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Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:33 am

Continued from a previous thread made by member Slasher, this thread is a place for people to post up family members of their characters they are open or would like other people to play if interested. You can also post up other characters you might want to see created by someone else, such as a character mentioned in your character's bio, or something similar. This is a nice little way to find out if there are any characters open for creation that are already somehow attached to an already existing character for extra plot potential.

Below are two forms you can fill out, one for Family, and another for a specific wanted character. You can edit your Family post as much as you want, or if that or a post for a specific character is no longer desired, mark it for deletion somehow and a staff member will delete it for you.

Family Form

Code: Select all

[b][u]Family Character(s)[/u][/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b] [url=*insert link to bio here*](Character Name)[/url]
[b]Rank/Role:[/b] (Dragonrider/Crafter/etc)
[b]Family Available:[/b] (ex. Father: basic info, etc)
[b]Shared Physical Traits?[/b] (Is everyone in the family dark haired? Are they dark skinned? etc.)
[b]Notes:[/b] (Anything else to note, do they have a good relationsip, bad, etc)
Wanted Form

Code: Select all

[b][u]Wanted Character(s)[/u][/b]
[b]Character Type:[/b] (candidate, holdfolk, etc)
[b]Relationship with:[/b] [url=*insert link to bio here*](Character Name)[/url]
[b]Type of Relationship:[/b] (old flame, rival, or anything else?)
[b]Note:[/b] (anything you want to state? anything important to the wanted character? Like a specific trait or shared events?)
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Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:08 am



  • T'brek (Son ~ 30 ~ b. 2017) Wingthird, Telgar Weyr (Suggested FC: Max Irons)
Current Relations in Play
  • K'rios (Son) Pewterrider of Iktomith (Ember)
  • Lerina (Daughter) Brownrider of Issormorth (LdyPayne)
  • Sunaia (Daughter) Dragon Candidate (Caryatid)
Shared Physical Traits
  • All of them are open, though Sunaia is said to look most like her father out of all of her siblings.
  • It would be lovely if T'brek's suggested face claim be seriously considered permanent due to Max Irons being the RL son of L'van's face claim Jeremy Irons.
  • If his Rank/Role is listed as Weyrleader/Bronzerider, a Bloodline Token will need to be purchased for the creation - contact me if you need help with the purchase and I will either help with the costs or buy one for you.
  • Everyone is open as far as personality goes, how they feel about L'van, whether or not they get along, etc.
  • He tries to be involved with his children and grandchildren but it's entirely possible that some of them just aren't having any of it for whatever reason.
  • Whether or not any of them have changes in opinion because of what happened to him towards the end of his time at Igen remains open to interpretation.
  • Why any of them transferred to New Atricis is as open as their personality, and those that are crafters or a certain type of candidate can remain as such or become dragon, wher, day wher, or pearl candidates upon their arrival in the South.
  • As mentioned in his history, it's entirely possible for him to have children he doesn't know about. Drop me a line if you have ideas for a character like this.
  • If you're interested in any of the children/grandchildren not listed above, but listed in his profile, please get in touch with me.
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Family Character(s)
Character Name: Vin'del
Rank/Role: Bronzerider
Family Available:
Sister Arden, born 2031, it is mentioned in Vin'del's bio that a Search dragon thinks she should be a candidate. Vin'del bought her a fancy flitt egg at the Evanoria Gather:

Toy Body Standard Blue Fancy Flitt
Vain | Curious | Loyal
(Loves to groom owner)
#33DCFF | #A4D8D6

Brother Ardale, Journeyman healer, born 2022
Sister Stara, apprentice healer, born 2026

Shared Physical Traits? I was leaning toward Gracie Gold (small blonde figure skater) when thinking about a play-by for Arden, I'm definitely leaning toward blonde for the family, but anything up to medium brunette would make sense.
Notes: Vin'del actually has a decent relationship with his surviving family. In 2044, though, they lost several members to a fire caused by drunken negligence, and that might affect the characters' attitudes in general.

