Guitar Lessons - Kate | A'ric

Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:42 pm

”Nope, I’ve never even held one before. I always kind of wanted to, but just never did. I’m actually really glad I’m getting the chance to now.”

Well now he would have the chance. Though her mind still lingered on their former conversation, Solai left well enough alone to give A'ric the reprieve he clearly sought. Let them enjoy this evening. Let his fingers grace a guitar and make the sort of music he might later seek in solace. And all the while, Solai would make sure to be a constant friend to the bronzerider in whatever way he required.

”So, what’s the first thing I need to know about playing one of these?”

Her smile brightened for the man. Knowing his want to play filled her with encouragement to be the instructor he required. "Well, I suppose first of all, you need to know how to hold it."

Solai felt confident enough to think to herself, He'll get it in no time.


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