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Despite being new, this dining hall is very similar to the one back at old Atricis, giving a familiarity to the new Weyr. It is one large, central cavern carved out from the side of the cliff with many tables of varying sizes and seat numbers. The kitchens are attached, and there is a set of stairs leading down into the lower caverns.
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"Yes, it was a long time ago and there isn't anything that can be done, even if it was wanted, to change it. I can't say that the decision I made was right or wrong...I'm starting to think there really isn't right or wrong answers unless they are blaringly obvious, but sadly life isn't so black and white. But regardless, I am sorry if I hurt you."

Even at the time, when Sid'nis abandoned him for A'rosius, Mul'rec preferred to describe his feelings as "disappointed" or "let down". He thought the bluerider wanted the same as he, or so Sid'nis had made him believe, thus when the bluerider began to develop his relationship with A'rosius, Mul'rec decided it was time to respond rather than let the man resign himself to the consolation prize. He had always had a fondness for Sid'nis, but was not ready at the time to commit and break a friend's heart. Ultimately, it was the brownrider's heart that was broken, a fact Mul'rec did not come to accept until several turns later after he lost both his friend and his daughter. Still, it never hurt like most broken hearts, but instead ached with regret no matter how much numbweed Mul'rec attempted to apply to it.

Rather than answer, Mul'rec stood at his side in continued silence. He left the dining hall to speak with Sid'nis, to heal old wounds without being subjected to A'rosius' scrutiny. That did not necessarily mean, however, that Mul'rec was keen on renewing old aches.

"I is better to just let the past stay behind us. Speak no more of it. Really...all I truly care about now is where do we go from here. You're my oldest and one of my closest of friends, Mul'rec. I don't want to lose that again. Ever. I....I care about you too much to let more turns slip by us without even so much as speaking to one another."

He heard the echoes of want and hope, but Mul'rec remained cautious about such assumptions, especially when past experiences warned him about jumping to conclusions, no matter how favourable the signs. It also helped little that Sid'nis was recently involved, or so it sounded. While Mul'rec wanted to hear Sid'nis say he wanted another chance, the logical side of Mul'rec warned him that the bluerider might only want comfort for the loss, which the brownrider was not willing to provide. And then once more there was the matter of A'rosius.

"You know I will always care about you Sid'nis. You are my friend, and you are right. We should never let time and regret drive a wedge between us again." For the first time since their arrival outside, Mul'rec dared to look to the bluerider with a softness in his eyes so rarely seen.
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"You know I will always care about you Sid'nis. You are my friend, and you are right. We should never let time and regret drive a wedge between us again."

It was good to hear that Mul'rec also didn't want more turns to slip by between them without so much as talking again. However, there was...something...he couldn't put his finger on it...that was hanging there between them. Something that wasn't being said, something glaringly obvious, but it seemed they were tiptoeing around it still. The look that Mul'rec was currently give him only seemed to reinforce that there was something. Sid couldn't help but feel like he had back at Walled when Mul'rec was still recovering from the wounds he'd got while rescuing him.

Sid gave a small laugh and then rubbed the back of his neck as he paced back and forth a little. "Dammit....Faranth dammit..." He said before he rubbed his face a few times. "For all we've said we care about each other and that we don't want to let regret drive a wedge between us...I can't help but feel like there is something between us." He said honestly, but paused for a moment to try and find the right words...of course, times like this, no words ever felt like the right ones.

"I know neither of us are exactly the same as we were the last time we were at a feast like this. I'm not...I don't want...fuck...I am really bad with words. Not like I was ever very good with them, but seems like here lately I am even worse at them. " Sid lamented as he took another moment or two to try and figure out how to say what he wanted to say without completely fucking things up. Though, the fear of that happening regardless was very real. He was really beginning to wonder if there was anything right he could do. "Basically....I want us back... Spending time with you tonight....I have felt more myself than I have in....well, I can't remember when, but I'm terrified I'm going to do or say something that is just going to ruin everything.
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