Character Name: Cehrazad
Rank/Role: Greenrider
Family Available:
Half-sister Donyazad, born in 2034, adopted by a couple who are bakers
Shared Physical Traits? Cehrazad has dark skin, and their mother's skin was darker, so Donyazad probably has at least medium to dark skin.
Notes: Cehrazad stayed out of her sister's life to protect her from exposure to a brothel slave's life. When she was Searched, however, she thought she had a respectable enough life to at least write to the girl, and while they have only met a few times, Donyazad is aware of, and probably pretty proud of, her greenriding older sister.
Wanted Character(s)
Character Type: Walled Hold Bluerider Sha'ryar
Relationship with: Cehrazad
Type of Relationship: old romantic interest and blind drop to pass info to the legion
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Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:49 pm

Family Character(s)
Character Name: R'fael
Rank/Role: Weyrfolk/ex-dragonrider
Family Available:
Nafaela ~ 11 ~ Weyrbrat ~ High Reaches Weyr [ 2036 - ]
Faeris ~ 9 ~ Weyrbrat ~ High Reaches Weyr [ 2038 - ]
Shared Physical Traits? Dark hair, dark eyes
Notes: Good relationship, lots of love between them, not easy for R'fael to be away
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Reposted because this was huge and I didn't want to overshadow the others.

Inakil of Rose Dolcekil
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dayhandler - Supporthandler (works with the creche)

Family Available:
  • Elaine [Half Sister]
    Innell [Half Brother]
    Sunnita [Half-sister]
Shared Physical Traits?
Inakil looks more like his mother so probably doesn’t have many shared traits with any of his half-siblings. Innell and Elaine probably would have brown hair and brown eyes. Sunnita would likely have dark hair, dark eyes, and dark to mid skintone.

Inakil is Nali’s older half-brother through their father. He's related to all his half-siblings through his father. Inakil has generally been pretty close with his siblings, being something of a caretaker to especially to Elaine and Innel when they were all in the creche together. He's probably not as close with Sunnita, but I'm sure he makes a point to visit her, especially since he works with the Creche as a Support Dayhandler.

Sterling of Blue Stersk & Green Linsk
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Guard Dualhandler

Family Available:
  • Possible younger sibling(s)
Shared Physical Traits?
Open for interpretation

Sterling ran away from home when she was 17, and had begun rebelling against her father at 15. She hasn't seen or spoken to her parents since, so there is the chance they had another child/children after Sterling left. (I could see it being her father pressured her mother into have more children after Sterling left or around when Sterling started rebelling so he could have a different child to "mold")
Character Ideas/Wanted Characters
Character Type: Enkas
Type of Relationship: ex-boyfriend
Note: Enkas was a "bad boy" that Sterling got involved with in her teens as part of her rebellion against her father. She and Enkas ran away from Nabol together. Sterling and Enkas started having trouble, and Sterling caught Enkas with another girl. Last Sterling saw Enkas, he had left the caravan they had joined together in favor of Telgar Hold.

Character Type: Auri (Southern Vintner)
Type of Relationship: Ex-girlfriend
Note: Sterling and Auri met during a Gather and started as a one-night-stand, then entered a forbidden relationship during Sterling's first Wherlinghood. They stayed together for a few turns, until Auri broke up with Sterling for unstated reasons.

Ari of Starlight Rosasith
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dragonrider - Threadfighter

Family Available:
Various aunts, uncles, and cousins

Shared Physical Traits?
Open since it would be cousins, so they could easily look different

While Ari's only sister died in a fire, she does have cousins and other relatives that aren't mentioned much in her bio that are all likely in Serafei Seahold. There's a lot open for interpretation here, with the one shared event being the fire that burned their cothold and made them move to Serafei.

