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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Lanni
Character Number: Eight
Character Name: Norjira
Nicknames: Jira, Ira, Ji
Gender: Male
Age: 27 (Late Summer, 2021)
Ranking Position: Pearl Candidate
Residence: Flotilla
Origin: Echoed Cove (Fishing Village near Tillek Seahold)
Health: Hale and Whole
Fighting Wing: Unknown
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Senior Apprentice Fisher
None yet.
Bonded Dragonkin: Unknown
Family: Norsaric, father, Deceased (presumed)
Jiralura, mother, Cook, Echoed Cove
Domharil, step-father, Journeyman Fisher, Echoed Cove
Lurasari, sister, Cook, Echoed Cove
Sariden, cousin/foster brother, Senior Apprentice, Unknown Southern Village
Domhalura, half-sister, Butcher, Echoed Cove
Syluna, wife, Deceased
-Noruna, daughter, Deceased
Lover(s): Unknown
4 ft., Hematite Fancy Flitt; Personality: Bold, Overbearing, Aggressive Hatched; Summer 2048; Dam/Sire: Starburst Fancy Flitt Morgiana/Prized Bronze Fancy Flitt Hunk
Play-by: Aidan Turner
Height: 5’11”
Weight & Build: 165 pounds, lean and lithe
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Turns of working on nets, boats and ships has leant Norjira’s frame a lithe build that hides his true strength. Unless one catches him in action, it’s hard to understand just how strong the raven haired man is. At five foot eleven, Jira views his height as both a blessing and a curse. While it’s useful when pulling in the heavy nets of a fishing boat, it’s a hindrance in the cramped spaces on a traveling ship. Often sporting a fading bruise on his head, Jira has to be careful not to hit his head on the low beams and doorframes.

Since most of his life is spent working or avoiding his past, Norjira’s wardrobe is on the plain side of things. Mostly serviceable dark tones and sturdy woven materials, Jira prefers function over fashion. There is one shirt though that the brown eyed man treasures. Time-worn and lovingly patched, this once bright colored shirt was Syluna’s favorite. The only true reminder of his wife and her love of colors, Jira rarely pulls the garment from his trunks. On festive occasions Norjira typically wears the outfit with the less visible patching, stitches or stains. Not looking to impress anyone, Ji doesn’t care about his appearance any more. His dark hair is worn longer than most would call fashionable and his hands are rarely smooth or clean. The only thing that Ji takes pride in for his appearance would be his boots. Knowing that good footwear can save one’s life, Ji takes care of his boots and replaces them as often as he can afford to.
Psychology: Thorough and Intelligent
Self-discipline: Very dependable
Lifestyle: Structured, Down-to-earth, Enthusiastic
Social attitude: Outgoing. Popular
Honesty and honour: Helpful and Selfless
Emotional capacity Warm and Sympathetic

While his sisters are on the fanciful and flighty side of things, Norjira is a hard-working lovable man who puts others’ needs above his own. Taking on his father’s view on life over his mother’s or stepfather’s Jira is the sort to work himself into the ground to make sure his crew-members have the best sort of days. This does tend to backfire on him though as Ji takes on more than he can chew and ends up calling out for help. Taking the teasing and whining with a smile, Jira tries not to let the troubles of the world weigh down on him.

