally had a talk with her sister, and explained the developments between herself and K'rios over the last season. Rather than cry at the injustice, Angela seemed quite satisfied by the outcome.

"I was beginning to suspect something..." she spoke after little delay.

"When?" Solai asked, surprised her sister had been paying attention. She swore to she had been careful over the last few months, but apparently not careful enough.

"After the second flight, and then I saw you two in the dining hall a few days later." Angela gave a shrug. "You both looked happy, and... I don't know, it made sense."

The answer caused Solai's smile softened then for her sister. "Thank you, Angie. I do hope you're right."

"I hope I am too. He's a good guy."

Now at the gather, her eyes upon the young man who spoke to her sister, Solai realised the reason for Angela's acceptance of her relationship with K'rios. It seemed someone else had caught her sister's eye.

The light touch at her shoulder alerted Solai to company before the rumble of K'rios's words ever reached her.

”Waiting for someone in particular?”

Autumn eyes turned away from Angela and up to the pewterrider, a spark of mirth and mischief clearly alight in them. "Well, I did hear about this rather dapper pewterrider who was going make an appearance," she answered K'rios with a play in her dulcet voice. Rather than step away, however, to tease him further with a chase, Solai turned to face him, and dared to run one hand into his, while her other found its way to his chest. The doublet felt soft against her palm, its colours rich, the ties and straps complimenting his broad form. And then the hand ventured upward to run her fingers along his brow, and down the side of his face. How many times now had her fingers followed this path? But for the first time, Solai dared to do so when curious eyes might witness her affections for him.

Yet rather than pull away, she slipped to her toes, to place a tender kiss at the corner of his mouth. "I think it is suffice to say that he did not disappoint..."
Tag - Al'ster
Angela knew full well who it was her sister waited for. After her talk with Solai after the Evanoria Gather, she suspected Solai would spend her time with K'rios, though oddly enough, Angela was not bothered by this. In the last few months, Angela realised she had grown out of her feelings for the pewterrider. With the fleeting heart of an adolescent girl, it seemed her affections ebbed and flowed, with currents ever changing.

"That's a really nice dress."

The voice drew Angela's attention away from her sister to a familiar reddened face with a shock of copper hair. "Oh! Ummm..." she chuckled nervously as she looked to her toes... only to realise the obnoxious dress covered them. "Thanks. I felt really weird wearing it. My sisters made me." They did her hair, her make up, and tied this sharding dress so tight around her.

Silver eyes turned back up to him, noting his attire. Angela liked the way he presented himself. He looked cute in a way that did not intimidate her, but instead made her feel welcome to the conversation. Allaster had always been nice to her, and the way he looked confirmed to her that even as a newly Impressed, she might always be welcome to enjoy his company.

But where were her manners? Before she could forget, she offered the brownrider a genuine, albeit shy, smile. "Congratulations, by the way. Maukerith is very lovely. You're going to make a great dragonrider... Al'ster." A chuckle escaped her. "I hope I said that right. Is that what they are calling you now?"
Tag - Iktomith? | K'rios (soft tag) | Pahaliah
Before Emalia could return to Angela, she spotted her sister engaged with another. The sight before her, Angela... talking to a boy... was enough to give the young woman pause. Angela never talked to boys, and most definitely not like that. Did that mean she fancied the young man she spoke to? Emalia wondered curiosity.

She would have gone to Solai, to ask the greenrider if she had known about these developments without telling her, but right as the girl turned to do so, she found her other sister occupied even more so by a very familiar pewterrider. It seemed her suspicions all those months ago had been proven right.

Iktomith, if you can hear me, I just want to say I KNEW it! And they look so cute together, she thought out to the pewter dragon, just in case he was listening. The pewter always seemed to have an ear out for curious minds near by, or at least that was what her former encounter with him had shown her. As for K'rios, if he were to spare a moment to look around, he would have spotted Emalia smirking at him knowingly. She raised a glass to him in a toast, and sipped at it before slipping off into the crowd.

It seemed tonight, she would have to entertain herself. There was the outside facet of the feast, but for now, Emalia rather enjoyed the music being played and the echoes of voices cheerfully chattering about her... just so long as they did not expect her to join. Several men offered to take her glass of wine, and offer her a seat, but Emalia was always quick to decline and step away, so she might find a quieter corner of the feast to enjoy her observations of the passer-byes. It was in a calmer spot that the harper apprentice spotted a young man working on a drawing. Curious as to what he was working on, Emalia stepped closer to peer over his shoulder, wondering just who the young man was rendering in his work.
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