Elias of Metal Arcelias
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dayhandler - Guardhandler

Family Available:
  • Markos [Older Brother]
    [Potential siblings/half-siblings or other relatives from Walled Hold]
Shared Physical Traits?
Medium skintone, dark hair, tall/large build, Other relatives could look different depending on relation

  • Markos is mentioned a lot in Elias' bio, and played very important roles there, so his bio would have to match up with certain defined events. Also if Markos were to be picked up and brought to Atricis, some sort of reason for it might need to be given since Markos legally belongs to a different family. When they were together though, they had a strong relationship.
  • Elias could very well have other relatives in Walled Hold he doesn't know about, seeing as he doesn't even know who his parents were. They could be full siblings, half siblings, cousins, etc.
Character Ideas/Wanted Characters
Character Type: Southerner(s)
Type of Relationship: Open, connection would be The Pit fighting ring mentioned in Elias' history
Note: I am open to others playing characters that might have been from The Pit mentioned in Elias' history. They could either know Elias, have been defeated by him, or have never really known him (were fighters and defeated before he came along). There were a lot of people involved in The Pit, a lot of fighters, but non-fighters (like those who made bets or helped run it) are also open as possibilities, though non-fighters would most likely be criminals. If you want to know more, check out Elias' history or send me a PM.

Dragon Candidate Nali
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate

Family Available:
  • Elaine [Sister, 2030] (Twin/Triplet Token Needed)
    Innell [Brother, 2030] (Twin/Triplet Token Needed)
    Sunnita [Half-sister, 2035] (Mother: ex-Weyrwoman Solange of Gold Tsunath)
Shared Physical Traits?
For her triplet siblings, they probably would have brown hair and brown eyes. Lorian would also probably have brown hair. Sunnita would likely have dark hair, dark eyes, and dark to mid skintone.

  • Nali is one of triplets. Her siblings are Innell and Elaine.
  • Sunnita probably had/has a different foster parent due to needing special care due to a disability.
  • Nali has one sibling not listed, Lorian, however, Lorian is actually an NPC child between players Parker and Fawkes, so he would have to be confirmed with those two for play.

Solonia of Black Agate Solonisk
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Wherhandler - Guardhandler

Family Available:
  • Sonia [Older Sister]
    Borin [Brother, assumed deceased]
Shared Physical Traits?
Dark hair, eye color could vary, possible heterochromia

  • Sonia isn't mentioned much in Solonia's bio, so she is very much open for interpretation
  • Borin disappeared from the caravan when Solonia was 12 turns. While he's presumed dead, he could very well have been kidnapped and could be alive if someone wanted to explore that. Keep in mind, being kidnapped and never returned to his family likely implies not the most positive of backstories for him.

Lolena'vas of White Nessivas
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Pearlrider - Strikesecond

Family Available:
  • Olsarin [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
    Ivarin [Half-Brother through Ol'ver]
    Zolina [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
    Aymallin [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
    Olliayma [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
    Verani [Younger Sister]
    Olivandra [Half-Sister through Ol'ver]
Shared Physical Traits?
Varied, Lolena is a redhead thanks to her mother's genetics, while her father is more dirty blonde/light brown.

  • Many of Lolena's half-siblings are through Parker's character Ol'ver and another player, so many of these might need to be checked in with me so I can check in with the other player if they are still around. (I do have permission from Parker to include the siblings of my characters through her characters on here)
  • Due to Ol'ver, the father, being Weyrleader at one time, many of these children will need Bloodline tokens
  • Verani is a twin, but I plan on picking up Verani's twin sister eventually. Verani is also a full blooded sister to Lolena. Verani would also need a Bloodline token, as her mother was a previous Weyrwoman, and her father was a Weyrleader.
  • Generally, Lolena's father is as involved as he can be in his children's lives.

Naia of Blood Ptahia
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dayhandler - Guardhandler/Harper Painter

Family Available:
  • Mina [Younger sister b. 2018]
Shared Physical Traits?
Luka and Naia are both redheads. My original idea for Mina was her to have albinism, but this isn't necessary.

