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Even with the move to the South, Gathers are still a thing to look forward to, though in the Walled Hold they appear to be called Festivals instead. Either way, Gathers and Festivals are a time of fun to enjoy when they come around.

Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:47 am

Tag: Open / Sid'nis
Reflections of a clear tide across the waning light of the eve had blurred upon the sea, Nerosali intent upon keeping close to her friend, one that she saw as a trusted confidant and family. It was easily resemblant of the faith Kinali had placed within Sid’nis during their earlier days of friendship, but had since grown, just without a hint of romance. Had Iolith been a day wher…that might have been a different story, well aware that some chose to take a permanent life mate in addition to whomever chased them. Yet another reminder that she had matured over the months, and her own time was growing close, much to her dismay. It was a subject that although her handler remained exceptionally supportive of in whatever she felt best, she could recognize a faint dust trail of his own discomfort. Physical intimacy had never been one of his strengths, the activity itself bringing back haunting memories, and though the run-lust was not nearly as potent in day whers as that of dragons, there were undoubtedly some who partook or exploited it. Such a sensation was enough to toss her own conserved focus to the ground, trampled upon in favor of her bondmate’s well being. But…Nerosali also knew it was a commitment and something that needed to happen. Hopefully within the coming days they would figure something out, together. Likely resulting with Kinali locking himself away for the day; it seemed like the easiest solution.

Drawing her attention back to the eye-catching blue, the regal queen of hearts glimmered her approval as bubbles splintered a tranquil surface of the water, Iolith keen to grasp her gaze in a playful manner. She glanced her approval, the same balmy colours upon her eyes much as was common between the two. “What we dont know is often the scariest. Just because of that reason its unknown to us,” she chimed in aspect, thinking on the situation the white pearl had gotten into. “No doubt beautiful. Just a different kind. I wonder if we should help clear the way, or find another pearl, so she isnt swarmed,” the blackrose suggested, eyeing her surroundings. A glance of another blood wher ogling at her for a brief moment caught her regard, the male likely taking an easy notice of her maturity. It reeked like that of a canine in heat, although she had not yet begun to display such attitude. In truth little mattered of the colour or shape of another day wher’s hide for her at the moment, although such thoughts may change. It was simply a topic she didn’t want to muse on. “I feel a sudden need for a scenery change. Beginning to feel as if Im a trophy to be won,” she mused in effort of rescue, a droll animus towards the sensation. Perhaps she shouldn’t have felt such a way, but it was not a measure of thought that Nerosali wanted to reflect upon today. Perhaps come the morrow or near weeks, but tonight was for spending with her friend and family.

Back upon the starlit shores, Kinali had readily eased himself into Sid’nis’ lap, quietly eating as he looked out upon the horizon beyond the ocean. Little could find peace more than taking in an easel of dusk, nearly painted that the beauty was hard to contain. Feasts had changed within the past turn, becoming an relaxed moment among the rush that was life. Something he wanted to savor. He could faintly make out the silhouettes of Iolith dancing in the water about his own day wher, bringing a warm and cherished grin to his face. “Those two seem to have found a day’s moment for unwinding,” he suggested, nudging his other half. “Feel like a walk, once you’re done eating?
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Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:22 pm

Iolith was a well-learned dragon as far as dragons went. His rider loved to read, remembered all of it, so those thoughts and facts stuck with the blue as well. He absolutely loved the fact that his dear friend and partner in crime seemed to be as well learned as himself so they could enjoy conversations such as the one they were currently having. The unknown is the scariest, but it is a shame when that excuse is used to condone things that shouldn't be done. He stated as his eyes turned from her to look at the lovely creature that was now surrounded by curious people Imagine how things would have gone differently for us and the Pearls if the unknown had only been treated with uncertainty and not fear. He asked hypothetically.

He about ready to give his two bits on what they should do when he felt his friend tense up. Having known her since birth he could sense when her mood changed rather well. His gaze went to the shore, but he did not catch whatever it was that had upset her. A rush of protectiveness came over him for his friend whom he saw as closer than some of his own clutch mates. He flared a wing to block her from whomever it was making her feel such a way. Let's go find another Pearl then. I would like to talk to one. The blue began to head towards where there were more pearls looking on at the shore curiously, but wasn't brave enough to come greet them yet. Perhaps he and Nerosali could get one to be more comfortable with them.

