Dimitri, Pearl Candidate, Apprentice Runner Crafter

Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Kate
Character Number: 6 (I think?)
Character Name: Dimitri
Gender: Male
Age: Amalot 2026
Ranking Position: N/A
Residence: New Atricis
Origin: High Reaches Hold
Health: Healthy as a runner
Fighting Wing: (Dragonrider Only) N/A
Guard Team: (Wherhandler Only)N/A
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Apprentice Runner Crafter
Bonded Dragonkin: (Major Dragonkin; Dragon, Wher, etc.)
Deritik - Father
Miri - Mother
Younger Sister - 14 turns
Younger Sister - 12 turns
Lover(s): None
While Dimitri is not the tallest person, he also is not the shortest either. He stands about 6’ and is pretty lean. Don’t let the lean part fool you though, as he is fairly muscular from all the training he does his with weapons.

His brown eyes are usually soft, and sparkling with happiness. Dimitri likes to keep his dark hair short, and he often makes it have a little spike to it. His complexion is pale, but he hopes to remedy that at some point, as he doesnt really like looking so pasty.

Dedicated - No matter what is in front of him, Dimitri is determined to be the best he can be at it. If he doesn’t figure it out easily, or it just doesn’t come as quickly as other things, he just continues to work on it until he feels like he has learned it, or done the best he could at it.

Outgoing - While not SUPER outgoing, Dimitri is not one to really shy away from anyone. If you feel like talking to him, he has no problem just starting up a conversation

Familial - This is something Dimitri wouldn’t change about himself for the world. No matter what, he will always drop everything for his family. If you mess with them, you mess with him. He knows it probably annoys his family and his friends because he likes to talk about his family.

Impatient - While this doesn’t apple ALL the time, sometimes Dimitri lets it get the better of him. Sometimes, he gets impatient if someone can’t pick something up as quickly as he can. Mostly his impatience shows when it comes to Impressing or havin to show people multiple times how to do something. It is something he works on, but it still comes out more than he would like.

Secretive - While the young man is outgoing, he tends not to talk about personal stuff very much. To him, talking about personal stuff just makes him feel weird. To him, no one needs to know that information, if they do know it, it means he trusts you, and trust is something he does not just give away freely.
In Amalot 2026, Deritik and Miri welcomed their son Dimitri into the world. He was their first child, and in their eyes, he couldn't be more perfect. They then had two daughters, and Dimitri loved his sisters more than he would ever actually admit to anyone.

By 8 turns old, Dimitri was already teaching himself how to fight. Not so that he knew how to fight someone, more so that he knew how to protect himself (and his family), if he even needed to. While he was doing this, he also picked up how to use a bow and arrow.

Once he was 12 turns old, Dimitri followed in the steps of his father, and began working as an Apprentice Runner. It was at this point also that he started standing as a dragon candidate.

14 Turns passed, and Dimitri found himself thinking more about relationships. Honestly, he wanted one like his mother and father. Having friends was something Dimitri was NOT lacking in, but there was one that caught his interest. Her name was Desdemona. Clutches came and went, and yet Dimitri still had not been picked by a dragon yet. Trying to not let it get him down, he held his chin up. His girlfriend helped him do that, until that one night.

It was his 16th Nameday, and his best friend Merrick got his hands on some liquor for a little party, to celebrate. There was a lot of drinking going on, and at some point in the night, Dimitri found himself looking at Merrick, noticing how muscular he had gotten, and honestly, how cute he was. The two of them had been friends forever, and they had really grown up, and now he was noticing it more.

Once they had drank to the point where none of them knew what was going on, Merrick came over and started flirting with him. Drunk as he was, Dimitri didn't even realize what was going on. Following him to get another drink, the two of them were alone, and the next thing he knew their lips were together, and Merrick had him against the wall.

It was then that Desdemona came looking, and caught the two of them kissing. Dimitri went after her, and the two broke up, but she threatened to tell everyone what she had seen. Regretfully, Dimitri made the decision to just leave, so that no one would have to know. Merrick understood, Dimitri knew that, but they still ended up having a fight about Dimitri leaving.

Saying goodbye to his family, he made up some story about wanting to see if he had any better luck as a candidate in New Atricis. Making the trip was relatively easy, and he thinks about his family all the time and sends them letters, but never mentions anything. Even though he lives in the Weyr now, he still never talks about it, especially since he's not sure if it was the alcohol, or if he really did have feelings for men as well as women.
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