  • Mina was picked on when she was younger, though why was left vague so someone could play around with that if interested. They do have an older sister they know as Niki, but Niki was (unknown to the siblings at the time) disowned by their parents and changed her name to Luka.
  • Mina would require a Bloodline token since her and Naia's father is the current head Master Harper for the Harperhall.

Dragon Candidate Kolearine
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate

Family Available:
  • Thane [Older Brother]
    Thaleia [Older Sister]
Shared Physical Traits?
Likely all have brown to dark brown hair, potentially varying eyes, though Kolearine has amber eyes

These are Kole's older siblings, and their ages are left kind of vague, though it is implied her older siblings are a number of turns older than her. Kole lost contact with them after being kicked out by their father, though it is implied Kole didn't have terribly strong relationships with them either due to their inaction while Kole and their father were fighting. They could be brought in trying to make amends with Kole, or don't even know Kole is in the Weyr and have come for their own reasons.

Tovalia of Green Dracaenath
Profile | Tracker
Character Ideas/Wanted Characters
Character Type: Kyoldir - Rogue
Relationship with: Tovalia
Type of Relationship: Best friend from 2032 - 2036
Note: Kyoldir was best friends with Tova for a few turns, both being children of rogues. They both were brought south by their families, creating a large group of rogues that were later taken out by the Walled Hold Legion in 2036. Kyoldir likely died during then, but he could have managed to escape/survive, though he'd likely have lived as a rogue, and would definitely need a Rogue token to be created. Other than being friends with Tova and being involved in the "rogue burning" in 2036, his character and life is left pretty vague, though he would be close in age to Tova.

Character Type: Rogue Children/Orphans from Walled
Relationship with: Tovalia
Type of Relationship: Fellow orphans that lived in The Dragon's Nest with Tovalia
Note: There are two types of potentials here, one of two other rogue children that were brought to the orphanage with Tova, or other Walled orphans who were there while Tova was there. Both are fairly open, though the rogue children would have been through the "rogue burning" in 2036, be around Tova's age now, and would need rogue tokens to be created due to being children of rogues.

Letitia of Blue Leitask
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Wherhandler - Healerhandler/Mindhealer (apprentice)

Family Available:
  • Rosika [Istan Foster Sister]
    Raurie [Istan Foster Brother]
    Astraea [Istan Foster Sister]
    [Various potential cousins from her mother's side she doesn't know about]
Shared Physical Traits?
None, completely open due to none of them being blood related

  • Letitia's only known living blood relative is her father, Darilex, and her aunt, though she only met her aunt briefly. Because her deceased mother did have siblings, however, it is likely Letitia could have cousins she isn't aware of, due to not being very aware of that side of her blood family.
  • To Letitia, her foster siblings were her family, and she still considers them as such, likely writing letters to them and sending them via her firelizard.
  • Rosika and Raurie could potentially be related, and are presumably older than Letitia, but it is open for interpretation
  • Astraea is younger than Letitia, but it isn't stated exactly how much by, though it could be anywhere from 1 - 5 turns difference. Letitia also took on a protective role toward Astraea after initial jealousy. I imagine she was particularly close with Astraea up until she left to find her blood father.

M'ir of Brown Larixth

Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dragonrider - Threadfighter

Family Available:
  • Maelus [Older brother, b. 2010]
    Muireal [Older sister, b. 2011]
    Murna [Older sister, b. 2017]
    Minneas [Older brother, b. 2019]
    [Various aunts, uncles, and cousins not listed]
Shared Physical Traits?
ikely they would all be dark haired, dark eyed, and mid to light skintones, though there is room for differences.

  • M'ir and his two closest siblings were disowned to an orphanage (the family needed to after their parents died, and they did it with hopes the children would have better prospects).
  • His sister Murna was adopted into a Merchant family
  • His brother Minneas left the orphanage, though M'ir is not sure why or where (open to interpretation). His other older siblings likely stayed at the family farm, but they are also open to interpretation.
  • Any various unnamed cousins, uncles/aunts would likely at least originate at the same farm.