Outside of the dark time after his wife’s death, Jira is an open book. What you see is what you get and there is little hidden about this fisherman. Quick to smile, quick to play along with a joke, Jira is usually a popular guy among his peers. On the flip side, Norjira is also quick to point out the less pleasant side of things. Blunt and to the point, Jira isn’t the sort to sugarcoat things. If he doesn’t like a person, everyone around him is sure to know about it.
  • Birth and toddler turns, 2021-2025: Born the second child and only son of Norsaric and Jiralura, Norjira was a welcome addition to their small family. His early turns were marked with the usual milestones and very few traumatic moments. Given his tender age and his parents wishes to keep things from him, Jira wasn’t aware of the wide world around him and the issues swelling in parts unknown.
  • Five Turns, 2026: Shortly after his fifth name day a harsh storm struck their small village and destroyed more than one family. This particular storm would claim several uncles, aunts and older cousins. With so many family members losing their parents and caregivers, it fell on Jira’s parents to take in another child who had been left orphaned. Young enough to be his twin, Sariden soon became Norjira’s favored playmate.
  • Eight Turns, 2029: Three turns slipped by as Jira and Sari grew and learned at Norsaric’s knee. Their young fingers soon became adept at twisting the rough fibers into usable twine that the older male would weave into sturdy nets. It was in this turn that both boys decided to follow their father into making the nets the rest of their family used out on the seas.
  • Nine Turns, 2030: A sudden horrible storm crashed into their small village once more. This agent of chaos struck closer to home though as Norsaric had been caught out in the open trying to secure the nets still on his workstation. Sadly no body was ever found and it would take months for Norjari to admit that his Papa wasn’t coming home.
  • Eleven Turns, 2032: Without his permission, Jiralura remarried days after the fishers returned home for the cooler months. Domharil, Norjira’s new stepfather was a first mate on a fishing ship and a man that looked down on the weavers that remained in relative safety on the shore. Determined that his step-son and new foster-son weren’t going to become the pansies Norsaric was, Dom pushed the boys into an early apprenticeship with his own brothers.
  • Twelve Turns, 2033: Despite his anger at how Dom had pressed them into service on Hari’s ship, Norjira soon came to love the ocean. While he still plied the tricks of the craft his papa had taught him, Jira flourished under Hari’s guidance. Sari on the other hand remained resentful and a rift soon formed between the two boys who were once as close as brothers.
  • Fifteen Turns, 2035: While her husband and son were out at sea, Jiralura gave birth to her second daughter. When the menfolk returned home there was a grand party to welcome the young girl into the fold. It soon became apparent that Domharil was more apt to spoil his own blood over the children he had taken on by marrying Jiralura.
  • Seventeen Turns, 2037: During the winter months Ji’s older sister found a man that would put up with her silly rhymes. Happy for her, Jira enjoyed a bit too much ale at the reception and soon learned why he was warned to stick to just three mugs instead of the six he had consumed. The next day was spent hiding in the dark with his head pressed into a pillow to block out the noises his younger sister and mother were making in the main room of their home.
  • Twenty Turns, 2040: During a Gather, Norjira stumbled into the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Falling head over heels -quite literally- for the petite blonde, Jira had a hard time separating from the bubbly girl. Syluna, as she introduce herself, was visiting extended family from another village farther down the coast.
  • Twenty Turns, 2041 -Turns’ End: Much like his older sister, Norjira and his Luna were married close the ending of the Turn. Over the moons to finally be able to call Syluna his wife, Jira asked his captain to be able to spend the upcoming turn with his new bride and begin their family. As a wedding gift to his apprentice, Hari allowed the young man to remain on shore-leave for another six months. Fate however had another plan for the young husband and his young wife fell pregnant shortly after the beginning of his leave. After much ribbing and teasing, Ji was able to stay by his wife’s side until the child’s birth.
  • Twenty-one Turns, 2041: The day that would change Jira’s life forever dawned bright and clear. No one couldn’t have guessed what evil lurked in the shadows as the sun rose higher in the sky. Labor pains struck Syluna just past mid-day and it soon became apparent that this birth wasn’t normal. Shortly after dark had fallen, Norjira had to say a painful goodbye to the love of his life. Syluna and their daughter passed away just moments before the new dawn painted the skies.
  • Twenty-five Turns, 2046: Throwing himself into his trade, it was a wonder if anyone in his shattered family saw him over the next four turns. Refusing to return to the small hut that Syluna had decorated for the three of them, Norjira returned to his mother’s home whenever he was on-shore. More than one fight occured between Domharil and Jira during these turns and most came to blows before Hari or another could break them apart. It was after a passing jab from his step-father that Jira earned the long scar along his right ribs. While the source of the injury came from the other man's hands, Ira blames the bitter man all the same.

    Also during these four turns of anguish, Jira began to hear stories of new lands and seas being explored to the South. While little of these conversations made it past the fog that surrounded him, the seeds of an idea began to form in the man’s mind. When Sariden began to talk about moving away from Domharil, Jira started paying more attention to the stories. Soon the foster-brothers began to form a plan. Together they would travel to these new lands to see what opportunities they might find. For Sari it was the dream of owning his own boat that pulled him away from their home but for Norjira it was the hope of escaping the pain of the past.
  • Twenty-seven Turns, 2047-Present: Having been exploring the South and their fishing villages for nearly two turns, Sari and Jira had decided to part ways. A long night of drinking and retelling old tales was their final goodbye before Norjira would travel to this new village that folks had been spreading rumors about. Talk of odd creatures out of myth and legends had reached Jira’s ears as compiled information about the place only labeled the Flotilla. For the first time in turns, Norjira began to dream of what might lay ahead as he struck out on his own.
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