Back on the beach, Sid was finding himself in an even more precarious position than before. It was hard enough to ignore the handsome man by his side and the feelings he caused in him when he was sitting next to him. Now that Kinali had easily slid himself onto his lap he was beginning to think that his imp of a boyfriend knew exactly what it was he was doing. Whatever few bites of food he had left was ignored in favor of placing a short kiss on Kinali's neck. "A walk would be fine." He agreed, but his tone was not all that interested in a walk. "I'm done eating. Which direction do you want to walk? We could head the way Iolith and Nerosali is heading." He suggested, trying to ignore everything else that was happening to and around him.
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Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:21 pm

Yanna, Pearl Candidate
Tag: Aoivas, Klah flit

Yanna was distracted from the world around her, mostly because of this pretty creature, this Pearl. But also from the adorable flit that had come to say hello. He was such a friendly little - okay, maybe not so little - fella. Keeping her fingers gently caressing the flit, most of her attention was now upon the Pearl as its voice - a distinctly female voice - entered her mind again.

Aoivas. That was a strange name, Yanna thought. A nice one though, she supposed. And then more questions. Was Yanna always her name? "Yes, I've always been Yanna." And if that wasn't a strange question, the next one was even more confusing.

Where was the ending of her name?

Yanna was totally blank as to the meaning of that. But Aoivas' last question shed some insight on what she might mean. Vas or Vis. Was Yanna a Vas or a Vis? What in the world were those? Oh... the ending of her name? "Um..." For Yanna's ten year old mind, it was very difficult to wrap her head around the meaning behind all of this. "Aoivas, I don't und--" And then it clicked.

Aoivas... was a vas. That was the ending of her name. Her... Vas was female and Vis was male? Yanna couldn't be sure but it kind of made sense. So she took a gamble and said, "Vas is female? I am Vas." She hoped she wasn't wrong in her guess.

As she had been busy thinking, her hand that had been caressing the flit on her shoulder had stopped its petting.

And then for a ten year old, who was smart, she asked what others might think was a very stupid question. "Do you like to swim?"
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Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:23 am

White Aoivas
Tag - Yanna, Open
Aoivas hadn't any clue that she had confused the poor young Pernese girl. She just watched her, waiting curiously for her answer to her questions, eyes whirling with anticipation. The first answer pleased Aoivas. So Yanna was always Yanna. So did these Pernese creatures not have names like Pearls did? It was quite the concept to Aoivas, but she was eager for Yanna's answer to her second question. For a moment it almsot seemed like she wouldn't get that answer, but soon enough, Yanna did her best.

Yes yes! 'vas' is our name for female. So your name is Yanna, and you are a Vas, but your name doesn't end with Vas.

For a moment, Aoivas seemed to contemplate this. It was such a simple thing, something she had never thought anything of. To her vas and vis were the normal way of things, everyone was a vas or vis in her glint. But the Pernese didn't call themselves by if they were vas or vis. They had names without the endings. Very peculiar, she thought. Her eyes whirled, showing that she was thinking on all this information, only to stop and whirl with happiness when Yanna asked her next question. A childish question, perhaps, but one Aoivas was excited about anyways.

Oh yes yes! I love to swim. All Pearls love to swim. We swam very far to get here. Land is nice, but the water is the best. She crooned as she bespoke Yanna, forgetting their earlier question about names and vas and vis.

Swimming! We have a female, she's young yet, but she has a gem! We're all excited for her swimming Race when she comes of age. She'll Race well I know it, and then we'll have eggs. Oooh, you should come see the eggs when they hatch! I'll see if my glint Leader will let you come to see the eggs!
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Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:13 am

Tag Yanna/Zaa and Hilamila/Lanni
Elannel looked again at the girl he had helped down from the wagon, and at her nice gather clothing, before looking toward the other, younger girl that had been petting his flitt. “I’m sorry,” he said to Hilamila. “I’ll come back to help you through the crowd, but I really need to get down there.” He wasn’t sure how quickly she could move in her pretty dress, and he couldn’t bear to wait any longer.