Dragon Candidate Raevin
Profile | Tracker
Family Available
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate

Family Available:
  • Olsarin [Half-brother through Ol'ver, b. 2033]
    Ivarin [Half-brother through Ol'ver, b. 2033]
    Zolina [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2033]
    Aymallin [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2033]
    Olliayma [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2033]
    Aivelin [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2037]
    Verani [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2037]
    Olivandra [Half-sister through Ol'ver, b. 2037]
    Aryan [Half-brother through Ryarin, b. 2039]
Shared Physical Traits?
Varied due to them being half-siblings.

[*]Many of Raevin's half-siblings are through Parker's character Ol'ver and another player, so many of these might need to be checked in with me so I can check in with the other player if they are still around. (I do have permission from Parker to include the siblings of my characters through her characters on here)
[*]All of Raevin's siblings through Ol'ver will need a Bloodline token, as Ol'ver was Weyrleader.[/list]
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Family Character(s)
Character Name: Laikanurinato
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate
Family Available: Dragonrider K’ric, brother
Shared Physical Traits? Brown hair, blue eyed, former fighter/guardsman
Notes: K’ric “Recently” Impressed to an unnamed dragon shortly after Laikanu arrived in New Atricis. They’re “Irish Twins” meaning they are only a few/nine months apart & are very close due to this. Everything about K’ric’s dragon is open save that he Impressed at Benden. I’d love to see K’ric played! <3
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Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:12 pm

Wanted Character(s)
Character Type: Candidate/Dragonrider (Your choice)
Relationship with: Ed'wyn
Type of Relationship: Best friend of Ed'wyn's since a young age, family knew each other. She has a crush on Ed, but it's not reciprocated (for now) due to him crushing on other pretty girls...However eventually he'll end up realising how amazing/important she is and will crush on her too. :P
Note: Hoping for Barbara Palvin as the face claim, however I'm not too fussy. But the girl has to be along the lines of sweet, polite, respectful. Maybe a bit ditzy etc etc but clever in her own right. Ed'wyn and (insert name) met each other when they were younger, Ed was 5, she was 4, due to their parents knowing each other due to their fathers being in the same wing. In the short amount of free time Ed had as a youngster, he'd spend it with the girl. Even when he couldn't talk to her, she'd be watching him and waiting eagerly to have fun with her friend. When Ed'wyn came back to the High Reaches to see her once he became a rider, Ed and the girl shared a day where they grew very close to each other, which is when the girl realised her feelings for him!

Just a rough summary. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or hit me up on the Cbox! Thanks. <3
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Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:34 pm

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Alassiel
Rank/Role: Garnet Weyrling
Family Available: Alariel (Younger brother, 2 Turns younger than Alassiel; Recommended PB Christopher Mason)
Shared Physical Traits? Both children inherited their father’s blonde hair, though Alariel’s is more honey-toned due to their mother’s brown hair.
Notes: Relationship started rocky due to Alassiel being forced to babysit from a young age due to parents’ crafts. Has been getting better with time. Alariel can either be a candidate going on his last standing, or already a rider so long as he Impressed at any other Weyr than Atricis!

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Rh’van
Rank/Role: Brown Weyrling
Family Available: Sevaren (Younger brother, 1 1/2 Turns younger than Rh’van; Recommended PB David Alexander Flinn); Saline (Younger sister, 3 Turns younger than Rh’van; Recommended PB Camilla Belle); Valiren (Younger brother, 4 1/2 Turns younger than Rh’van; Recommended PB Serge Rigvava); Rhivaeren (Younger brother, 7 Turns younger than Rh’van; no recommended PB)
Shared Physical Traits? All the children have brown hair due to both Rhilaros and Sevaena having brown hair. Eye color varies between brown and hazel.
Notes: All siblings are younger than Rh’van, though he admittedly has the best relationships with his sister Saline and his brother Sevaren due to them growing up the most around each other. As all are younger than Rh’van is, all are of candidate age, be it for dragon, wher, daywher, or pearl!

