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While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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Lareli had left her barracks for a moment to find herself. Every day she had to clean, feed, and just take care of her wher. He was such a lovely creature, but sometimes she needed some time for herself. She walked the halls of the barracks late one night. She tried not too, but sometimes she needed the walk. Her mind wondered to the time she had spent sense she had met her wher, she'd met a new friend named talen, he was such a nice man. She hoped to stay friends with him. She'd gotten to meet her wher, who she loved with all her heart, and she was learning how to become the best caretaker handler there was. She went to each lesson she could, making sure her wher was there so he too could learn with the other's and keeping him near other caretaker's so he could learn from them. She walked until she came to a bend in the hall and found a small crevice in the wall, she looked inside and saw that there was a nest inside. Looking closely she saw that there was egg's broken all over the place and saw what looked like claw marks from a tunnel snake, she knew this nest had been torn apart wen the mother was away at some point and the eggs destroyed. she started to back away from the nest when the light caught on a egg that looked whole and she reached in to pull the little thing out. A rather large egg, she felt that it was getting cold but she felt the warmth from the life of the creature inside and quickly cupped her hands around the egg to keep it warn. Walked back towards her room, she felt a small twitch in the egg, it was a wonder the thing was still alive. She rushed back to her room and quickly got the fire in her room going hotter and placed the egg in a basket she had for lunches out in the weyr with her wher.

Quickly searching her room, she found the small pouch she had with meatballs in it she had for times when her or Anubli would get hungry and need a snack and pulled it out. There was only a few left, she hoped it would be enough. She heard a crack from where she sat and looked to see the egg wobbling. She knew it was any moment now. Anubli huffed and she turned to smile at the wher, his eyes were open as he lay on his side with his feet sticking out beside him. He head was turned back towards her and he looked so silly like that. He looked from her to the basket and back. Getting to his feet he walked over and sniffed the egg inside and sat on his haunches to watch.

"Soon we will have a new little one to play with" She hummed at Anubli and his tired little ears purcked up and he nudged the egg and jumped when a rather large crack apearred on the egg. She knew he was tired, he didn't even mind speak to her, just send emotions, and she explained.

"Like you, some creatures start out in eggs, and this one will hatch soon. I found him or her in a hole and was alone, the egg was cold and the nest destroyed so i brought it back here." She said quickly reaching forward when the egg split open to reveal a bronze in the shell and they both gasped. Placing meat in front of the creature it quickly snapped the roll away and ate it quickly, then two, and three, until all of them were gone. He burped and looked around for more. He jumped up and caught himself catching the wind to cling to Lareli and search her for more when he couldn't find any. They all looked at each other when the little creature dissapeared and she thought he wouldn't come back. Lareli sighed and walked back to the nest with Anubli to put him back to bed. He whined and laid down in his bed and started to doze off again. Lareli heard a pop and looked around to find the bronze was now sitting in her bed with a very full belly. She wondered what he had went after and didn't care. Deciding it didn't matter and walked to the bed and picked up the bronze and placed him on her shoulder's. She would start training him now to sit there, even though she felt his claws, she would get pads, but to start early would be a good idea.

Anubli sent happy thoughts before dozing back off to sleep. She turned and decided she would clean the egg up, which she did and sat down on the bed to watch her wher and and stroke her little bronze. The images and feeling's she got from them both made her smile. Her heart filled with joy and the two who shared her mind with her and she knew they would be with her forever. She knew she would have to take care of them both, but it didn't matter, she would do it, for them both and herself.

Now with them both to keep her company, she would never be alone again, never had to feel that part of her that felt alone during times she wanted company, but of course she knew they couldn't fill her all the way. She smiled and felt that it was enough to have a wher that loved her and wanted to take care of her, and to feel the new thoughts in her head, even if they are images and emotions, to know the little bronze would take care of her too. He knew of the attack, even in the egg he had been scared, but with the warmth of her hands he had felt safe, and had come back to her because he wanted to be with her. She felt such pride in this she felt a tear escape and the emotions and images died down to a whisper as the two snoozed and fell into sleep. She moved the little bronze, Stump, to him pillow beside her head and laid down. Her eyes closed as she watched them both break, knowing she wasn't alone.

{Wanted to do something a little different. And thus a standalone to help understand lareli's head a little.}
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