He probably brushed past several people on his way down to the girl talking to the pearl. He tried to be careful about it, but there were so many people in the direct path between him and her that he knew his shoulders and arms brushed against the fancy gather clothes of important people standing in the way. Klah could probably keep her from going anywhere, but…

Then there was only a pearl and a lantern between him and the girl. Her face was clearly lit up, and he felt absolutely certain for a moment before he reminded himself that it didn’t make sense. Yanna was still at the orphanage. “Klah, come here,” he told the flitt, staring straight into the girl’s face. It occurred to him that it might seem creepy.

“You look just like my little sister, but she couldn’t possibly be here,” he said, uncomfortably.
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Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:46 am

~: Dragon Candidate Halimila :~
Elannel/Ainokesshou, Open
For a few heartbeats Halimila wondered what she had done wrong that had scared the young gentleman away. Had she taken took long in replying? Had she moved too slow? A slight frown crossed her face before she brushed off the small hurt. "It's okay!" She said with a shooing motion of one hand. "I can't imagine leaving a family member alone long," Mila added thinking that he was in a hurry to retrieve his flit. "I'll just meander my way down to the beach. Maybe you could save me a dance later though? I promise..." Her words trailled off as the young man had already begun his trail down to the water's edge. Shaking her head at her own assumptions, Mila pulled on another smile and brushed off the seat of her skirt.

Once she was positive that no debris from the wagon seat had stayed on her skirt, Halimila moved to join in the crowd now drawn to the Pearl. While the young lady thought the sea-faring creatures were stunning, Mila couldn't see the appeal of living so close to the sea. More adjusted to small-town life as well as the hustle and bustle of the weyr, Mila held no dreams in her heart of becoming a partner to a Pearl. No matter how her girly-side squealed over the pretty markings on the pale one's sides.
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Hal had been enjoying watching the show when a figure approached him. Stiffening slightly, Halian wondered what he had done to attract someone's attention already. Hoping that Hali hadn't done something foolish already, Hal turned slightly to greet the new-comer. However he had been beaten to the punch and the young lady introduced herself. Rolling the lady's name around his mind for a few moments, Hal noticed that the lady wasn't quite as relaxed as she sounded. Curiosity, worry and his own hidden tension had Hal's tone sounding a bit more awkward that he had hoped. "Good Evening, Lady Lareli," He began until a break in his voice had him clearing his throat quickly. Trying once more, Hal introduced himself, "I'm Halian. I guess you could call me a new recruit. Been hunting these parts for Turns now," Hal went on to explain as one hand drifted to the back of his neck. Rubbing against the flush he could feel forming under his skin, Hal hoped that the new handler was as understanding as the other he had met just a few days prior.
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Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:55 am

Shaylah Seaman:Pearl Candidate
Shaylah waited as the big creature seemed to be taking a moment. She was unsurr if she was doing the right thing by announcing herself. Should she have waited for the opportunity for it to comment to her. She wanted to know more about these creatures and what they were like, she even felt she could honestly get along with them. With the reports of the treaty and the aftermath of the big fight, she wasnt sure if they would really be that welcome, may e some of them were rather unhappy and wanted nothi.g to do with them. She wouldn't be surprised.

[center]Lareli & Blood Anubli[/center]
Lstep I looked over the man as he stiffened. She couldn't help but relax as he seemed rather uncomfortable. She placed herself more at ease as he seemed to stumble for a moment to get the words out. Feeling bad for him and wanting to give him a little more of a welcome she waited as he corrected himself and finally came out of his moment. Smiling at him some more, this time more realistic she placed another small bite of sweet roll in her mouth. Once he announced himself she quickly swallowed the roll.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Halian, I'm always gappy to know a hunter is joining us in our ranks. As much as the where grow in number its always nice to have a fellow who is well versed in the region" she was honest with her statement. She couldn't be unhappy, they needed as many as they could get. She feared the day the wilds of the south started to attack the weyr, it wouldn't be pretty. With the arrival of the new creature she was more then happy to possibly have a way to protect the ships they needed for the weyr to survive.
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Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:17 am

Tag: Sid'nis
While Nerosali and her companion ventured forth along the beach in search of another pearl to interact with Kinali had his own plans, steadily warming up to a close proximity with Sid’nis. It was a different air and approach than he’d taken in the past, although no less playful or outspoken than he could be in some circumstances. Around some he simply became more comfortable than he typically was, and the bluerider had gone leagues to ensure that he was both at peace and of mind to take it at their own pace. Or rather, his pace. For some time that had amounted to nothing more than lighthearted gestures and the simple hug, eventually growing to a cuddle. Now…he was beginning to weave his playfulness into it. And it was generating more than a desired effect, much to his pleasure.