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Kyrielle
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate
Family Available: Khuraen (Younger brother, 4 Turns younger than Kyrielle; no recommended PB); Ayasena (Younger sister, 7 Turns younger than Kyrielle; no recommended PB)
Shared Physical Traits? All three siblings share their father’s dark hair, though only Khuraen inherited the man’s dark eyes. Ayasena inherited her mother’s green eyes.
Notes: Both siblings are younger than Kyrielle, though Ayasena is just under candidacy age. Of the two siblings, Kyri has a better relationship with Aya, since she’s currently taking care of her sister while Khuraen has been helping their father.

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Saelle
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate
Family Available: L’kon (Older half-brother through mother, 6 Turns older than Saelle; PB preferably of Asian/Pacific Islander descent); Adrassa (Older half-sister through father, 2 Turns older than Saelle; no recommended PB); Taesien (Younger half-sister through mother, 1 Turn younger than Saelle; PB preferably of Asian/Pacific Islander descent); Kediramos (Younger half-brother through father, 1 1/2 Turns younger than Saelle; no recommended PB); Asaledia (Younger half-sister through father, 2 1/2 Turns younger than Saelle; no recommended PB); Sevaerin (Younger half-brother through father, 5 Turns younger than Saelle; no recommended PB)
Shared Physical Traits? All are half-siblings, so there will be very little similarities between S’vras’s children. L’kon and Taesien, however, are related to Saelle through her mother, where she got her looks. Both of them look fairly similar to Saelle, in the sense of skin tone, eye and hair color.
Notes: Saelle has a very good relationship with all of her known half-siblings, though she seems a bit closer to the ones from S’vras. L’kon and Adrassa both Impressed at Ista, L’kon to a blue at age 14 and Adrassa to a green at age 13. The younger siblings are all of candidate age.
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Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:18 pm

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Lerina
Rank/Role: female Brownrider /wingrider
Family Available: Evika (b. 2002)- Lerina's Mother
Shared Physical Traits? Fairly open here, should have some shade of brown hair and light to medium tonned skin. Other than that, it's open.
Evika is a green dragonrider from Igen Weyr. She has four children total (Evakita, Shiava and Lervesel) Shortly she will be brought to New Atricis with L'van's help (still working on details for that as of July 4th 2018, will update this when it's resolved). Evika gave birth to Lervesel in 2044 and she'll have him with her to raise. Lerina got along well with her mother and cared for her deeply. I didn't name her green so that is totally open to develop.

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Lerina
Rank/Role: female Brownrider /wingrider
Family Available: Shiava (b. 2030) - Lerina's Sister
Shared Physical Traits?
brown hair and light to medium tone skin, eyes could be light or dark, your choice. As they don't share the same father they don't have to look too closely alike.
Lerina helped care for Shiava and they were quite close growing up despite being 3 Turns apart. How things stand between the sisters will depend on Shiava's believes and reaction to Lerina Impressing Brown, something Igen Weyr was against. I would like them to still be close, even if they have to work through some initial issues when reunited. What career/life path Shiana takes is open. How she came to New Atricis is also open.

Family Character(s)
Character Name: Zilelmos
Rank/Role: Dragon Candidate/ former sailor
Family Available: Yagar (b. 2025)
Shared Physical Traits? light brown or blond hair, blue, grey or brown eyes, cleft chin. Should be stocky and under 6' tall however.
Zilelmos was pretty close to Yagar as they were the youngest boys despite several Turns between the two. Yagar would know Garroyo changed his name to Zilelmos when he left home to be a Sailor so could track him to the South and to New Atricis easily enough. How Yagar feels about what happened to their oldest brother Ryson is up to you. Also what craft Yagar took up is up to you, and what path he follows afterwards (ie becoming a candidate etc.)
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