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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:04 pm

Season - Spring 2048
Time - Early Evening (1730)
Location - Atricis Weyr | Sparring Circle

Dragon Candidate Angela

Did it count as socialising if it got Angela out of the candidate barracks? After her talk with K'rios and Iktomith, the girl did genuinely try her best to get to know the people around her, but there were still times when she considered them a bit overbearing. Needing some time away from the juvenile encounters she shared with her peers on a daily basis, Angela had begun to find peace in an unexpected place: the Sparring Circle.

Normally she only went there when she wanted to prove her own prowess or hone her skills, but she also enjoyed simply observing others during dinner time. She made sure to grab some food along the way, normally a few meat rolls, a healthy cut of cheese, and a small collection of small uncut tubers boiled with garlic. With her meal secure, routine demanded that she venture across the weyrbowl for the Sparring Circle. It was always easy to find a seat in the benches that encircled the ring. There, she would nibble on her food, and pass pieces off to Apollo and Daphne when they behaved themselves. Each piece was savoured by her, for there was no need to rush, but once she did finally finish her meal, Angela would consider a good brawl or wrestle, for sometimes it was good to stretch out her limbs.

Or maybe she would just watch.

Looking about the circle, there was a thin group of men alternating among themselves in the circle. Did she want to join them? Angela did not know for certain, thus she decided to simply watch even once she had had her fill and let her hybrids polish off the rest of her plate.

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:58 pm

After the excursion to Walled Hold to free the Daywherhandler and her beast, I'ent felt he could better improve his hand to hand fighting skills. He had picked it up well enough during Weyrlinghood but since graduating he hadn't sparred much. Sometimes Locke would run him through his paces but most often he pretty much relied on past experience instead of regular practice. He focused on other areas such as moving silently and leaving as little trace as possible especially in rural areas. He also worked on scaling buildings and trees so his free time was used up a fair bit. Now however he shuffled his priorities to ensure he hit the sparring circle at least twice a week. When not sparring he worked out in other ways. I'ent doubted he would ever be as good as Locke but he did feel he could hold his own against the average fighter.

He sparred a few rounds with the men who were at the circle that day before stepping out of the ring to cool off. Drying his face and noticed a woman sitting in the stands watching and eating a meal. He didn't recognize her but thought she was younger than he was, maybe a sister of one of the guys sparring perhaps or just somebody who liked to watch. Draping the towel over his shoulder he picked up the pitcher of cool water and poured himself another glass and slowly sipped it, eyes alternating between the next pair squaring off in the Sparring circle and the girl watching from the stands.

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