Hand entwining just over his other half’s he crooned softly, a gentle approval to the affection that Sid had been gifting him with. The overall tone had shifted from open minded to immediate receptiveness to the knavish conduct Kinali had been throwing into his lap. Quite literally, given the fact that he was nestled up against him, and baring his neck to some extent — something that the healer took to without needing to be asked. “Or we could…wait,” he offered, a suggestive tone within his voice as he rubbed a hand along one of the long legs that he’d settled between. “Think I’ll let you lead us for tonight, for once. Seems I always have the reigns. Maybe I could learn a thing or two, from the rider,” he continued to tease, kissing the underside of Sid’nis’ chin with just enough of a frolic nip to inspire a bit further action.

Upon the beach within their search for another pearl Nerosali had once more waded into the shallows of the ocean, a loose collection of seaweed nipping at her paws as they continued along the waves. Eventually it subsided, carried out to sea, whereas she was too stubbornly anchored to be taken with the soothing recession. Calmness bespectacled her eyes as she gazed forward, keenly studying the horizon and keeping close to her trusted friend. “When we do meet one eventually, what do you think youll ask them?” she inquired openly, curiosity spiking within her moment. “I imagine their way of life is so vastly different than our own.

Perhaps a league down she could spot another of the waterborne dragonkin, black with a rose overtone though was not close enough to determine its relative age, save for a vague silhouette against the fading light. Soon all that would remain would be the stars and the bonfires to light their way, and her own hide likely blending into the night just as similar darker ones would with relative ease. “Theres another now. Maybe we can ask them. Wonder if its a female or not” she piqued, trotting forwards yet careful enough not to leave her beloved confidant behind.

Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:49 pm

Yanna, Pearl Candidate
Tag: Elannel, Aoivas

"Oooh I love to swim too! We could swim tonight if you want? You can call me Yannavas too if you want to." Yanna's grin was spread across her entire countenance. It was amazing talking to this being from the sea. A place her heart felt a part of. And then eggs?

"Oh yes please. I'd love to see them. Are they really tiny? Are they hard or soft? How many eggs do you all usually have? And --" She would have continued her rapid fire questions but just past the lantern someone came and stood. The flit was called to the person. This must be the sweet flits owner, she guessed. She couldn't see him very well for the lantern light was in her eyes. What he said though...his voice... it nearly stopped her from breathing.

Her grin turned quickly into some sort of expression there was no name for. Longing, disbelief, hope, pain, and a thousand other emotions. Oh how she wished she were this one's sister for that would mean...

Glancing to the pearl for but a moment, she shifted her feet as she took herself around the lantern. She wanted to see this man better. Man. The last time she'd seen her brother, he was still a boy. Could it really be him?

And then her eyes cleared of the light, meeting his gaze. Her mouth dropped. A gasp came. Tears were immediately present and she did not falter as she ran. It was only a few steps but she knew. This grown up man was Elannel. Her brother.

"Elannel! Its me!" Tough as nails or not, she began to cry as she reached out her arms to cling to him tightly, never wanting to let go. "Aoivas...look! Its my brother!" She wanted to share this emotional reunion with the world. She did not consider that she was probably confusing the Pearl completely. But maybe Aoivas would understand.

Elannel was here, right here and she was never going to be parted from him again!
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Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:19 pm

Tag ~ Halimila
Ao'mek made it a point to try and get to every Gather, Feast, or Festival that he could. It wasn't a stretch to know that the happy-go-lucky bluerider enjoyed things that were naturally fun and outgoing, two things he considered himself to be. Plus, he loved getting to meet new people from other places he'd never been to. The Pearls in particular caught his attention. How long had they been hidden away from the rest of Pern out in the eastern ring of islands? What was their world like? What was their culture like? All of these things he was dying to know about. Tlamehath was rather curious himself, but more amused at the giddiness his rider felt over the chance to get to talk to one.

For his attire he wore light clothing since they were at the beach. Knowing he'd likely go for a swim in the ocean later he wore his swimming shorts and a pair of sandals. His shirt was a white long sleeved linen tunic that he kept untied about half way down. Ao'mek planned on going and grabbing a beer or glass of wine before trying to find a pearl to talk to. He had to wait in line for a few minutes before he finally got himself a frothy cup of ale and then begant to make his way towards the beach.

It seemed as he was not the only person with that idea as there seemed to be a slew of people already on the beach talking to some of the pearls. His honey-brown eyes caught sight of someone wearing blue off to his right. The color was popping and as such caught his attention. He turned to see a young lady by herself making her way to the beach. "Well hello there." He moved closer and greeted her. A Feast was no place to be by yourself at. It was far more fun to enjoy it with others. "I'm Ao'mek of Blue Tlamehath. You going to go speak with one of the Pearls too?" He asked in his normal jovial tone of voice.
Tag ~ Kinali
Sid'nis' hand squeezed Kinali's gently before he lift it up to his lips to kiss the back of it. For all his thoughts continued to drift to things far more intimate than cuddling on a beach, he couldn't deny just how happy he was in this very moment. It was the times like this he cherished dearly. Holding his love in his arms and merely basking in each other's warmth. Generally, when they shared a moment like this it was either in his weyr or Kinali's cabin in front of the fireplace, but sitting here in the sand as they watched the lapping waves made it feel even more romantic. Sid couldn't resist trailing a few more kisses down Kinali's neck before he suspected that he would get up so they could go on that walk.

What happened instead surprised him. Sid did not miss the suggestive tone in Kinali's voice as he stated that they could wait to go on that walk. If his tone of voice was not indicative enough, the way his hand rubbed along his leg spoke volumes. His heart beat a little faster and he prayed that was the only way his body reacted to what he was feeling. "You know I don't mind letting you have the reigns." Sid assured him. Since they had become an item he had felt it was best for Kinali to set the pace of how fast their relationship moved. Strong arms wrapped around Kinali as he hugged him tighter against him after the playful nip to his chin. A kiss was pressed to his cheek before Sid adjusted both of them so he could steal a slow, passionate kiss. Then, he whispered in Kinali's ear and told him honestly where he'd like to lead them this evening, but emphasized it was his choice. Sid nibbled on his lobe tenderly as he waited for Kinali's response.

Iolith waded out into the waves with Nerosali. His eyes stayed downward as he liked to see if he could see anything other than seaweed just under the water's surface. Even if they didn't get to speak to one of the Pearls he was having a good time. A sudden surge of happiness and desire washed over him and he turned in the direction of his rider who was to blame for it. He chuckled to himself as he saw his rider wrapped tightly around Kinali. To his dragon's mind he saw barely any difference between what they were doing and the way dragons twined during flights. His attention was then turned back to Nerosali as she spoke.

I don't know. I have so many questions to ask, but I suppose they may have questions for us as well. Iolith answered her. He didn't want to overcrowd any of the Pearls either, just as he wouldn't want to be crowded by them. Then, Nerosali spotted another one. Let's go introduce ourselves. There is no one else talking to that one. The blue suggested as he moved faster towards the Pearl that seemed to be resting on the top of the water. The creature was dark with golden markings and sheen. Excuse us, kind Pearl. We were hoping for a moment of your time. I am Iolith and my companion here is Nerosali. The blue introduced them politely.

The Pearl opened it's eyes as it was addressed. Seeing that he was being approached by two of what he'd heard was suppose to be his kin he moved closer to the shore for them. Greetings Iolith and Nerosali. I am Saitavis. To what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you? It still took a bit more concentration to focus his words to them than he would have another Pearl, but after some exposure to the humans and other dragonkin many Pearls were finding it easier to speak with them. Once he got closer it was easy to guess that he was likely a bit older than some of the more curious and younger Pearls that were closer to the beach. A few scars and nicks decorated his scaled hide. Over all he seemed to have a friendly demeanor about him.
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